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Class Anema

  • Unsafe
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  • Situational Entity Count

Level 450 is the 451st Level of the Backrooms. It is an abandoned mineshaft.


Level 450 is an abandoned gold rush era mineshaft. Level 450 is made up of stone, basalt, diorite, and rarely coal. Minecarts and skeletons of human miners can be found within Level 450, all skeletons analyzed show a genetic match to miners who have gone missing during the gold rush period. Ore can be found in Level 450, but are very toxic to human life due to unknown chemical gases originating from them. Entities only can hunt in dark areas of Level 450. Entities in Level 450 that hunt next to lighted up areas of the mineshaft will start to melt and slowly die. Level 450 does not follow a 24 hour day and night cycle. Level 450 is always daytime.


A photo of level 450.

Level 450 seems to be infinite and expand in all directions expect down and due to Level 450's infinite expanse many who enter become lost and eventually start to go through paranoia. Almond water is common in Level 450 appearing near the surface then becoming less common the further you go down. Level 450 consists up of two areas. The further down you go down Level 450 the more dangerous it becomes.

Area 1
Area 1 is the surface of Level 450. It is an infinite Nevada style desert. Almond water appears near Area 2's entrance and will restock every half an hour. Desert mountains and small houses are located on Area 1. Area 1 is completely devoid of any entities. No people have been found in these houses except other humans.

Area 2
Area 2 is the inside of the mineshaft. Area 2 stretches on horizontally forever. Area 2 is around 0.065km-0.07km deep. The further you go down the darker it becomes making Area 2 very dangerous. Area 2 is lighted up by torches and flashlights. Cobwebs and dents on minecarts are common in Area 2. Area 2 lacks food sources and water. Toxic chemicals will leak out at random and ether kill the person or incapacitate victims. Gas masks found on Area 1 are effective at stopping the toxic gas.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G. (Major Explorer Group) Base Leo:

  • An M.E.G. base dedicated to studying the gases of and biology of Level 450.
  • Sends M.E.G. operatives to get samples of biological tissue and chemicals.
  • Located near the entrance to Area 2.
  • Heavily guarded and a biological threat to unprotected humans.

Additional Content

A series notes was found 0.003km in Area 2:

Oh goodness I'm back on another level. Just great…just great.

Why is this very dark. Looks like an abandoned mineshaft. Cracked walls and scattered cobwebs. Eww dead body…oh wait it's just a skeleton.

Hey who are you? Do you need hel-l….

Oh no not again!..

The author of these notes has not been found and is presumed dead.

Entrances And Exits:


  • No-clip randomly on levels below 200.
  • Find a random desert village on levels 0, 1, 9, and 50.
  • Find and wear a random miners hat on Level 22.


  • Reach the bottom of Area 2 which leads to Level 8.
  • Enter a small door located on the side of a nearby desert mountain leading to Level 0.

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