Level -Ω_0


Class Υ gamma

  • An entity with infinite power resid
  • But the wanderers don't say it's dangerous here

level -Ω_0is backrooms It is the (1st level) among the sublevels of level 0.


The true first of level 0 is the sublevelIt consists of a path leading up, down, right, left, oblique, and curved. It has the shape of an underground bunker, and the higher you go, the sound of war you hear. The sounds of war are known as loud explosions followed by loud agonizing sounds, gunshots, screams, tanks, planes crashing, and more. The bottom part is the narrowest, and we decided to call it Ali's room. The mezzanine is about half the size of this level with 'Exelon Helix Security Base'in short E.H.S.B. two people gather in You can feel like a fucking trashy there, that feeling makes you want to explore more. Internet is now freely Available do a It was confirmed that Wi-Fi spreads in the center and the battery does not drop below 100% here. You can also access SNS, and you can do some of the things that are only possible on the front room You can make phone calls and too possible games. The only one person here is at the basement . She has the appearance of a very beautiful woman, has a very beautiful voice, has yellow hair, and has long hair. About the age of a teenager, the clothes are shallow and long. Sore throat, cough, very severe cough, vomit blood, there is a lot of blood buried a lot. She said her name was Ali and that was the first and last thing she said to people. People are calling the narrowest, lowest part of Ali's room. The entity resides in EHSB and has infinite power, looks like a mythical Yeti, Although he looks evil, he respects humans so highly that he regards them as gods and is now in a symbiotic relationship.

Bases, Outposts and Communities


  • Base 1 security room. management office.

In the guest room, the When you Write the name of the food food comes out. comes out when you input it, but the limit has not been revealed. bedroom. swimming pool. living room, kitchen. Second floor. garret. Attic bedroom. Attic terrace . Attic toilet. Attic management room. Attic pool. Attic Playroom On the 3rd floor is an art room. There is a science room, a study room, and there are several buildings.

  • Base 2 This level has all security controls. Entity also work here. people with

excellent security can come if come here.

inlet and outlet

Level 0 All Zone Exploration

If you say 'Now go to the ○○○ level!', you will have the level you want to go to.


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