Backrooms entity:217
Name: The Darkened One
The Darkened One is a humanoid entity that resembles a male teenager between 13-14 years of age. It's always seem wearing what appears to be a brown gown, black pants, a pair of brown slippers and a grey shirt. The entity looks almost identical to a regular human however has skin that is pitch black. The entity's body is withered away at some point revealing a blackened skeleton. The entity's feet, left upper arm, ribcage ,lower right leg, and lower spine have no skin covering. The entity lacks any organs inside the body. It only has skin and bone. The entity also has a face that looks human but most features can't be made out unless with a close proximity of the entity. It has also been noted that the entity's fingers are lacking fingernails, instead ending in a curved point that is extremely sharp. The entity also has empty eye sockets that lead directly into it's skull. The entity is hard to spot in dark areas but can be seen if a strong enough light source is present
The entity has been frequently seen on level 11 but has had unconfirmed reports of it being spotted on level 1, level 7, level !, and a very far-fetched report of it being spotted on level Fun.
The entity itself has been reported no clipping into other levels.
The entity has been seem to have a neutral attitude towards wanderers. The entity's has been seen walking around levels, mostly keeping to itself unless approached first. The entity can communicate with humans and has a voice similar to that of a low-pitched child's voice that has been described by those who heard it that it lowers the body temperature of them regardless of the temperature around them until it reaches a cool temperature that feels oddly relaxing. The entity has been proven to have an intellect to that of a middle age scholar. The entity can be befriended with and upon successfully befriending the entity it has been seen to be found more often by wanderers it considers friends, often aiding them throughout the backrooms by either giving them almond water, warning them about hostile entities nearby, and telling them how to vacate the level. The entity can also be aggressive if aggravated enough. If the entity is attacked in a physical matter it has been seen leaving the level. The person who attacked will most likely never see it again. If they do manage to find it again and attack it again the entity will jump scare them by opening it's mouth wide enough to reveal a decrepit skull beneath. This will promptly cause the wander to fall unconscious and wake up on a different level. If the person encounters The Darkened One again and decides for oh so poor reason to attack it again, the entity has been seen to attack them in a physical manner in which depending on how badly they've hurt it , the attack can be anything from a hard slap to twisting their legs backwards. Any wounds inflicted on the entity's skin heals almost instantly and the bones have never shown any signs of damage, no matter how damaging the attack was. The entity has not been shown to be bothered by the loss of it's skin. Even instances of the entity being completely exposed to te bones have been recorded. The entity will often leave and will not be seen again by the wanderer ever. However if the wanderer does have the misfortune of the coming in contact with The Darkened One again, it has been seen chasing them down in which the entity's eye sockets glow white. Upon catching the victim the entity will proceed to dismember them in such a fashion that they won't die but will feel immense pain and will then slowly use their body parts to kill them. In one such instance the entity beat a wanderer to death with their own arm. Another instance was the entity ripping out the wanderer's lower spine and jammed it into their neck. The entity doesn't forget whoever it has a hostile relationship with. However if the wanderer hasn't aggravated the entity enough and gives it a sincere apology, the entity has been seen to be quite forgiving. The entity also doesn't seem to need sustinece of any kind to survive. Though there have been reports of the entity drinking almond water. The entity can be conversed with. It mainly enjoys talking about the backrooms and interesting things it finds. It also like hearing about wanderer's experiences throughout the backrooms. The entity's relations with most entities tend to be neutral with a lot of hostile entities ignoring the entity's presence unless it attacks them first. However the entity has a very deep hatred towards the partygoers. Upon sensing the presence of the partygoers, the entity's eyes will glow red and it's face will contort into a very wide smile and it will slowly stalk the partygoer from at the distance, giving off subtle hits that it is watching them. Most partygoers upon noticing The Darkened One will attempt to exit the level before it catches them with many failing to do so. Upon catching the partygoers the entity drags them to a dark corner of the level and what happens in there is unknown but the screams of the partygoer can be heard for the next few hours , after which the entity