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Level 133 is the 134th Level of the Backrooms.

Level 133 is a labyrinth comprised of alleys from an inner city environment which stretches for thousands of miles in all directions. The alleys are full of numerous supplies and entities, particularly Wretches and Death Rats.



Level 133 is a network of alleyways from an inner city that goes off for thousands of miles in every direction with no clear beginning or end. The alleys are anywhere from 2 to 8 feet wide, and they can vary from only a few feet long to several miles. The longest recorded segment was 100 miles long. The alleys always break off at right angles, making it very difficult to perceive if there are any hostile entities around a corner. Although Level 133 is a maze, there have never been any dead-ends discovered, as every alley simply leads to another.

Level 133 is in a perpetual state of night, and the sky above is completely overcast. An aura caused by urban light pollution reflects off of these clouds and casts a pale yellow light upon the alleyways. This light is very low in brightness, so it is advised that any wanderers present bring their own light source. In addition to the light pollution, incandescent lamps are occasionally spotted on the walls of the alleys or atop lamp posts. These installations cast harsh, orange light onto their surroundings. How these lights are being powered is unknown, and any attempt to manipulate the bulbs or the fixtures will result in them immediately shutting off. Some wanderers have reported that the bulbs shatter upon being touched, while others claim that the bulbs simply suffer internal damage which renders them inoperable. It is therefore not advised to interact directly with the lighting fixtures on this level.

The ground of Level 133 is a dark asphalt riddled with cracks, potholes, and other signs of degradation. Additionally, shallow puddles of an unidentified liquid can form in the divots and indentations present in the floor. It is not advised to attempt drinking this liquid, as it is most likely contaminated and could be a potential vector for The Disease

The walls of the alleyways are constructed out of the sides of old brick buildings of a reddish-brown or grey color. These buildings appear to rise to an impossible height, and attempts by the M.E.G. to measure the height using digital sensors have been inconclusive. All attempts to scale these walls have proven to be impossible; despite the brick-like appearance, it is impossible to utilize the grooves for the purposes of climbing. Individuals who have attempted to climb describe feeling an intense wave of exhaustion the moment they touch the walls with the intent to climb them, while some claim to have felt an irrational sense of dread. Regardless, due to the anomalous height of these buildings, it is not advised to attempt scaling them for any reason, irrespective of the present obstacles to doing so.

Intermittently spaced throughout the alleys of Level 133 are various features traditionally associated with inner city alleys, such as:

  • fire-escape ladders:

The ladders are always out of reach, and any attempt to reach them will always inexplicably result in failure.

  • dumpsters:

The dumpsters are usually full of trash, although supplies have been found, so it is recommended to search all dumpsters that are encountered. However, it has also been reported that Death Rats often infest these waste receptacles, so it is advised that any wanderers scavenging them for supplies exercise caution when doing so.

  • doors:

The doors that are encountered are constructed out of various common materials such as wood or metal and are always locked, and any attempts to open them or physically damage them, similar to attempts to reach the ladders, will always end in failure.

  • windows:

The windows are always blacked out, and occasionally are home to Windows. It is therefore advised to stay as far away as possible from any and all windows on this level.

The rate at which these features are encountered appears to be entirely random.

The walls of Level 133 sometimes feature "missing person" posters; the wanderers in these posters sometimes appear to be of definitively human faces in various conditions of health and cleanliness, although a vast majority are images of Wretches. It is currently hypothesized that these posters reveal the current physical state of the individual whose name is written on them. The names on these posters are sometimes gouged out, or otherwise written over with black ink. Of interest, however, is that some of the names on the posters which have not been obscured as well as some of the faces which are still recognizable are those of individuals known to have gone missing at some point in The Backrooms. The M.E.G. is currently investigating the connection between these individuals and Level 133.

