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Class Mirror

  • Safe and Habitable
  • Secure from any danger
  • Non-Hostile entities


“Welcoming World of Mirrors” is an enigmatic level of the Backrooms that has been recently discovered through recovery of notes and audio logs of those that visited it. It has not been fully documented or explored due to the impossibility to exit and current inaccessibility. The level itself changes upon the entry of every new wanderer, such changes are determined by the entity, Ghosty, who is a humanoid, ghost-like entity that has the powers to change the level and its entities in any possible way. The level's standard appearance is a large set of hallways that are inhabited by properties of non-euclidean nature. The level changes the moment someone steps foot in it completely; this bizarre effect was named "mirror effect" due to the fact that the level seems to be reflecting specific traits from the individual that happens to enter the level and changing its appearance based upon those traits, like a reflection of one's mind.

It is unknown how to enter or exit the level, as all known interactions reports of the Welcoming World of Mirrors have come from notes and audio logs recovered by the M.E.G. after an unexplainable disappearance of wanderers. In these events, wanderers vanish unexpectedly from various places, with any phones or audio recording devices re-appearing at the site of their disappearance some time later. These devices often contain documentation of the level, presumably recorded by the wanderers, though they often display signs of file corruption or deletion.

To better describe how the level looks for each wanderer that has entered it, the M.E.G. has attached a number of recovered notes and audio logs from wanderers who have entered the level. The first of these is a set of notes written by a wanderer going by the nickname, Roxy. Her phone was found by the M.E.G. in Level 1's Base Alpha with the notes app opened and on low battery. This is believed to be the location from where she originally went missing.

Roxy, along with the other wanderers that have accessed the level, have never come back in person to report what happened. It's not confirmed if she ever level the level itself, but it's implied in her notes that she is might have decided to live on the level and does not plan on leaving; however, Roxy's true location or state is unconfirmed.

The M.E.G. is currently investigating ways to access the level, although no breakthroughs have been made so far. It has been theorised by the M.E.G., based on some recovered documents, that an entity or entities within the level may be preventing entrance entirely through unknown means. If this is true, it would mean that something in the level is aware of the M.E.G.'s attempts to access the level and is consciously shutting them down. Further investigation is required for more stable answers.

As the various notes mentioned, the level will change the looks of its walls and pavements based on the dreams, personal preferences, and childhood of the wanderer that enters the level because of the previously stated mirror effect. Another property of the mirror effect will be the presence of fragrances that the wanderer enjoys, such as the smell of food, perfume, or flowers. The level will also create sounds that the wanderer has a distinct memory of or nostalgia towards, like the sound of children laughing, the wind, or ocean waves.


The photo of the wall that the wanderer, Roxy, took on her phone out of amazement and surprise, as mentioned in her notes.


An example of the pavement left by an unnamed wanderer that accidentally took a photo while in a state of confusion, as explained by the caption of the picture in their notebook.


Another example of a wall changing; left by a wanderer named Troy, who took a picture with his camera, planning to print it and put it in his diary as he stated in his notes.


A second example of the pavement shifting, found together with the wall picture left by Troy, taken for the same reason as his previous picture stated.

All wanderers mentioned mirrors throughout the level, which turned out to not be simple decorations, but entities that were named the Welcoming Mirrors. Proceeding through the level will lead wanderers to ramdomly stumble upon little areas full of vegetation and flowers that were named picnic areas, as they always have a little basket full of food that varies between wanderers and a large towel to sit down on to eat. These picnic areas are used as resting points to find peace, as they look like a perfect copy of places that may actually exist in the Frontrooms, every picnic area varies between wanderer, evidence of wabderers visiting the same picnic area that was reported by another wanderer hasn't been found.

Wanderers mentioned that the picnic areas acted as spots that incredibly increased their motivation and willingness to do various activities related to the environment, such as birdwatching, painting, or writing a poem.

