OverthinkingAuthor's Scrapcon2022 Draft 3
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Entity Number: 911

Habitat(s): Majority of Levels


Entity 911, also known as the "Custodian Comedian" by the entity, is a male hipster-like human entity. He always brings a microphone but no speakers; yet, the microphone can still be utilized as if it had speakers connected to it. He can be recognized in a level when the individual hears an applauding sound and then sees him arrive on their back. He usually shows up when someone is being pursued by a swarm of entities, but he won't guarantee his attendance because "he also needs to rest and he has a lot of level touring to do." He also appears to know every personal detail about every entity, not the types of entities, but every single entity possible.


When he appears, he will stop the entities and direct the chased individual to go behind him. Then he'd make brutal personal jokes about the entities in the hopes of making them go away. There have also been reports of entities experiencing mental breakdowns as a result of the jokes. He wouldn't make these jokes about friendly entities, though. In fact, he has become friends with them, and they regard him as the "bestest buddy that everyone can have."


The Custodian Comedian was discovered when an individual was being pursued by hostile entities in Level 998. The Comedian instructed the individual to go behind him, which they did. After a few jokes, he would tell the individual that he would follow them until they escaped because it is risky and another horde of entities might easily chase the individual down again.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Speak with the Custodian Comedian after his "stand-up comedy" has concluded, indicating that he has successfully fended off the entities.
  • Trust and follow every Custodian Comedian's directions even if it's strange.


  • Panic and run when hearing the applauding sound because the Custodian Comedian won't try to run after the individual.
  • Distract the Custodian Comedian while he is still making jokes on his "stand-up comedy".

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