Level 919 - Forests of Terror
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A photo of a flower pot Level 919.


A photo taken by M.E.G. Agent Charlie.

Level 919 is the 920th Level of the Backrooms. It is a forest on an island in Vietnam discovered on accident: (Discovery Log-919-041).


Level 919 is a forest in the northern part of Vietnam on an island. Trees in Level 919 are made up of wood however larva eggs of an unknown species are located within the middle of the trees. Animals have not been found in Level 919 other than the larva. Heat vision goggles are ineffective that finding any warm blooded animals other than other humans. Small shadowy figures shaped like a human child around 5 years old will call out to other people. This shadow takes people to shelter or anomalously gives them Almond Water.


The group of two of the small shadows.

Level 919 follows a 24-hour day and night cycle. During the day fruit like apples and mangos will sprout from the trees. Daytime is the only time the small shadow children appear. During night the air becomes foggy, moist, and a little bit wet. Fruit will retract and the shadow children disappear. The pond that were originally Almond Water turns into Liquid Silence. Heavy rain sets in and once every two months Level 919 will flood for around 1-9 hours. The silt left behind by the flood allows agriculture and farming.

Small wooden cabins can be found in Level 919 and contain at least 1-3 beds, ranger outfit, rotten food, and a small 9mm handgun. Cabins can provide shelter from floods as they have a water proof wood that blocks water. The mountains are very mysterious as Level 919 lacks any climbing equipment making getting up the mountains very challenging and getting down harder. The mountains of Level 919 are massive going up to 19,046 feet. The mountains top are foggy and slippery due to rainfall.1

The ends of Level 919 have a massive beach of sand and kelp. The ocean water is not drinkable and seems to be infinite. Sea creature are not found in the ocean outside of Level 919. Level 919's temperature ranges from being 14 degrees Celsius to 34 degrees Celsius. Level 919 is always late springtime and never has snow, earthquakes, tornados, or tsunamis.
Underwater caverns have been found in the sea water 0.09m away from shore. In these caverns electrical equipment and radios will malfunction. Only 60 inches of light can be seen in the underwater caverns. The caverns are a twisted stone maze going on for around 0.8m - 3m.

During flood season if a certain series of events occur it will ether result in a Class-001 event or a Class-012 event both are very dangerous. Class-001 events (acid haven) will occur if it is noon when rain season begins. Then if only thirty people are on Level 919 and the air is 17 degrees Celsius or below acidic rain will rain down. This turns the water in the ponds to a extremely biologically hazardous chemical compound. After two hours a 50/50 chance will occur when ether the acid will stop or a Class-001-50/50 event happens. Acid floods of a very hazardous chemical compound will flood the area cracking and melting all non-shelter bases that are not on the mountain range. Acid flood continues for three days until it dies down and the chemical disappears from the sand, water, and ground.

A Class 012 event (horror from the sky) occurs if the time it is midnight and flood season happens. If the small shadow children will scream, and if it is 20-23 degrees Celsius there is a 9% chance a Class-012 event occurs. In the event is does occur the clouds will darken and thunder will start. The flood will retract and die down. As a giant dark hole with emerge in the middle of the clouds and a jaw full of teeth and a massive tongue will reach down and pull people into it's jaws until it collects at least 60% of Level 919's population and disappears. Storms will continue for 2 hours and disappear. The "Sea Predators" are to protect civilians if an event occurs and attempt to prevent one.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G. (Major Explorer Group) Base: Zeta

  • An outpost of the M.E.G. constructed out of the wood from the trees and cabins.
  • Stocked with fruits and equipment.
  • Near the middle of Level 919.
  • Just a small base for research and protection.

M.E.G. (Major Explorer Group) Group "Sea Predators"

  • An outpost for M.E.G. divers and equipment.
  • By the beach area of Level 919.
  • Negotiates peaceful interactions between The Hands of Nature and Beauty and The Weathermen.
  • Composed up of the best M.E.G. divers and water specialists.
  • A disaster shelter.
  • Job is to prevent a Class-012 event.

The Hands of Nature and Beauty

  • An evil and cruel cult on the one mountain ranges of Level 919.
  • Greedy and selfish.
  • Goal is to sacrifice captured humans to Level 919 via rituals to keep it from getting deadlier.
  • Rivals of the Weathermen.

The Weathermen

  • A group formed of weather specialists, captured civilians, government agents, former members of the M.E.G. , and medical specialists.
  • Rivals of The Hands of Nature and Beauty.
  • Caring, but violent.
  • Goal is to attempt to stop the blood rituals of The Hands of Nature and Beauty.
  • Located 1m from the middle of Level 919 near the beach.

Additional Content

Level 919 was originally considered a Class: Habitable until an exploration team incident:

The discovery of Level 919:

A note left behind by M.E.G. Command to reclassify Level 919's difficulty class from:

M.E.G. REPORT-919-001:

I open this file up with very serious intent. Level 919 is not safe at all! We have lost teams of men to this twisted creation. Level 919 can be habitable, but it is very dangerous to life in. A class habitable level is purely safe and while weak and useless entities are in Level 919 an expedition met with four deaths and one injury to a team member. The moth might have no proof to exist, but the survivor was left scarred for life. Poor guy had to be transferred to a mental hospital! We do not fully understand the Level. It is not safe or secure at all! It is a living self-keeping secret! All expeditions are to be halted and Level 919's difficulty class must be upgraded to Undetermined now!

From M.E.G. Hans.

Status: Approved

Another Note to reclassify Level 919's difficulty class:

M.E.G. REPORT-919-002:

I once again am writing about this Level. This time I believe we reclassify Level 919's difficulty class to Class: 5 and build more bases around the island! We have lost more and more men to this island! We know that there are dangerous entities on this island and this is very unstable due to weather conditions. Floods are getting stronger and winds are getting rougher. The island is responding to our attempts to neutralize the threat posed by Level 919.

From M.E.G. Hans.

Status: Denied

Response from High Command:

M.E.G. Agent Hans we know that you care about humanity and your fellow co-workers, but Level 919 stays a Class: Undetermined! No more bases are to be built as this might effect the island and provoke stronger weather. Our explorers have found caverns in the water measuring 0.8m - 3m adding more mystery to the island. Those entities you saw are still unknown and we do not know how many of them are on that island. Level 919 is still very unpredictable and unknown and will stay how it is until evidence is found for how many entities are on that island. It is unknown, mysterious, and mind bending. IT IS UNDETERMINED WHAT LURKES ON THAT ISLAND.


Entrances And Exits


  • No-clipping randomly on a Level below 254.


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