Object 0

Object 0 better known as the laptop, is laptop located at the end room of level omega. The laptop has several properties. The laptop is located at the end of level omega. It’s located in a small room with a chair 2-3 chairs and some papers. These papers have writing on them in an unknown language. The laptop only has one application on it, it’s named “Backrooms.EXE”. Backrooms.EXE is a game folder containing 3 save files. File 1 has been used before while file 2 and 3 don’t have data. File 1 has a playtime of over 1000 thousand years. Selecting the delete or new game button crashes the computer. Clicking the “Continue game” button on file 1 will show a wanderer a game that’s about the backrooms. The player model is the same
to the person who is playing the game. There are many levels (mainly level -999 - 999) each being the same as their real counterparts. The game has a health stamina sanity and hunger feature built in the code. Trying to play a level past 999 will lead to the game crashing (same for trying to get to a level below -999). Going into the date of the laptop will show levels, entity’s and objects as folders. With their properties as files. It is possible to adjust these files to alter any level/entity/object. Although creating or deleting a folder will cause the laptop to crash.

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