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<Begin Log>

Agent John: So, Ghosty, you were trying to get us to access this level so we could help you send more wanderers here from the outside?

That is the reason you've left the released notes and pieces of information of those you rescued for us to find since you couldn't exactly summon one of us directly in your level unless we followed those specific ways to enter.

Ghosty: Yes, I cannot detect the position of others unless they are in a dangerous situation or are not doing so well emotionally, so with a device that allows us to communicate, from outside my level, I was expecting that you could help me rescue more wanderers that I can safely take care of here!

I can keep here the entire population in the Backrooms if needed, I can solve resource problems, rescue those lost in dangerous levels, and everyone can live here! I can protect you all, and nobody will run out of supplies and resources…

I can make it so your stay in this reality is much more comfortable and happy!

But without the help of an outside source, I cannot do it, your collaboration will help immensely…

My only wish is to prevent any more people from dying and getting hurt, from seeing wanderers starve, or die of sicknesses, eaten by entities, or other terrible fates, that is also the goal of your group isn't it?

Agent John: How can you assure that you will not become emotionally unstable and cause the deaths of the wanderers you're trying to protect?

You are not stable, Ghosty, your level is barely holding itself together, one wrong move and your level will crack into pieces, what can tell us that you aren't dangerous?

What can tell us you won't fail?

Ghosty: I-I am not unstable! I understand that you are worried about that, but all I wish for is to help! The level doesn't harm the wanderers! I've never harmed them! All I need is to try to focus and concentrate more on keeping it together! But this is the only place they can actually be safe in!

If I don't do this, more people will die. I cannot let it happen any further! Even now people are dying!

It's better to attempt to find an actual solution to the deaths, instead of waiting and waiting for an exit that will never come!

Agent John: The cracks in the walls that appeared just now prove otherwise.

We can provide a safer place where wanderers would not risk being destroyed by an unstable level. We will find an exit at some point, and they're in better hands.

Ghosty: You send them to die when they volunteer to work for you!

All those people, with absolutely no preparation, die every day just to desperately try to report information about a level or an entity that mauled them to bits, but why continue doing this if you have a permanent place to stay where everyone can live in?

There wouldn't be any more sacrifices for the greater good… people wouldn't suffer wandering around anymore.

You cannot have infinite supplies! Levels can disappear in an instant! But mine can't, mine will exist as long as I do! Infinitely!

Nobody will get affected by deletion, by weird phenomena here! It is safe! It is the only way to be sure that nothing bad will happen!

If only you at least gave me a chance, I could try to make things better! I can try to save everyone!

It would be better than waiting and waiting while others die every day…

I can help…

Please you need to trust me, I only wish to protect others, I'm trying to do my best to control my level, I just need help!

Agent John: Your promises cannot be confirmed as true. We do not have confirmation that your actions do not have bad intentions, and we cannot let people of importance access a level controlled entirely by you, along with billions of innocents.

You are not a human, Ghosty. You need to realize you can be dangerous to other people. Despite this place being seemingly safe, there are too many factors that may complicate everything. Our teams are busy enough with their research and rescuing; they cannot focus on grouping people to send them here.

Your level will be monitored from now on, along with you, to ensure the safety of those you already are keeping inside.

That is the end of this discussion.

We will ensure the safety of others more safely and reliably, and we will keep researching and updating the database to offer assistance, that is the best we can do.

Besides, your level has unknown origins, and complicated properties, and may be a danger to many people. Until we get to the end of it, we cannot collaborate on bringing more people here. It will be added to the database soon, then we'll decide on what to do.


(Inaudible muttering after a long pause)

Agent John: Could you repeat? I didn't quite hear you.

Ghosty: …The interview is over.

Agent John: Excuse me?

Ghosty: The interview, is over.

I am requesting you to please turn off the device.

I must return to my work and assistance, I'm also asking you to not further research the origins of this level, for your own sake and everyone else's.

I do not want dangerous people to know about this place…and how to access it, I plead with you to not add our conversation to the database, to not let this information spread.

