That One A Minus

The Constant




Information: This level was discovered on April 23, 2013. By a man with of the name "Wilson P. Higgsbury.".

The Constant is apart of the backrooms, yet it cannot be reached by normal means. Building a machine using a wooden circle with a hole in the middle, 2 large metal poles, a ring, and a metal ball. (all these parts can be found in various levels, unknown which levels.) By slotting a radio on a stick into the wooden circle 2 pitch black hands will forcefully grab you, and pull you into the ground, bringing you into the "Constant.".

The constant itself.

The constant is a large amount of islands connecting to each other, and or separated from each other, studies from the MEG show that it could possibly be an entirely new world, as seeing that there is a moon in the sky during night. And a sun during day. The Constant has many resources that are deemed required to prolonged survival within The Constant. There are multiple POI's within The Constant, all being different people, and all people have different traits, abilities, etc. Resources within the constant are Infinite. Seeing as they regrow after 1-3 days. Common resources within The Constant are the following: Grass (Oddly yellow.), Sticks, Rocks, Flint, Trees, Plants, Berry Bushes, and meat. (From animals of course.) The people of interest in The Constant are the following: Wilson, Willow, Webber, Wortox, Wormood, Wendy, Maxwell, Wickerbottom, WX-78, (A robot, not a person.) Wigfrid, Winona, Wurt, Woody, Walter, Warly, Wolfgang, and Wes. Each one of these people have an ability/trait and etc.
Woody: A lumberjack, he is able to chop trees very quickly, curiously, his axe (Which he has named "Lucy") can speak. The axe has a feminine, high pitched voice. Autopsy reports show that the axe is in fact sentient, but has no mind/eyes/ears/vocal cords, or anything. It is unknown if this axe is a bi-product of the Backrooms itself, but for now, it is unknown.
Wilson: A scientist, not a good one. A failed experiment lead him to the constant. He was one of the first people to find out what this place is, there is not too much to say about him, other than he has a very violent intent against animals, as every time he attacks something, he yells: "GO FOR THE EYES!" and proceeds to attack the creatures "eyes". (If it has any.)
Willow: A female child, she likes to start fires, which is why the MEG has confiscated her lighter, but she ended up setting fire to a forest in 2016, June 13th.
Warly: An African American male who has a specialty in cooking. He has been known for cooking many famous things. Such as: Honey ham, Dragon pie, Pierogi, etc. He refuses to eat anything that has not been cooked from a/his own crockpot. Which can get annoying at times.
Webber: A male child. The large "spiders" attempted to eat him, but the child ended up fusing with the spider, turning him into a bipedal spider, with arms. Due to the fact that he is a Spider-Human hybrid, spiders will not attack him, but Pigmen will. (Will get into "Pigmen" later.)
Wormwood: A sentient plant, it is unknown if this creature is a bi-product of the backrooms, but they have been accepted into the POI's of The Constant.
Wickerbottom: supposedly used to be a librarian, due to her dress, her knowledge on books, and her knowledge in general.

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