the soaked carpets

this level is level 180, or the soaked carpets. it is a maze with carpets soaked in liquid everywhere.

-this level is a disjoint maze of walls of an unknown material, as we never saw it. this level has no entities. it is very safe and calm. all the walls, ceilings and floors are covered in carpets. they vary in size and only come in one shape, rectangular. every carpet on this level has a set color in the center, and every carpet has a different liquid in it depending on the color of the center of the carpet. the liquids can vary from tap water, to almond water, to acid or even liquids with unknown properties. do not try to remove any of the carpets from where they are. if you ever managed to take off a carpet from where it was, you will instantly get knocked out cold and the carpet will go back where it originally was.

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

-the temperature is around 21 degrees and can go down to 6 degrees in certain places. level 180 is very silent, and can get someone crazy if he only hears themselves for too long.

-it is a level that you enter by drinking the liquid in any carpet from level 9.

-to get out of the level, there are 2 exits: 1. you find a door with a carpet design printed on it,with a big neon exit sign just over it. you will directly be led to the level "the end". 2. the least safer one: if you find a carpet with the color "#2596be" in the center, and drink its liquid, you will be knocked out and wake up in level 9 once again.

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