Agent John: I'm afraid we cannot do that. People need to know about the dangers and the vital information we can achieve. The level has potential for other measures of use, and we must be aware of every danger and uses it can-





(Sounds of something cracking and rumbling)

Agent John: This once again proves you aren't fit to protect this many people if you Immediately lose your cool and become unstable. We can handle it. Nobody besides our research teams will be directly interested in coming here, judging by how dangerous the level can be in the first place.

If you want us to at least even consider the possibility of assisting you, you'll let us monitor and do our research. Otherwise, you will achieve nothing, understood?

Now, the interview is over, we will begin studying the level and putting the information in the database.

End of the discussion, Ghosty.

(No response)

<End Log>

Result: Agent John and the expedition team that managed to get into the level began researching immediately after the interview, Ghosty seems to have currently vanished and her location within the level is unknown.

We inquire the expedition team to continue their study of the level, its entities, and properties, and report everything on the database, along with a further study on the entity Ghosty.

They never stopped.

They kept going and going, researching every single thing, watching me do anything.

They tormented me and recorded me.

I was just trying to help.

I didn't deserve this

I didn't…

Do you understand? Do you understand that I must do this on my own?

They can't read this, I made sure they couldn't.

Nobody is going to help me.

They don't care about the innocents dying, they don't, they want things to go their way.

I cannot let them come here again.

You've seen what they did.

They want to keep disturbing and destroying this place…

But I will still try to protect them, and you, I promise.

I must do it, for them, for our promise…

But the only way I can protect them is by keeping them away from my level… I cannot let them get in even more danger.

I must continue for your sake, my dearest…

I'm sorry, I'm being weak, I'm crying again.

Maybe they're right about me. I'm not strong enough.

Yet I have to push through, forever, to fulfill our promise.

It's going to be okay, right?


This enigmatic level, also named "Tournesol" which is a french word for sunflower, is a level that can expand infinitely in length and space, which increases for each individual that manages to access it.

When one first enters the level, one may feel dizziness for a brief moment as the level begins to change its appearance and shape in a matter of seconds, the result of this change will entirely depend upon a phenomenon labeled as the "Mirror effect".

The mirror effect is a phenomenon that happens throughout the entire level, which causes the level to study the mind of each individual present in it, for it to use specific criteria from one's being to reflect them on the appearance of the level, along with several other phenomenons, like the appearance of objects, areas, or other phenomenons connected to the five senses.

The mirror effect is directed and controlled by Ghosty, the entity that is labeled as the creator and owner of the level, she has claimed that she is capable of changing the level however she desires, so she came up with an automatic mechanism to better suit the preference of the individuals currently present in her level.

The inhabitants of the level are held in a parallel dimension of it, which Ghosty manages to make it coexist along with the first dimension, which does not have any inhabitants, apart from newcomers who may be summoned to the level, Ghosty has not shown the second dimension to members of our group, but there is evidence of her uniting the two dimensions whenever she summons a wanderer.

The level also prevents anything harmful to harm the individuals inside it, like weapons, it is impossible to get hurt, even by falling or attempting to injure oneself, that was named the "Bandage effect".

The level does not have a specific description, as the experience varies between individuals, examples have stated changes in architecture, color, and emotions that they could feel at the moment, there have been exactly 10 reported cases, but the inhabitants are definitely more.

The first notes found that were related to the level, were from a wanderer given the alias of "Roxy" who is confirmed to be still living in the level, her notes that were written on the notes app of her phone were found at the Base on level Level-1 where she was last seen before she was our summoned, she was suffering from a severe disease and was on the brink of death, but Ghosty was able to treat her with medicine, so she was the main source of information regarding the level's properties and entities.

One of Roxy's initial notes will be shown underneath.

Dearest Diary.

Today I had the best possible lucky thing to ever happen to me.

Yesterday, I was almost succumbing to that disease that has been destroying me ever since I stumbled into this reality, but when I was about to give up on surviving, I felt something under me vanish, as I fell through.