will leave the dark corner covered in a sticky-bloodlike substance and no signs of the partygoers remains. There was an instance in which a partygoer crawled into a corner and started shaking violently begging the nearby wanderers for help but was then promptly dragged into a dark room and sounds of bone being bent and cracked could be heard throughout the level for the next 5 hours. A camera attached to a captured partygoer that was released in proximity of the Entity 217 was shown after being dragged into the dark was showing what appeared to be a black and white version of Level !. There was no entities there except for The Darkened One, who started to chase the partygoer until the partygoer reached the exit which wouldn't open. After which the entity caught it and started to slowly peel off the skin of the partygoer before snapping the partygoer's neck. Upon being asked why the entity hates partygoers, The Darkened One stated that it had a best friend who was a partypooper who died in the Fun Wars and has hated partygoers ever since. The entity's doesn't talk much about it's past. When pressed about it it just states the following "I've don't remember much about my past. All I know is that one day I woke up in a dark room that was covered in blood. Everything felt….. wrong. Like I was meant to be dead but I wasn't. I eventually found the partypoopers. They took me in and let me stay with them until I understood what I was. That was one I became what am I.I didn't know where I came from nor do I know where to go. I was lost".
There have been multiple attempts to get more information about the entity's past but none have gotten anything else. The entity also has a rest state in which it would sit in an upright position and stay there until it is distributed or it feels replenished enough. The entity enters rest stages after wandering for what appear to be 98 hours on average and if it has been in extremely intense combat with another entity.
A M.E.G operative was on level 11 on December 30, 2019. He was given some downtime and decided to go for a walk. Where upon wandering into a rundown warehouse filled with empty crates he saw what he assumed to be a withered corpse of a child sitting in the corner. As he questioned how it got there he noticed it's head move. He decided to hide behind one of the boxes incase it did. The corpse got up and stretched, yawning in a behavior that seemed human oddly. Despite being torn and looking like it had rotted for days the corpse had no problem moving around, even the parts which were lacking any muscle tissues will moving without any difficulty. The M.E.G operative decided to try and contact the entity. Upon getting the entity's attention, he introduced himself and conversed with the entity for a while, after which he requested the entity to follow him to the nearest M.E.G base for an interview which the entity agreed to. After following him there the entity was scrutinized and was interviewed by another M.E.G operative. Eventually after a conclusive interview, the entity left Level 11, and was then spotted on Level 4, dragging what appeared to be the headless corpse of a partygoer.
The entity has been seen being able to move an immense speed if aggravated or in the presence of a partygoer. It also has been seen having enough strength to break through walls in pursuit of it's victims and can tear off limbs with little to no effort. It also has been see being able to heal any skin that has been cut off. It's skeleton has never sustained any damage despite being theorized to be unbreakable. The entity can also have all of it's skin ripping off and can still move. The entity's clothes have been seen being repaired after combat, almost never being seen in a worn out state. The entity can also see apparently even though it lacks eyes. It also knows how to noclip and can wander on to any were on to the backrooms. It is still unclear if the entity can die. The entity also seems to have an immunity to a lot of the mental affects of certain backrooms levels and entities. It also can resist reality-bending entities but needs to rest afterwards. It can noclip in place where other entities cannot noclip, meaning it can exist and enter backrooms on a scale much faster then other entities can catch up with. The entity has been recorded on one instance to be able to either manifest entire levels or copies of levels to it's own modifications. The entity can also lower the body temperature of anyone it talks to. The exact temperature is unknown as most thermometers report the temperature as average. The entity can move fluidly despite lacking any muscle tissues. The entity seems to be able to sense pain but it dissipates a lot faster then normally is possible.The entity also is either self-sustaining or doesn't require sustinece and doesn't appear to age. The entity can also open it's mouth wide enough to reveal it's skull. The entity's skin can be moved independently of the skeletal structure and can be contorted and twisted into several different ways without causing the entity much discomfort.

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