On very rare occasions, the printed name will be that of the person reading it. Their picture will also be present. The picture of the particular individual will always be wearing whatever clothing they are wearing at the time of viewing. Wanderers who have found their poster report feeling a strong feeling of déjà vu upon viewing their picture for the first time, although the causes for this phenomenon are unknown. Any individuals that find their poster should immediately take an information slip from the bottom of the page in order to begin leaving the level, as this is the only way to do so. The odds of a wanderer finding their poster within a timely fashion are quite small, with the average time for most individuals being 6 months. The fastest recorded time was just 5 minutes, while the longest recorded time it took an individual to find it was reportedly 43 years. Additionally, only about 7% of wanderers have managed to make it out alive, although this percentage could be much higher or lower due to unknown information about how many people have entered Level 133 and potentially undiscovered exits. Any wanderers who end up in Level 133 are advised to gather as many supplies as they can and to immediately begin searching for their poster in order to increase their likelihood of successfully exiting the level.

In addition to the posters, there are numerous instances of graffiti. This graffiti is typically generic, such as gang insignia or urban art, as well as references to various entities and levels in The Backrooms. The posters and graffiti will often disappear, shift, or move around when not being directly observed for short periods of time. Individuals who are present during this occurrence claims to feel a gust of wind from the direction of the posters and graffiti, as well as feeling an irrational sense of being watched. Whenever the imagery present depicts entities or individuals which are known to be overtly hostile, failure to keep an eye on them as to prevent their movement will result in these images actualizing into Level 133 through unknown means. The incarnated instance will immediately act exactly as they would on any other level (unless divergent behavior is noted in this document), and are therefore an immediate threat to wanderers in their proximity. In light of this, it is advised that any graffiti, street art, or other variations of art that depict hostile entities or individuals are to be closely observed at all times until they are no longer within the line of sight of the person watching them.

Although extremely improbable due to the sheer size and dangers on Level 133, interactions between fellow wanderers is still possible, and any individuals who travel to the level as part of a group will stay together upon their arrival. That being said, each wanderer needs to find their own poster before being able to exit, so any group which arrives and intends to escape will ultimately become separated during the process of departure.


Level 133 is home to many supplies, although these are not as common as on other Levels. Some of the items that appear on Level 133 include:

The most common item to appear is canned Almond Water, which can be found lying on the ground against the walls. Occasionally, these will show up in packs of six, although this is relatively rare. This Almond Water has the same properties as Almond Water on other levels of The Backrooms.

  • cigarette boxes:

Another item which will appear on Level 133 are cigarette boxes. The cigarettes found in this box have interesting properties, as they lack all of the addictive properties traditionally inherent with cigarettes and similar products, and individuals who have smoked them have described them as "disgusting". Furthermore, these cigarettes do not require a lighter to utilize them, as simply placing them in the mouth and smoking as one would a traditional cigarette activates them. The most important quality of these cigarettes is that unlike normal cigars, these cigarettes will increase lung capacity over time, with the effects being proportional to the number of packs smoked and how frequently. This is of great use to individuals in Level 133, as it will increase their ability to outrun any hostile entities they encounter. Cigarette boxes will appear roughly every few miles, and each box will have anywhere from 1 to 24 individual cigarettes.

  • flasks of alcohol:

These metal flasks contain whiskey, moonshine, and other cheap varieties of alcoholic beverages. Unlike normal alcohol, this liquid is described as being incredibly sour, and those who drink it become extremely energized, so much so that they are able to go without sleep for at least 24 hours, with the effects lasting for several days in some individuals. This is extremely important, as Level 133 does not have many places where it is safe to sleep. It is therefore essential that individuals traversing Level 133 keep a constant supply on them and regularly consume it to maintain consciousness at all times. The effects of this liquid appear to stack, meaning that drinking multiple flasks at a time will prolong the effects and make them more potent. None of the symptoms traditionally associated with heavy consumption of alcohol occur despite a heightened level of consumption, although individuals who drink more than 4 flasks have reported uncontrollable twitching and even sleep paralysis. In very rare cases, death has even resulted when too many of these flasks are drunk, so it is recommended to not drink more than 3 at a time. These flasks will appear every few miles, and will always exist in singular containers.