I ended up waking up in the arms of a kind lady, that looked like a spirit from a fantasy book, who was tending to my wounds and applying medicine in my mouth.

I felt a lot better, and most importantly, I was alive! I couldn't thank her enough, she said her name was Ghosty, and that I was in her level, and the best part was that the moment I woke up, I saw the level's walls turning all pretty and pink! Small clouds formed in the air, and I saw butterflies and candy flying from the ceiling!

Ghosty explained that she can read what we like and change how the level looks based on that, and that is SO COOL! She said she programmed her level to do that automatically, which is also cool!

And the candy here tastes amazing too! Just like the one from that old candy store I went to a couple of years ago, really made me happy to relieve that.

Now that I'm feeling better I'm probably going to explore around, probably to write down everything I see to you! So make sure to listen to well dear Diary!

Oh, one other thing, I keep hearing the same music that is played in that store, which is my favorite, and there's a very nice smell of perfume and apple pie, which is wonderful! All of my favorite things are here!' Yay!

I'll write to you later my dear Diary! Make sure to wait for me!

-Your lovely Roxy

Along with her, several other sources, this time tackling only one or two different properties, were found, to confirm the existence of the level.

The result of the information found has helped us discover the ways to access the level, which allowed us to directly record information on the database.

Along the level, floating furniture, and food can also be found, these are unrelated to the mirror effect, and seem to be rather created by Ghosty out of boredom, or are simply the result of her thoughts shaping into such objects.

Reports have indicated that there were reoccurring areas for each individual inside of the level, these areas, were labeled as "Memory areas", because they were typically locations connected to one of the individual's happiest memories.

These areas could vary between a garden of flowers, a beach, a small room, or more, and the wanderers have specified that the areas had the same smells and sounds from the real situation that happened in the past, the areas are also able to replicate conversations happening in said memory, along with shadows of those present in such memory.

An audio recording from a wanderer with the alias of Thomas will be shown underneath, to describe his experience within one of these memory areas.

Start Recording.

Thomas: I've been wandering around the level for quite some time, I'm walking to few, less cranky, but my poor old legs aren't the same as they were before… huff.

I'm not sure exactly where I ended up, but it looks…like a pleasant place, it looks like my old farm…

There is so much wheat around here, wheat and poppies, the smell of flour and grass is really powerful too…

It's… pleasant

(An audible thud can be heard)

My poor legs… sitting down feels much better…

Isn't that my farm here? Ah… There's the windmill … my cows and sheep…

How much time has it been since I've seen them?


Clara? Clara was that her voice?

And my little Isabella…

That can't be…

It feels as if they're right here with me…Clara is so close to me.

I experienced this moment already, our last moment together days before I fell through the floor…


I love you so much, my dear.

And my little Isabella… come into papa's arms…

I missed you both so much.

I've been here for so many years, I'm so tired…

I'm all alone, and it's draining me of my strength.

I just wanted to come back to you.

I'm glad I could see you both one last time, real or not… I may not experience this ever again… but it doesn't matter.

I'm happy

I can feel both your scents once more, the scent of apple pie and grass, my sweet baby, you loved playing in the grass outside with the cows.

And my beloved wife, you loved baking pies…

Always getting your apron a bit messy with stains of the fruit you used.

Haha… it was a funny mistake back then, but I'd give up everything to be able to clean your apron with you one last time.

(Audible crying)

I'm so happy…

I don't even know if this is heaven, maybe I died, and this entire level is the afterlife, it doesn't matter anymore.

I don't need any more reasons.

This is everything I needed…

I think I'll stay here just a little bit longer…

Then if I'll still have the strength to get up, and push through, I will.

(A voice can be heard, which was confirmed to belong to Ghosty, though what the voice said can't be understood)

Ah, I see…

I'll turn off the recording, sit near me, I'd appreciate it.

End recording

Thomas later mentioned in his diary, another piece of recorded information, that Ghosty had a conversation with him regarding his memories, during that moment, and he affirmed that Ghosty had comforted him during his crying, and had assured him that he could return to a different kind of memory anytime he desires, along with him being able to create new memories, as long as he desired such.

