Level Oxygen6628 (and its sublevels)

Now, you might be wondering, why was every single level changed? Well its to abide by the rule for no 'hub' levels. Enjoy!

— Level Oxygen6628 "秋" —



Level Oxygen6628 looks like a infinite park during autumn. It is very safe, with the day-night cycle being 24 hours.


When you first get into this level, you feel a calming sensation.

There is wifi on this level. It is usable everywhere on this level and very fast. The name of the wifi is "autumn" and the password is "love-autumn".

Sometimes, it rains, it varies from weak to strong.

Weak: small shower that lasts for ~20 minutes

Normal: normal rain that lasts for ~1 hour

Strong: literal thunderstorm, thunder everywhere but safe. lasts for ~5 hours


Level Exclusive: Tabby Cat

tabby%20cat an image of the Tabby Cat.

It is passive and likes to be petted. most likely to be found walking with facelings.

Facelings and hounds exist here with the level 11 effect.


M.E.G. Base "Fall"

Nice and accepts wanderers.
~1000 members

The cat-lovers

Loves cats, nice to other wanderers, and decides to never leave this level.
23 members

Entrances and Exits:


Enter an park during autumn in level 11 to fall on a mattress on this level.

Find an autumn tree in level 37 and climb it to be sent here.

Get a autumn themed drink or food in level 6.1 for a 40% chance to be sent here.

Noclip into a autumn themed arcade game in level 25 or level 3999 to be sent here.

Any attempts to get to level 11.1 might send you here.

0.1% chance to appear in this level after noclipping into a tree in level 11.1.1


Enter a skyscraper (rare) to be sent to level 11.

Find a road in a dark area, and feel scared or negative for 10 hours to be sent to level 9 or 6. (9: 99% 6: 1%)

Finding a burger on the ground and picking it up will send you to level 6.1.

Any attempts to enter level level 11.1 in this level will send you to level 1 instead.

— Level Oxygen6628.1 "Darkness" —

Warning: the page below has been (mildly) vandalized by Partygoers.



Level Oxygen6628.1 is a dark level similar to level 0.

A very rare image of this level, where it is identical to areas from level 0. Photographer presumed dead.

As in the image above, there are some areas of this level that are identical to areas from level 0. Because of this, it is speculated that this level has a connection to level 0. Similarly to level 0, only one person can be in this level at the same time, with different instances. Although, entities can be found here.

A birthday sign. Photographer presumed to be in level fun.

Rarely, a blinding light will appear, permanently blinding any wanderer that sees it.2 Because of this, M.E.G. advises to notice the signs of this event and close your eyes tightly before its too late. (ie: loud buzzing sounds in the distance.)


Smilers, Skinstealers, and Facelings are common here. Rarely, someone may come across a Rattler, Frowner, or an Hound.

Very rarely, one may come across a group of Partygoers.3 come and join the fun! =)


Due to the nature of this level, bases can not be created here.

Entrances and Exits:


0.0000001% chance for level 0 to fade into this level.

Noclipping into the ground in level 1 has a 0.0000000000001% chance to find yourself falling from the ceiling in this level.

80% chance to be sent to this level if you noclip through the ceiling of level 0 and faint due to unknown causes. M.E.G is still finding the cause to this.


Noclipping into a wall may send you to level 1.

Finding a blank note and ripping it into exactly 3 pieces will send you to level 409.

Entering a room with 2 balloons inside of it will lead to a party! =)4 level fun.

Breaking the ceiling may send you to level 71 or the floor of level 1.

Finding a "Happy Birthday!" sign on the ground may manifest a path in front of you to a party! =) level fun in exactly 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

— Level Oxygen6628.2 "A Dusty World" —



Level Oxygen6628.2 looks like a maze of claustrophobic rooms and halls, similarly to level 0.
The dusty halls in level 86728394.

The air in this level is full of dust and silica particles, so it is advised to use a gas mask whenever you decide to go in this level. If you breathe in this air, you will instantly contract pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, and an extreme allergy to dust, due to unknown causes caused by the level.


Entities like Smilers, Clumps, Hounds, Jerry, Adult and Child Facelings, and Rattlers exist in hordes in this level.


Due to the danger of this level, it is considered unfeasible to create a base on this level.

Entrances and Exits


0.0000000000000000000237% chance to noclip into this level from level 1.


Attempting to destroy this level will send you to You Cheated.5

Nocliipping again will send you to level 1.

Noclipping into a wall with level 0's wallpaper will send you to level 0.

Finding a broken pipe on the ground and picking it up will make you wake up in level 3.

Finding an entrance to a city building will send you to level 11. (Recommended, since its commonly found.)

Once you've exited this level, you will never get sent to this level again.

— Level Oxygen6628.3 "The Bathrooms" —

(No difficulty image from the original wiki for this one, so this one will be just text)
Difficulty 5
•Unsafe for Humanity (when lights are off)
•Extreme Mental hallucinations
•Entity Infestation (when the lights are turned off)


Level Oxygen6628.3 looks like a normal normal mall bathroom.

DO NOT!! DO NOT Turn off the lights in this level. if you do, you will be trapped by entities and have extreme hallucinations of your biggest fears.

Do not, in under any circumstances enter any door labeled "open". THEY are tricking you.


All entities of the backrooms, (except level-exclusive entities) will spawn when the lights are off.


Due to the danger of this level, making a base here is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE

Entrances and Exits


The only known way to enter is to [REDACTED].6


The only exit is to immediately exit the exit door within a day and be sent to level 0, being even a millisecond late will trap you here F̶̵͖͚̯̮̤̫̿̆͌͋͢͟͡͡O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝R̴҉̷̨̖̮̉͑ͯ̑̋͟͠E҉̰̰͎̆͞V̶̝̐̀͟͟͝E҉̰̰͎̆͞R̴҉̷̨̖̮̉͑ͯ̑̋͟͠.

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