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A photo of Entity 333 during its 3rd phase.


Playtime Television or formally designated as Entity 333 is a sentient television that when approached will ask the one who approached Entity 333 to play the game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors". It does not require any power or energy source to keep it running despite having multiple outlet ports on its sides.

The television the entity inhabits has technology that take place in 2000s and has been identified as a "Direct-View Television." Despite its aged appearence, Entity 333 is fully functional. The entity can speak multiple languages depending on the target's native language. On Entity 333's screen, a large sad face is displayed. This is widely considered its physical apparition and is used to communicate with those on the opposite end. With the screen, Entity 333 displays various images that it uses to communicate.


Entity 333 has a preference for areas with other televisions, utilizing similar tactics to the sandfish by blending in with its environment before revealing its true nature. Entity 333 is extremely hostile and inimical towards all entities. This extends to other entities, including non-human ones, but Entity 333 has an affinity for humans.

Entity 333 has four phases:
Entity 333's Phases
Phase 1 Entity 333 will silently await for an entity to enter its direct line of sight. During this phase, Entity 333 will be in a dormant state with its screen turned off and completely dark. In this phase, it is completely unresponsive to any non-sentient organism; drones and robots are do not affect the entity.
Phase 2 Once a organism has entered Entity 333's line of sight, it powers on and through its ports releases Entity 333-1. Entity 333-1 is gas specific to Entity 333 that breaks down nerve cells, causing hallucinations. It appears as a colorless, tasteless gas. Upon further examination Entity 333-1 shows signs of ███████1. Exposure to "Entity 333-1" will result in temporary incapacitation, memory loss, and briefly being unable to form thought. When the organism is incapacitated, Entity 333 will begin its next phase.
Phase 3 Entity 333 in this state will ask their prey to play a game of "rock, paper, scissors". Due to Entity 333-1, their prey will always say yes due to their inability to form thought or rationality. On its screen, the entity will display three words below its face, ROCK, PAPER, and SCISSORS.2 These words act as the physical notation for the symbols in "Rock, Paper, Scissors". When one of the words are taped on, Entity 333 responds with a corresponding symbol on screen. If the player wins they get their freedom, if Entity 333 wins ██ ██████ ████.3
Phase 4 After Entity 333 defeats the player, the player is EXPUNGED PLEASE SEE LOG-333-2/11/2018.
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