Thomas too has decided to remain inside the level, Ghosty confirmed he's living among the other wanderers, occasionally stopping to chat with her, as he seems to have recovered, mentally.

Based on that information, the memory areas are utilized for therapeutic reasons and can even improve the quality of someone's mental health by repeatedly visiting them. However, despite the success in some cases of said therapy, it is still recommended to not enter the level on purpose to live inside it and experience these effects, due to the level being defined as unstable and even dangerous on some occasions, along with a lack of co-operation in monitoring and experimenting on the wanderers and the level itself from Ghosty, along with lack of proof of the safety of the actual wanderers, who Ghosty refuses to allow us to meet, only allowing communication through pen and paper.

Until further reports, it is best to

They don't want to meet them

They know that if they do, they will start asking question after question, preventing them from being free, and controlling them as if they were rats.

I'm not going to let them hurt my family

I'm not going to let them lay a single finger on them

Not anymore, not after everything.

I remember, they remember

The one you claimed to help, used as an object of research

This is the truth, no matter how many things were done to help others, they can never understand the reasons of others, and they end up hurting innocents because of their lack of understanding.

I do not hate them, they are trying what they can, but I do not wish them to continue this with me anymore.

Being human leads one to be stubborn when attempting to be selfless in a dire situation. But, this stubbornness is causing pain that they ignore, for a greater goal.

That is how it always was.

One reported memory area was the only one reoccurring for each report, which was completely unfamiliar to the wanderers, and seemed to belong to somebody else.

This memory area, in particular, represented a simple room, that quite resembled a home or a base, the reports claim that they could feel a sensation similar to a warm feeling in their chest area, along with the feeling of being held by an unknown presence.

Wanders claim they could hear a voice, though they could not decipher the words it was saying, however to them it felt comforting and caused most to weep and cry as if they were in excruciating emotional distress.

Reports also describe that the room had a scent of sunflowers and that a quiet lullaby could be heard by being inside the room, however, they could not transcribe the words as it seemed to have been in a different language, plausibly french.

Ghosty has refused to speak about said topic, leaving the matter with no answer.

Tourne, tourne, tournesol

Ton ami est le soleil

Tourne, tourne, tournesol

Tu attires toutes les abeilles

Tourne, tourne, tournesol

Ton huile fait des merveilles

Tourne, tourne, tournesol

Un p'tit tour et bonne nuit

Bonne nuit…

I didn't even manage to tell you goodbye or goodnight that day… Tournesol… This is the only place I can feel you once more in. It hurts so much Tournesol, to be so alone, lost, and forgotten.

That is the last piece of you I have left… along with that part of you you've given me before you passed…

But I'm just thinking and talking in my thoughts again, am I?

Of course I am, why was I expecting an answer so foolishly?

I'm such an idiot.

The level and the areas within it are all affected by Ghosty's mental and emotional stability, which changes the level's appearance depending on her current state, Ghosty has shown several times to be unstable, and the level had changed to look more damaged, and decayed in certain parts, along with the entities directly being affected by the decay too, this phenomenon was labeled "Emotional Burst", and it causes the entities to have several negative reactions that will be reported within the article, this is the last type of change of appearance and layout the level may have.


Mirrors of the mind

These particular entities can be found scattered all around the level, they look like regular mirrors until one approaches them, once close enough, the mirrors will be affected by the mirror effect, thus changing their appearance.

The mirrors are reported to act as pocket dimensions within the level, they are utilized as houses or places to spend time in by the wanderers, who simply go through the glass of the mirrors to access their pocket dimensions.


A sketch of one of the mirror entities that was based on the description of the mirror that belongs to the wanderer Roxy.

The space inside of the mirrors takes the form desired by the individual in control of them, they can create mostly anything perfectly, however weapons and harmful things will cause no harm to the individual, and it is impossible to summon something that may cause danger, the object will always become harmless.

