Level -3 'Reflectional Entropy'


Class 5

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Level -3 is an enigmatic level of the Backrooms. It has several anomalous properties, and entry is not advised if possible.



Level -3. The image has been flipped by the 'Reflection effect'.

As of now, Level -3 appears as an expansive plane with many structural similarities to that of a funhouse mirror maze. It features a black carpet lined with floor lights, a pale, weathered concrete ceiling, and a grid like pattern of concrete framings, most holding either a mirror, or a glass pane.
The concrete framings that fill the level appear as an intricately designed archway, that one could compare to a Greek mansions pillars. These frames each hold either a mirror (expanded on below), a glass pane, or simply nothing, which is the most common thing a frame could have.
The black flooring of the level is a pitch black carpet, comparable to that of vantablack, due to this, the carpet is only identifiable via touch. Bright, white floor lights line the carpets of the level, formatted in a zig-zag pattern. These lights buzz very quietly, and will occasionally flicker, with some being blown out or shattered.
The roofing of the level appears to be the same concrete as the frames material, but noticeably weathered down and cracked from time. Despite its bad condition, it is extremely resistant, and through thorough testing, it is currently believed to be unbreakable.

The mirrors that fill the level are known to have a plethora of unique anomalies residing in them, the list of anomalies can be found below.

Anomaly 1: Mirror distortion

Similar to funhouse mirrors, some of the mirrors in this level distort what they reflect in odd ways. However the effects of the mirrors are more intense, and can create visions one wouldn't expect. Mirrors could distort your body in ways one wouldn't expect. Funhouse mirrors could distort your size and scale, while Level -3s mirrors could do things that could only be possible via digital editing apps. Wanderers have reported looking into a mirror and noticing that their entire face will have been blanked out, similar to that of a Faceling. Others have reported things such as their bodily colours being inverted or being applied with colour correction. Anomalies range from person to person, as some could be as simple as a colour change, while stranger oddities can happen.

Anomaly 2: Karma reflection

It has been noted that if you were to try and deface the mirror via shooting it, spilling liquid on it, hitting it, or other methods similar to that, the effect will bounce back to you, which can be lethal in some occasions. For example, if you were to spill water on the mirror, the water would bounce back directly at you. If you were to shoot a projectile at the mirror, the projectile would fly back towards you, hitting you relative to where you shot the mirror, if you shot the very top of the mirror, it would hit you in the head.
This may seem negative, but it can be weaponised, if you are being attacked by either an entity or a human, you could bait them into attacking themselves via mirrors.

Anomaly 3: Reflectional Hypnotism

Upon staring into a mirror for too long, it will begin to induce a hypnotising sensation upon the wanderer looking into it. It will make them entranced in the mirror, studying the reflection Infront of them. The victim will forget all that is going on a round them, and will not be phased by loud noises, physical contact to any degree, flashing lights, and anything else that would normally awaken someone from a trance. The only way to escape the effect is to have your line of vision cut from the mirror, which nine times out of ten requires another person, so it is advised to walk in at the least a group of two.

Anomaly 4: Mirror manifestation

It is possible that upon staring into the wrong mirror, something else will appear in the reflection next to you. The object in question varies from person to person, but all who have experienced it describe it as an object they desire. This can range from weaponry, to a sentimental object, or anything else a person would fantasize of having.
This object will remain a hallucination, and will only exist to give the wanderer false hope. However, it is currently deemed impossible to obtain the item, however the concept isn't ruled out.

Anomaly 5: Portals

Rarely, Level -3's mirror can distort and wave, similar to an oceans surface. Upon touching said mirror, you're hand will pass through it like its tissue, and a cold sensation will encase the body part currently passing through the portal.
Anything you have on you will stick with you going through the portal, and you won't be split from others when entering. It will stay in its place, a consistent entrance between Level -3, and the area that lies inside the portal.
The results of entering the portal varies, with some acting as a quick travel method from one point in the level to another, while some can drop you off in a random level with no known pattern to the level you'll end up in. Once you've stepped foot into a different level, the portal will disappear after roughly a minute, and you wont be able to return to the level from that point.
While it can be a quick and easy escape to the level, always be aware that once that portal disappears, you'll have to find another exit. And as the level you enter is believed to be purely random, you may end up in a level far worse than the one you just left from.

Reflection effect


HABITAT(S): Level -3

Reflectors are a corporeal entity that are believed to possess and move through the mirrors reflections in Level -3.
Reflectors are all connected under one conscious, and there are an undetermined amount of them infesting the level, travelling through the mirrors in search of an unlucky target.
Once their victim is located, they will select them, and play with them for a period of time before attacking.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no colonies or outposts on this level.

Entrances And Exits


Entering through a glass door in any area past 'The Pool' section of Level -2 will lead to Level -3.

Staring into a mirror found in Level 3 will send you here.


Noclipping into a tinted glass panel will lead to Level -4.

Noclipping through the carpet floor can lead to Level 6.3.

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