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Level 195 is the 196th level of the Backrooms, and it is a gigantic floating city that is inhabited by humans.


Level 195 used to be an unknown level of the backrooms filled with strange-looking buildings and monuments, but a floating metropolis and its human inhabitants arrived out of nowhere, destroying the original topography of Level 195, prompting the human occupants to refer to the city as "Clipped City."

Level 195 was discovered by a wanderer while mapping levels. The city on Level 195 used to be an actual real city located on the frontrooms, and the inhabitants were real humans, not disguised entities, or so the human inhabitants told the wanderer who discovered it. It's still unclear how an entire real city in the frontrooms can no-clip into the backrooms, but an investigation is underway.

The residents also said that Level 195 used to be teeming with hostile entities, but that the city's human residents successfully fended them all out.

The residents also constructed bridges that connected to the ground, allowing them to further explore the level's remaining original topography. The ground itself is a big level region covered in grass with mists surrounding it.

"Honored Graveyard"

While the residents successfully repel the Level 195's hostile entities, they are not without casualties. After they successfully defend the level, they construct the "Honored Graveyard," which is a monumental graveyard located in an abandoned area in the city. Despite the graveyard's construction, a considerable number of bodies were not buried there due to rapid decomposition and a lack of room in the graveyard. They used to basically pile the dead bodies in an area on the ground before the graveyard was created.

Entrances And Exits


• Find a trash chute on the side of one of Level 11's buildings and jump into it; the individual will be instantly transferred to Level 195.


• Find the only monument that survived the arrival of the clipped city, then retrieve the files from the Level 195's occupants within the monument, then do what the files tell you to do, and you'll be transported to Level 10.

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