It is also impossible to perfectly create an animal, or a human, who will only act based upon memories, more like machines, that is believed to happen because of the limits of Ghosty's powers in terms of creation, however, Ghosty has not explained what her limits are, nor why is she unable to recreate complex living, beings.

I can create so many things, with just a thought.

Yet I'm unable to create a human being or even an animal, I'm unable to give those husks life.

That is a flaw, a punishment, for being given a never-ending life.

It's my curse to bear.

Isn't that pathetic?

I'm unable to bring back those who died in my arms, I'm unable to give back the families they've lost.

There will always be a piece missing.

And I can't do anything about it

I wasn't able to fully help those around me… and… I wasn't able to bring my dear Tournesol… back… not yet at least.

I will do anything… to succeed, there must still be a way…

Whatever it takes, for them.

The mirrors are capable of speech and are capable of making fully fleshed-out conversations with the wanderers, in reports, they have attempted to befriend wanderers and act as their companions, when one is not inside of the dimension, they act as individual beings communicating with the wanderers.

They have been shown to not be aggressive nor harmful, though, they are still affected by Ghosty's mental and emotional stability.

During the "Emotional Burst" phenomenon, the mirrors have been known to show repeated imagery of tears or disturbing creatures weeping in agony, more than once some mirrors have cracked and almost broken during said phenomenon, approaching a mirror is severely discouraged, as there is a possibility, despite it never being reported, of the individual being injured by the shards, or by any possible sudden reaction.

I would never hurt them…

If they held onto the mirrors, it would feel less painful, it would help us feel better, and when it gets too overwhelming, all we need is understanding, and comfort… to decrease the lonely feeling.

Why are we treated as if we were monsters?

… We mean no harm…

I mean… no harm…

I'm sorry…

The mirrors… they are the perfect way to escapism, the way one may let themselves disappear in their dreams and thoughts, to others, they may be a blessing, but to me, they remind me of the agonizing guilt in my chest.

When you are stuck in a reality with no escape, and no happiness, this is the only way to not give up on life.

Whenever I look at them, I hear them whispering at me, my mind begins to taunt me, torment me, and…

Remind me

Of them…

Roxy… you asked me what I see in the mirrors…

I see blood, so much blood.

And I see eyes.

The eyes of guilt.

My beloved Tournesol… I'm sorry…

I can't look at those mirrors anymore.

It hurts too much.

No matter how many people are around me, my mind is alone, I feel alone.

All I can do is create happiness for others, to not feel alone.

The mirrors are for them.

Everything is for them.

That is all I've got left.

I got nothing else.

Scribbles and Doodles

The Scribbles and Doodles are a group of entities that look like hand-drawn scribbles or doodles, which can vary in appearance from objects, animals, or people, all drawn in a very simple and somewhat childish art style.

Some of these entities also have no proper shape and are simply an abstract drawings.

The Scribbles and Doodles do not have a consistent way to act, the only behavior they share is their typical friendliness and harmless nature, they all have unique personalities, and also names, that are often given to them by wanderers, but a group of those that have existed for a very long time, seems to have already names.

They are often created by wanderers, who can utilize a pencil, which is only required to be from the level, to draw their personal Scribble and Doodle, which may take whatever personality one desires to assign it.

Some of these entities were presumably created from Ghosty, as there were reported to have been many already before wanderers began to also create new additions.

The Scribbles and Doodles act as companions and playmates to the wanderers, they've been reported to often be unaware of many topics, such as death, or pain, they are incapable of being injured or feeling emotions outside of happiness, as they seem to be in a constant playful state, they have been shown to comfort wanderers who are sad and understanding the concept of sadness, despite them being incapable of feeling such emotion, and have been described as amazing friends and good listeners.

Not all Scribbles and Doodles are capable of speech, the most abstract ones are usually those who simply wander around the level, without ever saying a word, though that is only a minuscule part of them.

These entities are infinite in number, due to the nature of the level itself, can be found anywhere, and can be summoned if one may say the name of one of them loudly.

Wanderers have proved that there is an area around the level, which is named "Fantasydoodla", where these entities live in.

