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Class unknown

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  • Corrupted

Level 997 should only be entered as a path to another level and only with another traveller. It is not recommended to stay on this level due to its dangerous nature.


Level 997 is a 90km2 collection of empty shops, tall pillars, empty rooms, and hallways, resembling a mall from the 1970s spread out on 5 floors. Most surfaces are much darker and grayer than in an ordinary mall, and the level's floor is dirty, as it is cluttered with litter and junk. Some areas on the level don't make sense, such as hallways leading to a dead-end and rooms being much larger or smaller than in an ordinary mall. Although not all, some rooms are unexplorable because of this. There have been numerous reports of rooms as small as garages, and as big as small aviation hangars. When rooms resize, the textures seems to decline reality. Textures often look stretched out, distorted and wrong, similar to what one would see in a video game. These areas make exploration disorienting and hard. There are no light sources on level 997 except the sunlight from the glass roof which can be found everywhere on the upper floor of the level. This means the underground floor areas of the level are laid in complete darkness. Due to this, carrying a flashlight is essential a waste. There is no day-and-night cycle on this level, as the level is frozen in mid-daytime.

Other locations on the level are no-clipped on top of each other, and it is advised to keep a distance from the ones that exist on the borders of all floors. Rooms, walls and hallways no-clip into each other on these locations, stepping onto one of these areas may transport you to another level or hurt/kill one, as one might no-clip into a wall and get stuck in it.

3D human textures hanging from the ceiling is also a common occurrence, and should be avoided unless necessary, as witnessing this may negatively effect one mentally. The 3D human textures somewhat resembles humans, although the renders body is pixelated, blurred and horribly rendered. Due to this, there is no way of telling if these are previous wanderers or not. Physical contact with the textures are impossible, as any attempt to touch the texture will go right through. The 3D human textures are on all floors, except underground floor 02. The textures are bland, emotionless and a waste of potential.

Photo taken of the ground floor before the closing of level 997

There are five main floors of this level, the underground floors only accessible by elevator:

  • The upper floor, which is filled with daylight. Supplies appear most regularly here and this is the most traversed floor of the level and due to the light also the safest.
  • The ground floor, laid mostly in darkness. Stairs going between the upper floor and this floor make this floor the second safest floor on the level. This floors layout is almost identical to the upper floor except the glass roof that is missing on this floor.
  • Underground floor 01 seems to be the layout of upper floor 01, except the hallways which are tighter. Bringing a flashlight or any artificial light is essential for survival, as there is no light on this floor. On this floor, trash and litter is much more common. There is an approximately 30cm high flood of trash everywhere on the ground on this floor, making exploring difficult. The smell of the trash on this floor is toxic. This floor shares most properties with the upper and ground floor. Some rooms are still resized, and surfaces are still very unclean.This floor can only be entered through taking the elevators found rarely on all floors to station floor -1 and exited through taking the same elevator to the ground or upper floor. This floor is speculated to be around 10km2. Due to its small size compared to the number of wanderers consumed by the MP3 effect and the toxic litter smell, this floor is to be avoided.
  • Undeground floor 02, similar to bottom floor 01, this floor is laid in complete darkness. There is absolutely nothing here. The rooms are empty, the hallways alone and the light gone. A floor so clean it drains your will to breath. On this floor, you are not afraid of others. You are afraid that your the only one left

In all floors in this level, supplies like flashlights, knives and Almond water appear in an unreliable pattern. Due to this and several other disadvantages mentioned later, permanently staying here is heavily discouraged.

There are no entities on the level, but due to the MP3 effect, the level isn't safe.


The people consumed by the MP3 effect are the only entities on this level. The ones consumed usually act hostile to other wanderers, and due to this, you can't trust anyone except the one you entered the level with. don't say you came here alone

Bases, Outposts and Communities

No known communities are established on the level, likely due to its hostile nature.

In the period of approximately 1920-1990, a nation consisting of different groups called "The Mall People" inhabited the level on the upper and ground floor. The Nation accepted all wanderers and grew quickly in people due to its relatively easy entrance and exits and safe and environment. The Nation was believed to have peaked at around 150 in population at its highest point. At the 14th of June 1990 the level broke into shattered glass. The level "closed", where its entrances and exits suddenly stopped working. The cause of this incident is still unknown, but a group of thoughtful and respective wanderers claimed the servers reached its player count for good.

When the SERVER began functioning again, the roughly 150 innocents and three MEG scientists of level 997 vanished. This also led to bottom floor 01, 02 and 3.33 opening. This was when the MP3 effect started affecting all wanderers inside the level. Corpses and text written out of blood, seemingly lyrics from the song "The color song" was found on the walls. Phrases like "If your clothes have any red" and "Put your finger on your head" was is the most common phrases found. Unidentifiable 3D human textures presumably hanged from the ceiling also appeared, although the reason for this is unclear.

All previous inhabitants of the Nation that was locked inside the level had disappeared and were erased from reality. The white walls also changed colours, from calming white to dark and colder colours.

Many wanderers in the backrooms had friends and/or relatives in level 997 when the servers shut down closed, and due to this there was an overwhelming interest in finding out what happend with the level and the people residing in it. The imaginary friend J.Doe was one of the many people working towards restabilizing the Level and as an end goal: bring back the roughly 150 inhabitants of level 997, although the operation was abandoned after about 4 months with absolutely no progress.

The deletion of the roughly 150 inhabitants of level 997 generally lead to a great mistrust in all levels safety and stability, especially on level 11, a level often often associated with level 997, due to regular travelling and trading routes between the two levels.

Entrances And Exits

The level can be entered through no-clipping via a planter in Level 33 , writing "OPEN SERVER" in the software 'command prompt' on any computer throughout The Backrooms or walking through a white door in Level 4, although finding this door is extremely rare.

Exit via
No-clipping through the no-clipped areas, and you might end up in Level 998, Level 18 or Level 102. Walking through a bathroom door on the upper floor and you will end up in Level 189. Swimming to the depths of the sea in floor 3.33 and you will end up in level 7. Trying to figure out where the others went, and you will end up in Level 6.

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