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Infection alert

Strong enough

Very super dangerous

[[500 Rate]]

Entity Number:

Habitat(s): Level ???


This entity is dangerous, he can infect people who killed by Him, Dont Ever touch him when he stand and not moving… Or eLse, you got by him… People that who get infected is 12,000….


This entitiy wandering around finding a food to eat… Nothing much he did… But Teams of infectied try to get more and more human to eat, making war of infectied and humans… Or its called "Infecthuman war"


He looks like a human skeleton with black skin, he also have creepy dots on his eyes… Using a black ink things to make infection everywere try to attacks all humans.


Year 1: Our new things "2022, is the year where new entity comes, with a black tall thing, my freind touch it and be one of them… But different… He like a skeleton monsters that attacks human minds… I try to run but nothing different, i almost be them, but someone save my life with the sacrifice… Himself, i run and cry because my only freind was died by the frickin' monster…"

Additional Info: (Optional)

The most popular story is the "infecthuman war" check it out!


Incident #1 / the infection

"The new entity starting worse and worse… We lost 12,000 people, the entities still ruining all backrooms level
We tried to stop them but not works the soilder slowly become one of them… The only way to escape this madness is try to die

Incident #2 / Infecthuman war

"We start a war… Try to stop them… We dont care we lose all teammates the only way to stop this its rage… Rage…
This is the only way to stop it
Try to stop this madness all the times
Its ended at 2023 12 febuary… And humans wins… We stop the madness… All the timed try to win next time…

Dos and Don'ts:


-Monster attack every 5-10 seconds if the monsters type is lower
-every time he comes if you walk so fast


Monster type is different:

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