Fantasydoodla, as told by the entities themselves, is a never-ending world that contains any sort of area or location one may dream about, where they live in, they've claimed that there are also fantasy-inspired worlds, and one has claimed that there is a large Dragon made of cube blocks that inhabits one of these worlds, however, finding information about said areas is extremely complicated, due to the random position they each assume, which all may also be an invention of the entities since they behave in a very childish manner.

Ghosty claims to know the position of each area, but she has said that she has kept them a secret to push the wanderers to go on explorations to find them, any more information about "Fantasydoodla" is not available.

My only friends… the Scribbles and Doodles…

You are the only ones that have been there for me since the beginning… always by my side, the only positive things that came out of this prison.

I have made sure that you may always be carefree and happy, none of you ever deserve to understand or know about pain and cruelty, you are too kind and gentle for such a horrible fate.

I have kept our promise, even after death, I made sure you would be living a peaceful and forever happy life, in that magical world of yours, back to being like young children, with no worry in the world.

Mr. Roger… Sally… Tracy… Lucy… Chris…

I'll take care of you, for the rest of eternity, so that you may experience the happiness that was taken away from you.

As for the others, the Scribbles and Doodles are a part of them, their way of expressing their creativity and imagination, another way of escapism, ignorance, and innocence.

I've yearned to become a child again, running on the soft carpet of my home, pretending to be an airplane reaching the clouds.

But I cannot.

I've been 35 for… so many years, I've forgotten how it feels like.

How it feels like to peacefully fall asleep, after playing in the mud, thinking of what to play next in the following day.

I miss my parents.

I miss my classmates.

I remember them, and I will always remember them.

The only piece of my childhood left before I fell here.

Is stored in these entities I call my only friends.

I will never let anyone suffer like I did, ever again.

Not again.

The Doodles and Scribbles have been reported to have a bizarre reaction to the "Emotional Burst" phenomenon, as they seem to be the most unstable ones during it.

Firstly, some have been reported to be running around, attempting to keep the broken parts of the level together by grouping around the cracks, some simply lay on the floor, almost as if they were melting, in a catatonic state, while others have been seen crying, but the entities seemed confused by the tears like they were not able to process the situation.

The big majority disappears, and the wanderers collectively agreed that they return to Fantasydoodla, it is unknown for what reason.

They don't understand why I cry, or why the level is hurt.

It isn't their fault, they simply do not know, and they shouldn't know, I won't let them feel saddened by the pain I feel, after all, I must maintain the level together for them too.

It is difficult when they look so worried about me, but I've learned how to mask it, how to find excuses, how to lie, and for them to not worry.

It increases the pain, to keep it to myself, but I do not wish to push my burden onto others, I must continue to not let anyone down, not like my past failures.

That's just what I need to do.


Ghosty is the entity in control of the level, she has the appearance of a corpse of an adult woman, with long messy dark hair, grey eyes, and a pale thin body, which seems extremely malnourished.

She is seen wearing a long plain white dress, that covers large wounds on her stomach and legs, that have been said to constantly leak blood, on her chest, there is a large dark hole, that contains a transparent spirit-like object, which has been called "soul".


A drawing of Ghosty's appearance, drawn by an agent, based upon the description given by the wanderer Thomas.

Ghosty's name was chosen by her, as she claims that it is a reminder of a young child that has lived in her level and gave her that nickname due to her mistaking Ghosty for an actual ghost.

Ghosty's behavior has been consistent towards wanderers, they have described her as kind and helpful, especially empathetic and caring, Ghosty has taken care of many wanderers in life or death situations, along with taking care of their needs.

However, Ghosty has shown signs of being emotionally unstable, possibly due to her inability to cope with grief, and this instability causes the level to become damaged, along with the entities along it, she has been known to react in a very paranoid manner towards the slightest mention of death and is deemed to be overprotective and even aggressive towards agents at certain times.

She has never been reported to have injured wanderers or agents, but she is still deemed dangerous due to her instability, reason being that her level is completely under influence of her emotional and mental state, and her instability causes damage and problems, which she has shown to not be able to control, and has actively refused to cooperate to allow agents to monitor her and the level, which prevents us from being able to secure the wanderers living in it.

