Oliver C

Survival Difficulty: 0



-Minimal Entity Count

Description: Level 863 is comprised of two areas: a large wheat field and an expansive medieval-style castle. The sky above the area is in a perpetual state of night, and is full of unrecognisable constellations. Rain occurs on a weekly basis, and is universally described as cool and pleasant. The field is inhabited by male and female Deathmoths exhibiting the "11 effect", as well as adult Facelings. The castle is lit by candlelight, and is decorated in a style similar to that of its construction. Food is grown in the castle gardens, as well as on a farm several kilometres away.

Discovery: Level 863 was discovered by a group of 16 Wanderers on 27/8/1958.

Entries and Exits


Finding a castle on the horizon of Level 10 and heading towards it will slowly transition you into Level 863.


Finding a modern door within the castle has a 90% chance of taking you to Level 11, and a 10% chance of taking you to Level 6.

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