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Class deadzone

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Unfit for permanent settlement

Level 665, also known as Sheol Gate, is the 666th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 665 is a relatively small octagonal room, 300 meters in diameter, and is composed of concrete and metallic materials. The room is comprised of arcane machinery of unknown origin, a chasm that is 200 meters in diameter, 4 ground floor-level balconies that jut from each diagonal axis of the room, and a single higher balcony containing a control panel that controls the inner working of Level 665, including, but not limited to: retracting and deploying the 4 balconies, closing the chasm with 8-sided dilating gate, controlling the energy extraction rate from within the chasm, and other, less noteworthy functions.


Schematic of Level 665.


Map of the chasm of Level 665.

The higher balcony that contains the control panel doesn't appear to have any visible access. One would require a ladder or a rope in order to reach the higher balcony. Alternatively, one could ask the Guardian1 to bring them there2. Upon closer inspection, the higher balcony contains a mattress, two pillows, a laptop, a charger, and a minifridge that seems to draw power from the control panel, and a myriad of empty food packages and paper cups. It is believed that the Guardian3 have made it her personal space.

On the east and west side of the room are blast doors that lead to a circular corridor that surrounds the main "room" of Level 665. The corridors are filled with crates, some of which are empty, while some others are stocked with various goods and supplies. These crates are confirmed to have been left by previous passing-by wanderers of the Backrooms.

The chasm itself contains what can be described as a swirling mass of searing, hot clouds. It is unknown what the exact properties of these clouds are, as attempts to study them proved to be impossible with currently available equipment. It is confirmed that Level 665 utilizes the otherworldly power within the chasm and converts it to electricity as a power source. It is even possible to find power sockets that are randomly placed around the level.

The chasm within Level 665 emits some sort of anomalous ultraviolet radiation that negatively affects the human body. During the first 3 days within Level 665, there is absolutely no effect. Between the 4th and 10th day, wanderers will experience sensory hallucination. These sensory hallucinations have been reported, in all cases, to consistently be images and sounds of various insects. After the 10th day, one's body will rapidly melt into what can only be described as "burnt melted flesh", followed by death. Ingesting ████████████ will not prevent or reverse this effect. Leaving the level between the 4th and 10th day will cease sensory hallucination and return it to normal.

The chasm, and by extension the level, has an effect on commonly hostile entities that somehow wanders into Level 665. Most of them will almost immediately expire, while the rest will jump into the chasm in an attempt to escape the level. It is unknown where entities that jump into the chasm end up or what the cause of this behavior is, but the fact that such phenomena do not affect human makes Level 665 a great place as a temporary safe refuge.

Despite it being an extremely agonizing experience, falling into the chasm will not be fatal and one will end up within Level 665.2.

The Guardian of Sheol Gate

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The Guardian of Sheol Gate is the eccentric self-proclaimed eternal guardian of Level 665, receiving any passing-by wanderers as guests and showing them the exit. The Guardian is a 22-year-old Asian female, standing at 175 centimeters in height, with burning red eyes, and long white hair. In all her appearances, her figure is shrouded in a cloak at all times.

The Guardian claims to be immortal and has the ability to traverse The Blue Channel with no difficulty, enhanced leap, enhanced durability, and heightened sense. It is currently unknown what other abilities that the Guardian is capable of.

The Guardian, before taking up her role, was one of the many wanderers of the Backrooms. She first noclipped into the Backrooms in 2019 and took up the role of Guardian later in the same year. The Guardian refused to disclose her previous life in The Frontrooms.

The Guardian also claims to have an adjutant to assist in her endeavor. Their whereabouts are unknown.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Any wanderers are allowed to stay within Level 665 for approximately 3 days, any more than that would be detrimental to one's mental and physical health. Therefore, due to the nature of the chasm, a permanent base is not possible. Barring one.

Home of the Guardian

  • Technically covers the entirety of Level 665.
  • Can only be permanently inhabited by the titular Guardian and an adjutant of her.
  • Established soon after the Guardian first arrived in Level 665 as a wanderer.
  • Although not much to offer other than miscellaneous goods and supplies, the Guardian is willing to trade.5
  • Anything less than a cordial relationship is ill-advised.

Entrances And Exits


Wanderers can enter Level 665 by noclipping from Level 664. There is also a chance for wanderers lost adrift within The Blue Channel fading and rematerializing into Level 665.

Sometimes, the Guardian would personally collect any drifting wanderers that she comes across within The Blue Channel.


To exit Level 665, simply jump down the chasm. On the agonizing way down, one will pass the hot cloud native to Level 665, sometimes the hellfire of Level 666, broken remains of Level 665.1, and then one will finally land on Level 665.2. Beyond the edge of Level 665.2, one will have access to The Blue Channel.
Addendum: According to the Guardian of Sheol Gate, Level 666 used to be positioned directly below Level 665. This has made the exit more dangerous than its current state, as jumping down into the chasm has a higher chance of the jumper landing on Level 666. Nowadays, the jumper would only have an approximately 50% chance of only passing through the fringes of Level 666, and another 50% chance of avoiding it entirely.

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