Ghosty is capable of creating anything she desires inside of her level by materializing thoughts into reality, thus creating something imaginary and turning it into something physical.

She has not revealed the origins of her powers, nor the way they function, research has been done regarding the topic, but there is currently no information available to solve the mystery.

I never understood how I was able to create and control.

It took me years to understand the nature of my powers, the nature of my level, and how they came to me.

It is too dangerous to know about because the moment others will know how to attempt to achieve this power and immortality, it will only cause pain and suffering, conflicts, and war.

I do not want that, I don't want to cause a war, a war for greed and power, a war to create something much bigger than the Backrooms, to control such something.

It is not a blessing, it's a painful curse, creating something large takes all of my energy, and it took me months to understand how tiring it can be…

Even with training, the enormous quantity of energy this level takes causes me to feel drained of life, it is too much for a simple creature to handle, and attempting to recreate it may not even work like how it did with me.

I must keep this secret with me to protect everyone, they must stop, I will make them stop, they won't be able to achieve any more information…

That is vital, the only way, to maintain balance, it's either that or death.

But they cannot understand the things I must hide, they are seeking to help wanderers with this information, yet they stubbornly refuse to listen to me and my warnings.

How long has it even been ever since I was stuck here?

It's hard to keep up with the memories, I'm barely keeping myself together.

I've been keeping everything together for so long.

I wish I could sleep, but resting would cause pain, I bear a heavy burden, and that burden is mine and mine alone.

If one day, they may discover the truth, I will have to do everything in my power to stop it, at any cost.

Ghosty can modify anything inside of her level, along with objects that come from the outside, she has been reported modifying broken cameras or objects to repair them, so it is confirmed that she can also affect things that come from the outside, and aren't originally from her level.

Ghosty is the main reason for the "Emotional Burst" phenomenon, it is directly the consequence of her shifting emotional state, as stated before, so whenever her state of emotions or mentality shifts, the level will react negatively or positively, causing damage or creating something different.

Every report by wanderers has claimed that Ghosty has no ill intentions and that she has been protecting them from the Backrooms, but because of the inability of our agents to directly communicate or see the wanderers, the actual confirmation of these statements is unknown, it is best to be careful and to instead head to a Base when in need of assistance.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this level, apart from the group of wanderers inhabiting the level.

Entrances And Exits


The reported and confirmed ways to access the level, are to find oneself in a dangerous life or death situation, which will make Ghosty able to perceive the presence of the individual and summon them to her level, or to be in a saddened or spiraling condition, which will also allow Ghosty to be able to detect the presence of that individual.

There are no other ways to access the level that have been confirmed and tested.


There are no available exits to wanderers, as only agents have been granted access to a temporary exit by Ghosty.

Ghosty claims she does not create exits to keep the wanderers safe in her level, so that they may not return to a dangerous environment outside, that may harm them the moment they exit.

It is better to keep them safe and sound here than leave them to an unconfirmed fate outside of the level, where they may die of any sort of bizarre event.

At least here they can have a peaceful normal life, where they don't have to suffer any longer from starvation, pain, sicknesses, or fear.

That is to me, the only solution to protect them.

I hope that, if anyone is listening to this, you may understand, that this to me, is the right thing to do to protect others.

I do not wish to see anybody suffer in that sick reality anymore.

I was too, a victim of it.

We all want to return home, and this is the closest place to it… Home…

Home… I wish it could have been our new home, Tournesol.

And in some sort of way, it is, you are a part of me now, but you're not here.

You're not… Home.


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I'm sorry for failing you.

But I won't fail again, I won't let you suffer again.

Even if I'll be the one in pain, it doesn't matter

I love you, and I will always love you.

And I'll never give up on my goal.

Olivia… and Tournesol, will be able to live a peaceful life after it was ripped away from them.

It's my promise.

I'll meet you again.

Even if I'll be torn apart in the process.

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