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Class !


An image of level !, the status of the photographer is unknown.

Level ! is and Enigmatic Level in the backrooms


Level ! Is a 10km long hallway, appearing as a hospital hallway with many doors on either side, however, all of them appear to be locked (It is speculated that some of the doors are unlocked, however, this cannot be proven at the current moment.). On the doors, there are notes, each reading the word 'RUN' in marker. The only sources of light in this level are red exits signs throughout the halls. They cast a dim red light and are all spaced roughly 10m apart. A loud, blaring fire alarm constantly plays throughout the level at an almost ear-piercing volume. Throughout the level, several different obstacles can be found in the halls, mainly being furniture and equipment one would find in a hospital.
Dangerous liquids drip from the ceiling tiles, most notably liquid pain and cashew water, forming frequent puddles on the floor. Be careful when running over these, slipping will undoubtably cause you to be caught by the entities. It is highly possible that this level accelerates the effects of entity-based viruses, as people who have been infected report advancing into later stages faster than expected, though this is possibly coincidental and caused by something else.
This level has several twists and turns. Sometimes, short halls branch out from the main hall which contain a supposed exit door at the end. These doors, however, are locked and will trap the wanderer. The true exit is at the end of the 10km long hallway which is marked with a green exit sign instead of a red one. There have been sightings of what's behind the horde of entities, which seems to be a wall broken open with what appears to be The Hive behind it.


Upon entering this level, a horde of entities will form behind the wanderer, running towards them. All you can do is run, dodging the obstacles listed above. Some of the entities list as follows:

  • Smilers
  • Clumps
  • Dullers
  • Hounds
  • Child Facelings
  • Skin Stealers
  • Wretches
  • Human Crawlers
  • Partygoers
  • Undocumented entities

Other entities have been documented on this level, but these are the most prominent.

These entities are affected by the ! effect. The ! effect has several properties to it, those are as follows:

  • The entities speed is matched with the max speed of the wanderer they are chasing
  • The entities are extremely blood lusted. If the wanderer escapes or they have finished killing them, they will begin to attack each other
  • The entities are noticeably stronger than they are on other levels

If the entities catch you in this level, they will kill you in the most brutal way imaginable.

Discovery Log

This log was found on a blood stained phone on level !. It was picked up by a wanderer who escaped the level, managing to pick it up while running. They brought it to M.E.G Base Alpha for research. It appears that the person making these logs was recording his journey through the backrooms before being sent to level !.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

It is impossible to create a community or outpost in this level.

Entrances And Exits


  • There is no known consistent method of entering level !, you will clip into the level at random.
  • It is theorized that this level is accessible through The Blackout, but it is yet to be proven.

Once you escape level !, you will never be able to enter again.


  • If you manage to survive the 10km run, you will be transported to The Hub.
  • The Hive is theoretically accessible from this level, the entrance being at the end of the hall the entities come from, but there has been no records of someone getting past the horde in this level.

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