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Level 479: The Abandoned Research Facility


Level description
Level 479 of the Backrooms is a place of decay and danger. The moment you step into the level, you are greeted with an eerie feeling that something is not quite right. The air is thick with the scent of decay and chemicals, and the walls are covered in peeling paint and rusted metal. The darkness is all-consuming, and the only light comes from the occasional flicker of broken lights hanging from the ceiling.

As you make your way through the level, strange noises echo through the hallways. The source of these noises is unclear, but they seem to be coming from deeper within the facility. You can hear the scurrying of small creatures, the creaking of old machinery, and the distant sound of something slithering on the floor. It's as if the entire facility is alive and moving around you.

The research facility was once a place of innovation and experimentation, but now it's nothing more than a husk of its former self. Broken equipment, abandoned experiments, and dangerous chemicals litter the hallways, giving the impression that the facility was suddenly abandoned in the middle of important research.

Despite the darkness and danger, there is a strange allure to the abandoned facility. It's as if there is something hidden within the walls, waiting to be discovered. The air is charged with a sense of mystery and potential, and the idea of uncovering valuable research notes or tools to help navigate the Backrooms is tempting.

But this level is not for the faint of heart. It's a place where danger lurks around every corner, and the slightest misstep could lead to disaster. The entities that roam the halls are unpredictable and deadly, and it's important to be alert at all times. Only the most experienced Backrooms explorers should venture into Level 479 level.


The Entrance

The Entrance of Level 479 is the first area you encounter upon entering the level. As you step into the entrance, you're immediately struck by the dilapidated and foreboding nature of the facility. The walls are covered in peeling paint, broken glass, and rusted metal. The floor is littered with debris, and the air is thick with dust.

Despite the danger, there's a strange allure to the entrance. It's as if there's something hidden within the walls, waiting to be discovered. The darkness and decay create an air of mystery and potential that's both thrilling and unnerving.

As you make your way deeper into the entrance, you start to hear strange noises echoing through the hallways. It's difficult to discern the source of these noises, but they seem to be coming from deeper within the facility. It's clear that the entrance is just the beginning of the danger that lies ahead in Level 479.


The Laboratory is undoubtedly the hub of Level 479 . As you enter, the overpowering scent of chemicals and decay fills your nostrils. The walls are lined with broken lab equipment, beakers, and test tubes, each of them holding secrets and knowledge that the facility was built to contain.

Many of the experiments that were once carried out in this area have been left abandoned, but their remnants are still present, scattered throughout the laboratory. However, caution is necessary, as some of the experiments may still be active, posing a potential danger to those who dare to explore.

The laboratory's potential for discovery is matched by its potential for danger, and the entities that roam the area are unpredictable and lethal. It's essential to remain vigilant and avoid contact with anything that may be harmful.

Containment Cells

The Containment Cells are a vital part of Level 479. As you enter the area, the air grows colder, and the dim lighting creates an eerie atmosphere. Rows of cells line the walls, each containing unknown entities that were once the subject of experimentation.

The cells themselves are made of thick, reinforced steel, with heavy-duty locking mechanisms to prevent any potential escapes. The entities within are often unpredictable, and caution is necessary when approaching them. Some may be dormant, while others may be actively attempting to escape.

The Containment Cells pose a significant threat to those who explore the area, as the entities within are often hostile and dangerous. It's important to keep a safe distance and avoid any attempts to interact with them.

The Containment Cells are a reminder of the horrors that were once present in the Abandoned Research Facility, and they serve as a warning to those who dare to explore the area. The entities within may be contained, but their potential for danger remains.

The laboratory is a crucial component of Level 479 , as it contains invaluable information and tools that could aid in navigating the Backrooms. However, the facility is not without its perils, and it's necessary to proceed with caution. The temptation of the laboratory's secrets should not be underestimated, but one wrong move could lead to disaster.

Office and Control Room

The Office and Control Room is the nerve center of Level 479. The sterile environment of the office makes for a stark contrast with the other areas of the level. The walls are white, and the floor is made of clean linoleum. There are desks scattered about the room, some with computers, others with notebooks and pencils.

The Control Room, in particular, is a room full of monitors and buttons. It's where the researchers would have kept track of the various experiments that were being conducted in the facility. However, the room is now abandoned and silent. The monitors flicker occasionally, and the buttons do nothing when pushed.

One wall of the room is covered in a large, glass window that looks into a dimly lit room. This room is where the facility's power supply is housed, and it's also where the backup generators can be found. If you're lucky, you might be able to find a working generator that could help you restore power to other areas of the level.

Despite the sterile appearance of the room, there are signs that it was abandoned hastily. Papers and files are strewn about, and there are coffee cups and soda cans left on the desks. The office and control room may hold valuable information about the facility and its experiments, but it's up to you to search for it and uncover the truth.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level

Entrances And Exits


There is no known way to get to this level for now


The only known way of leaving is if you find a cup of coffee in the Office and Control room and drink it, you fall asleep and wake up in Level 1.

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