The effect that these areas cause to wanderers is yet another variation of the mirror effect as it takes different traits of the mind and utilises then to create a certain environment.

Wanderers allergic to flowers or plants won't be affected by their allergies in the level, and wanderers that have stated to dislike flowers or plants have instead found other picnic areas that are in other environments.

Examples of picnic areas with plants and flowers are:

  • A garden of sunflowers with a cloudy blue sky. It has a permanent fragrance of honey, and the sound of wind moving the flowers can be heard, this picnic area is said to create internal peace, but also sadness.

A garden of Sunflowers in the picnic areas of the level, photographed by the wanderer, Troy, during his picnic; as always, mentioned in his recovered notes.

  • A garden of red spider lilies that has a smell of perfume all around; this picnic area has no external sounds, it is incredibly quiet, and the air around is difficult to breathe.

The garden of red spider lilies, another example of the picnic areas photographed by Roxy while she was taking a break from walking.

  • A lake with lotus flowers and a weeping willow tree standing by its side. There is a strong smell of wet grass in this area, and the weeping tree occasionally makes sounds of dripping water. Some frogs can also be heard peacefully croaking.
  • A garden of chamomiles, dandelions and roses with the fragrance of a mix of tea and flowers. There are sounds of humming that can be heard in this picnic area.
  • A beach surrounded by a crystal clear lake. The wanderer that swam in it was capable of breathing underwater with no issues and drinking the water, which they claimed tasted like normal drinkable, water. Sea shells could be found on the beach, and some fish of an unknown species could be found underwater, the area overall gave a feeling of freedom.
  • A large bench in some sort of small suburban area surrounded by vending machines from the Frontrooms that sell various drinks, some medium height buildings, lamps scattered around, and a night sky full of stars.

  • The inside of a simple bedroom with various colorful pieces of furniture, drawings, and food. It seemed to give off a drowsy sensation, and laughter has been reported to be occasionally heard around the various drawings, along with light footsteps.

The photo of the beach picnic area taken by a wanderer by the nickname of Honey before they went for a swim.

  • Lastly, a picnic area that is unable to be accessed but was found by a wanderer is a garden of dahlia flowers together with freesias, hydrangeas and a singular lily flower in the middle of the garden.

There is a tombstone resting in this garden, which is surrounded by silence, but the name on the tombstone couldn't be read.

The wanderer said that they cried and felt miserable around that picnic area when walking around it, but laying down nearby gave them a lot of internal peace and calmness. This effect only took action when laying down and trying to fall asleep as close as one could get to the tombstone.

It is unknown how many picnic areas can be present at a time in the level, as there haven't been many reports of the mirror effect splitting between three or more wanderers.

Walking more throughout the level will make upside down furniture, tea cups, or floating food appear, but using the furniture to climb to the ceiling will result in the level quickly shifting upside down in the opposite direction and summoning a cushion to ease the imminent fall, as stated by some unnamed wanderer that has tried to climb to the ceiling for an exit. Eating the food is safe, as reported by the same wanderer; it also tastes delicious and seems to take the shape of the favourite food of the person that is eating it; the origins of the food are unknown, but it's speculated the entity of the level, Ghosty, prepares them as mentioned by many notes.

The note may indicate that the level has access to the memories and everything about those who step foot in it. This could be another part of the mirror effect that everything in the level seems to be affected by. The entity "Ghosty" seems to know a lot about said effect and its origins, as she seems to be controlling it. But interviews asking her about it haven't gotten much far, so it remains a mystery.

There is one last bizarre event that may happen in the level, known as the "Sad state", which may be the least studied event of them all. This event will cause the level to start raining the further a wanderer travels in the level. Wanderers have said that whispers can be heard quietly asking them to go back. The effects of the "Sad state" have been reported affecting entities mainly, such as the Doodles, Ghosty, the paintings and the Welcoming Mirrors.


