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Lockboxes are objects which take the appearance of storage boxes like those found in the Frontrooms. Each lockbox however has its own unique look whether it would be size, color, or design. Each design is unique, and it is possible for two lockboxes to look exactly the same.

Lockboxes however are extremely rare to find in the Backrooms and can show up on almost every level with the exception of a few. The equivalent to finding a lockbox is the equivalent of asking a completely random stranger out on a date, and them saying yes. Sorry for that, that was a little weird, I know but I'm just trying to make you understand how rare it is to find a lockbox. If you thought locating a lockbox was hard enough, wait until you read about how to open it.

Each lockbox has its own lock and combination. The good news? The combination is on the box itself. The bad news? It's encrypted. The combination is almost always on the bottom of the box. However, as stated earlier, it's encrypted. If the lockbox is too heavy to move and luck under, don't panic. The combination can then be found either on top of the box or on its sides.

Now, this isn't confirmed, but if by some chance the combination is on the inside of the box. You have the worse luck imaginable. Again, this isn't confirmed, or even possible.

Below are some of the ways the combination can be encrypted:
*Morse code
*Base 32
*Base 64
*Roman numerals

A strange thing about the lockbox is how its indestructible meaning it can't be damaged in any way, and it can't be altered. It also can't be opened any other way. Trust me, we tried. The only way to open it is by unlocking the box itself.

After the combination has been deciphered, you can now open the box itself. The contents inside the box is completely random. You can find things such as food, weapons, items, tools, and almond water. All food and water is proven to be safe for consumption. Items can also be random such as glass, fabric, scrap metal, and other random items. Ranged weapons such as guns have never been found, though ammunition has been found once.

Weapons can include knives, machetes, axes, and in one case even a katana. The lockbox has also been proven to keep the contents inside completely safe.

Once unlocked the lockbox can be used again for storage purposes. Just make sure you remember the combination. Don't be like my friend, Nick who forgot. And then we had to go through the WHOLE process of trying to decipher the thing.

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