  • handguns and ammunition

These consist of small firearms, some of which come with ammunition, other times without. Handgun ammunition is also known to turn up without the associated weapon. These guns can be utilized to great effect against entities, as entities hit by bullets fired by from these guns can instantly terminate entities. Only guns from Level 133 used together with ammunition from Level 133 have this effect. Although the ammunition will show up relatively frequently, the guns are quite rare, appearing only once every 50 miles.

  • knives:

Knives are known to be present in the alleys, and can be used as normal. They appear relatively frequently, often appearing next to canned Almond Water.

  • baseball bats

Baseball bats will randomly be found throughout the alleyways, and can be used against entities to moderate effect. They are typically constructed of wood, although metal variants have been found.


Level 133 is home to several entities, and these include:

There are an unusually high population of Wretches on Level 133. It is currently hypothesized that this is due to the high volume of wanderers who enter Level 133 and do not manage to escape.

The Death Rats of Level 133 look and behave almost identically to normal rats. They tend to be sighted near small holes in the walls, and have also been known to inhabit dumpsters. However, on very rare occasions they have been reported to undergo massive "screaming events", whereupon hundreds if not thousands of rats will spontaneously emerge and race down several alleyways before dispersing. This "screaming event" can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 12 hours in length. If an individual is in the path of a swarm, it is advised that they run away as fast as possible, as they will be near-instantly terminated if they are overrun. It is advised for wanderers to avoid the Death Rats in order to prevent any avoidable injuries or infections.

The Hounds of Level 133 behave slightly differently from normal Hounds, in that they are extremely territorial, and will not pursue a target beyond the boundaries of their territory. Maintaining eye contact with a Hound while trespassing its territory will not have any effect on them. The reason for this behavior is unknown. Just like with normal Hounds, wanderers should avoid them if spotted or heard.

Some of the windows on Level 133 are actually Windows, and these entities behave the same way as they do on other levels.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to the extremely hazardous conditions and entities present on Level 133, there are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits


Level 133 can be entered by travelling far into Level 91 and no clipping through the ground.

Level 133 can also be accessed by wandering down a specific alleyway in Level 11. After walking for 15 minutes, the scenery will begin to change, and shortly afterwards Level 133 will be accessed.


In order to leave Level 133, an individual needs to find a missing person poster with their name printed on it. Any wanderers who find this page must then remove one of the information slips at the bottom and keep it on their person. After this is achieved, they must proceed to walk for 1 mile, and then the scenery should begin to change. After walking for another mile, they will arrive at a door. Opening the door will lead to an entrance to The Hub. There is currently a member of M.E.G. personnel standing watch at all times to assist any wanderers who exit the level.

Brainstorming/Stuffs (Do NOT critique SPaG, only Concept)

Not all of these may be used, but I wanted to include them in order to gain critique for each one, as well as commentary over which ones work well together or fail to do so.

- If a wanderer takes the slip from a poster which does not bear their name or face, the individual who is seen in the poster will immediately appear at the location of their poster. This applies to both humans and Wretches.

- Once a wanderer takes an informational slip from their poster, they will soon find themselves entering a large tunnel which is 100 meters in length and 50 in width. Once they enter this enclosure, the lights will temporarily shut off for several seconds before turning back on again. Once they reactivate, the tunnel will be lined with Wretches on all sides (or should the Wretches appear behind the wanderer?), who will immediately try to assault and ultimately terminate this individual. If the wanderer is able to make it down the entire length of the tunnel without succumbing to any injuries or threats, they will arrive at a small wooden door which is painted a vivid crimson red, and pushing open this door will lead to their immediate arrival in The Hub, where a member of M.E.G. personnel is standing watch at all times in order to render appropriate assistance and guidance.

- A substance which is highly addictive and accelerates the Wretched Cycle.

- Entities which resemble police officers which stalk the alleyways.

- Entities which resemble gang members/members of the mafia which stalk the alleyways.

- The Wretched Cycle is accelerated on Level 133

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