The Welcoming Mirrors

Perhaps the most common entities in the level, as stated before, they are found at the very start of the level by wanderers, and the mirrors can be found in all shapes, colours, and forms, changing when a wanderer looks at them. Furthermore, each one of these mirrors seem to have different versions of the mirror effect taking place. The mirror's length and height will always match the wanderer that is looking at them, together with other factors. A wanderer named Troy has left an example of what happens once a mirror is approached.

The mirrors will start to show the deepest desires of the wanderer that looks at one, a perfect place that the wanderer always desired to live in, which can be everything ranging from an entire different universe to a small area. People the wanderer has a bond with will appear with no flaw in their appearance and behavior.

Each report of this event by wanderers shares these same effects, and no anomaly has been found; the mirrors will also give words of reassurance and comfort to wanderers with deep emotional wounds, telling them that the pain they're going through is over and that the level is a safe place to stay in to recover.

In fact, the mirrors will also occasionally give advice and talk to wanderers, supposedly befriend them in an attempt to heal the emotional wounds of those that approach them.
Unfortunately, there are no sources for what happens if one enters the mirrors, as the notes reporting that seemingly got lost or were never written in the first place.


First example of a Welcoming Mirror taken by a wanderer. Seen showing a cloud-filled world.


Second example of a Welcoming Mirror. Seen showing a naturalistic world..


Third example of a Welcoming Mirror. Seen showing a royal or gothic world.

The mirrors seem to be affected by the bizarre sad state event of before; if a wanderer walks too far in the level, the mirrors will start to become wet as if they are crying, and droplets of water will form tear drop stains.


The photo that Roxy took of a mirror during the sad state.

They will be shaking and begging the wanderer to not go too far, and sometimes, they even end up cracking from the fear and pressure of the wanderer leaving, trying to reach out in order to not be left behind. But after a certain point, there were no notes found of what happens after going too far. An audio recording left by Roxy that was recorded on her phone explains her first experience of accidentally going far enough to notice the first instances of the sad state starting to form, triggering the mirrors in return.

The Doodles and Paintings

The doodles and the paintings are other types of entities that can found on the level. The doodles are friendly and talkative entities that resemble childish doodles, while the paintings are are more reserved, rare and have no known photos taken of them out of their own request to not be photographed; there is only one wanderer that was able to see a Painting and report the encounter with them. Doodles and paintings are paired together, as they seem connected by their animated properties.


A photo of the doodles entities.


The doodles are entities that take the appearance of multiple stickmen people or doodles of animals and objects that look like they were drawn by a young child. They are incredibly small and have squeaky, high pitched voices.

As for the paintings, they seem to look like normal paintings of people that can range between any age or appearance, but due to their quick speed and shyness, no valuable photos have been taken of paintings or other detailed descriptions, unlike doodles. The doodles come in all shapes and sizes, with all of them sharing a very obvious lack of knowledge for danger or fear; they seem to be endlessly cheerful and naive; some are described to act like they have never experienced anything unfortunate in life. Some examples of different forms of the entity include:

  • A girl with a long dress and a ribbon named Polly; she mainly plays card games with wanderers or hide and seek.
  • A cat named Cookie that loves to be offered hand drawn tuna and cookies made with fish.
  • A warrior with a magical sword named Sally who claims she fights dragons to befriend them in a place called Fantasydoodla.
  • The leader of the Doodles, the old man, Mr. Apple Pie.

As for the Paintings, the only reported painting was named "Elizabeth". She resembles an adult woman with short red hair and black eyes, fair skin and freckles, wearing a white dress, always posing on a swing in a garden.


The paintings and Doodles all roam around the level; the paintings, when approached by a wanderer, will run away at high speeds, covering their faces with a large towel that suddenly appears out of nowhere. If they find someone who seems to suffer from nervousness and difficulty in opening up or person who is lonely, they will approach them and talk to them. Befriending them is pretty easy; one way to do it is by adding something nice to their painting by using a paintbrush on the floor that they will summon..

The next note will explain Troy's encounter with Elizabeth and how she reacted during the sad state.

