Level 425 is the 426th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 425 is a large hedge maze with shallow water with a sandy trail, between the murky water and a maze slowly closing in the over all feeling is one of disgust and discomfort. The time is always dusk out with a dense fog allowing little to no light into the maze.


Overhead shot of Level 425

When you start out on Level 425, the water level will measure at 2 feet, which progressively gets deeper the closer you are to the exit of the maze, up to a maximum of 5 feet. The hedges on this level consist of a dense, moss-like mass that looks as if it was just freshly cut and constantly moist. It is perpetually dusk and the water can vary between lukewarm, incredibly dirty, brown water and very clear, freezing cold water.

Level 425's floor consists of solid sand and occasionally, gravel. The amount of space between the hedge maze passages can vary depending on how far you are from the exit. The hedge maze passages slowly get narrower the closer you are to the exit of the maze, ranging from 1½ feet at minimum to 6 feet at maximum. Level 425's structure changes form every time a new person reaches the exit, so setting up a base on Level 425 is practically impossible.

Level 425 is estimated to be about 250,000 square miles in total, but the true span of the level is not fully known because of its changing structure. Level 425 has a constant ambiance of flowing water even if there is no flowing water nearby.

Wanderers also experience hallucinations on this level such as:

  • The feeling of something brushing up against their leg
  • Other wanderers whispering in the distance
  • Silhouettes of people in the distance

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There are no Communities in Level 425


Living Hedge: The living hedge is one of the largest entities in the Backrooms, as it spans almost all of Level 425’s area. It is made up of moss-like growths and is around 9 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Upon touching the hedge, it will begin to dissolve your skin and muscle. If a large section of your body touches the moss, it is practically a death sentence, but this dissolving effect can be avoided if exposure is limited to a small area for a short amount of time. The Living Hedge also grows a variety of berries that are edible and the only native source of food on this level.

Constrictor: The Constrictor is a bluish-green sea snake that lives inside the water of Level 425. It measures around 20 feet long, making it more than twice as long as any sea snake on Earth. It feeds on the berries that grow around the moss, and while it is immune to its dissolving effect, it is unable to travel through the hedge due to its density. The constrictor is very hostile and will attempt to kill any human it sees. The constrictor’s method of hunting is to wrap around a person’s leg, crushing it to immobilize the person, and then beginning to eat them. While
having a good knowledge of the maze’s structure, it is easily fooled if you are evasive enough. Almond water will also burn it but the Constrictor will not take any permeant damage as the entity will always heal and re-grow any lost parts of its body only leaving it temporally stunned as its regeneration process starts.

Shinebeetles: Shinebeetles are very similar to the fireflies on Earth. However, they glow brighter and are slightly smaller than most species. These creatures are very helpful in Level 425, as they are good indicators of how close you are to the exit. The larger shinebeetle populations are, the closer you are to the end of the maze. These beetles may also lead wanderers closer to the exit of the maze directly, as they are attracted to bright light.


Shinebeetles glowing above the maze

Subareas: There is only one subarea inside of Level 425, that being a waterfall around halfway from the starting point to the end. The waterfall is a rocky area with a constantly flowing stream This area is located far from the exit of the level and as such the water is very clear but also freezing cold and is the only drinkable water on the level. It serves as a resting point where wanderers can take a break from the maze.


There are three known entrances to Level 425:

  • On Level 11 if you enter a hedge that is leaking with water you will be sent to this level.
  • On Level 130, if you walk down a staircase infested with moss you will fall down into this level
  • On Level 62 if you climb the house and then jump to the hedge directly behind it, you will be sent to this level.


At the waterfall, if you climb to the top of the waterfall and keep going forward, you will be sent to Level 7.

If you complete the hedge maze, you will be sent to Level 432.

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