Level 625

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Level 625 is the 626th Level of the Backrooms.


+++ Level 625 is a seemingly infinite sky during night time.It consists of many planes ranging from the 1930s to the 2010s,but the one’s most commonly seen are:
*Douglas DC-3s
*Embraer E175s
*Boeing 747s(Wide variation of models,most commonly 747-400s)
*Tupolev Tu-154s

The only way to go into other planes in Level 625 is to ask a Ruletracker to take you to another plane.Many wanderers often enter this level as a place to sleep or hang out,with food being served by Ruletrackers every 1-2 hours.The food can be Nuts,crackers,chips,cookies or most rarely,moldy bread.You can ask a Ruletracker to take you to another plane,and the ruletracker would ask what airline and model.It is possible to ,be teleported to a random plane,if you ask that to a Ruletracker.

Everytime you record a video in Level 625,an announcement would be made.These announcements range from telling you to buckle up due to turbulence or that snacks will be served soon.Immediately after recording another video,a Ruletracker will tell you that you can only record a video one time every 1 hour.The reason why Ruletracker’s don’t like this is not entirely known,but it is likely because the announcement system would glitch.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Aviators

  • This group consists of about 50 members that love aviation
  • Is located in an Ansett Australia 747-300
  • Open to trade,but strangely,would only trade if you know enough about airplanes,especially commercial aviation.
Entrances And Exits:


*Enter a gate in Level 36 labeled,”625”.You would then be teleported,sitting on a seat in Level 625.

*Enter a door labeled “625” in Level 21 to end up in Level 625.
*Pretend to be an airplane,and run through a field in Level 10,and there's a 20% chance you will end up in Level 625 after 2 minutes.

*Eating a piece of the moldy bread leads you to Level 0
*Jumping out of any plane will have a 50% chance of ending up in Level 1,or Level 4

  • watching a movie from the 80s-90s on a screen on a TV long enough will have a small chance of ending up in Level 201
  • No-clipping through the bathrooms in the plane’s will take you to Level 189
  • Punching a window very hard will take you to Level 188.
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