Unlike paintings, the Doodles are very extroverted and love to talk; they always try to tell fun stories to the wanderers or bring them on adventures; sometimes, they would often join Ghosty in theatre plays, cooking, or gaming events in order to bond with wanderers. They seem to permanently live on the walls and pavements of the level, moving through them and looking for someone to play with or to talk to. They can pop up from anywhere, so it's suggested to look at every wall or pavement if one is in need of directions or wants
to study said entities.

They all have different quirks and things that may compare them to humans, and they actually seem to have their own leader, community, and organizations.

Their leader is named Mr. Apple Pie, and their own community is the Doodle world, the place they live in that is infinitely expanded on the walls; as for other areas of the Doodle world, the only other discovered one is FantasyDoodla. Mr. Apple Pie has been shown to be a kind old man that acts as a parental figure to most of the young doodles; he likes to play chess and talk about astronomy, and he mainly leads most of the events and constructions.

He also encourages wanderers to add more buildings in the Doodle world or create more Doodles with a special pencil he keeps in his walking cane, which gives life to drawings; it can only draw things that work in the Doodle world or other Doodles, so trying to draw an exit to the level did not work; attempts to use a standard pencil were ineffective.

The doodles' main objective is to befriend wanderers and entertain them; other than that, they seem to act like actual human beings with their own lives in the Doodle world. They are sometimes seen doing daily activities, such as going to school or to work and also throwing parties or playing games around the walls. The entity, Ghosty, is very friendly towards them and seems to have a strong bond with each Doodle, remembering all of their names.


The only known pictures of the Doodle world

One of the unnamed wanderers was able to record the reaction of the Doodle entities during the sad state; the recording initially showed signs of intentional audio corruption but was successfully recovered in its entirety after multiple attempts.


This entity, who calls herself Ghosty, is the entity that controls the level and the other entities in it.


She is described as a ghostly adult woman with long black hair and greyish skin that looks rotten. Her eyes are grey and lack pupils; they've been described to pierce through one's soul. Her body looks malnourished, and she wears a long black and white dress that is incredibly ruined and dirty, possibly ruined by something ripping it. Sometimes, she's described to look oddly disturbing when alone or when in deep thought, with only one eye appearing and a lack of a mouth or with a frightened look on her face.


A picture of Ghosty that she tampered with to make it look like a painting due to her artistic preferences.


Ghosty welcomes anyone that enters the level not long after a wanderer had been present in it. It usually takes about 10 to 20 minutes in order to meet her, but during occasions of extreme urgency, she will quickly appear. This entity seems to be able to create anything she desires in the level and even change her own appearance and skills.

She is a friendly entity that acts exactly like a human and has been described to do anything within her power in order to protect the people in her level. She seems to care about the wanderers dearly and treats them like friends; the wanderers seem to talk with Ghosty every day, as she does her best to make the conversation topics enjoyable.

She apparently knows everything about every wanderer and entity in the level and doesn't need to ask any questions in order to know everything about someone, so it's confirmed that Ghosty has powerful mind reading and psychic powers too.

Ghosty has good relationships with every entity in her level, especially the Doodles and paintings, who seem to be like family to her. It is believed that Ghosty might have created these entities since her powers allow her to do so.

Sometimes, Ghosty will show extremely odd behavior around the other entities; she's been seen talking to herself about graves and people who passed away.

Ghosty also seems to despise questions about her past and the exit of the level, which can make her extremely nervous and anxious radically changing her appearance to a more bizare look. A member of the M.E.G., John Rodriguez from Base Gamma, was able to record a log when Ghosty wasn't paying attention in order to gain more information about her and the level.
John has not returned, but his tape was found outside Base Gamma, intact if not for some cut parts of the audio that were impossible to recover, as they were corrupted. It's believed Ghosty tampered with the audio log to erase any evidence of her instability.

He was the only M.E.G member that was able to access the level. Others that tried his same methods of accessing the level were unsuccessful.

Ghosty seems to heavily dislike entities that cannot be tamed and that frequently attack and injure wanderers; in other audio logs that have unfortunately started corrupting as of recently, possibly due to Ghosty tampering with them. Ghosty has been shown to become unstable during the sad state, as she will frantically begin to block the wanderer from moving further in order to stop any more progress; her looks will also become grotesque and uncomfortable to look at. She gets severely anxious and stressed, and she seems to be struggling to remain calm to not lash out; her pleas only get more aggressive and insistent until the wanderer gives up on continuing.

Another instance of Ghosty acting differently was after the passing of a mortally injured wanderer that made Ghosty and the level unstable for weeks; the level would rain non-stop and stayed in a prolonged sad state for multiple days, occasionally cracking and trembling ending up breaking on itself. Ghosty has been seen yelling, crying and grieving, permanently stuck in her disturbing appearance; she wasn't present in the level as much, and to this day, her behaviour is uneasy and nervous around injured wanderers and generally much more prone to losing composure. It's confirmed that Ghosty's mental state and the level are connected together, and if Ghosty were to go through another unstable period of time, the level might break because of it or never return to its original state; the wanderers trapped in it may also never be rescued because of such.

It is rumored that there is a secret room that can be accessed by going too far into the level and ignoring the sad state; these theories came to life because of Ghosty mentioning a bedroom where she lives in multiple times that has not been found yet, as it might be deeper inside the level…the bedroom may have

I think that's enough snooping in my bedroom! That's private..and unimportant, so don't worry about it!

It's rude to look for someone's private room…you know?

Don't be so mean, and let's just go have a fun cooking show, alright?

You don't want to find it for an exit.

Do you?



There are no bases or outposts in this level, and the only community that has been confirmed to exist is the Doodle community.

Doodle community:

The inhabitants of Doodle world.

  • Friendly and kind.
  • Open to play and give instructions.
  • Constantly expanding.

Entrances and Exits


The only documented ways to get into the level are the following:

  • Feeling extreme sadness
  • Having bad thoughts about oneselves
  • Being severely injured

These were all ways that wanderers used to be able to access the level, by going unconscious and waking up in it, or at least that is what wanderers first reported to have done, before eventually waking up in the level. These have not been confirmed as efficient, nor successful ways to access the level.


There are no known ways to exit this level, as no wanderers ever reported an exit and cut contacts and reports after they entered the mirrors in the level.

But why would you need to leave?…

I can offer you everything here! I can keep you safe! I don't want those creatures to ruin your life and make you suffer!

So why!? Why are you looking for exits?!

It will curse you! You will suffer like me if you keep fighting!

And then you'll end up FUCKING DEAD!


…tell me…


Don't leave me

Stay…don't die like they did

I don't want to be alone again

I don't want to look at my dear paintings and cry anymore, to look at the doodles and not being able to say anything but cry

I don't want to dig any more graves

I'm sick of hearing these voices in my head, painful and screaming…voices

I"m sorry

I promise I'll try my best to make you happy if you ever come in my level; I'll do anything to protect every single one of you; to make sure nobody has to suffer in life ever again, I cannot let you talk about my level further…

I'm sick of seeing people die over and over as entities take away everything from me

I'm sick of being lonely

Just don't go too far; don't end up like me

Don't try to change the world

I know that you are reading this.
I shouldn't be editing this article. I shouldn't, but I need to; I need to protect the wanderers; otherwise, I will have to bear more regret.

I've been reading everything you've written about me.
Everything John has left too.
Forgive me for doing this.
But it's my only chance to keep my promise.
Don't come to my level.
I won't let you ruin this.
I'm sorry.
Once you'll know the truth…you will understand why.

I am doing this for the greater good


…Why are you still scrolling…?

…Are you trying to discover more about me?

…Do you want to know the truth?…to know why I must keep those wanderers here?

….If you really want to know the reason…then…

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