Sub-Level 267.1 - The Rewind
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When you look into the past, what do you see?

Do you see all the good times? Do you see the embrace of a loved one?

Do you see pain? Suffering? Agonizing derailment of your own life? The very fragment of reality itself detaching from itself in frightening speed?

I know the answer. I know you do too.

You're lost forever. Never to see anyone again. Never to feel the same luxuries that you had even in the yellow hell you call "Level 0". There, you had some free choice to wander around. To take in the odd beauty that is this absolute hellscape that you call the "Backrooms".

Here you have nothing. You've discovered the mind of the beast. All the little lies that coerced you here? That was all me. The walls of flesh will envelop you. I'll make sure of it.

Did you truly think that I was detached from the creature that enveloped potentially one of the most dangerous levels in Hell? I am that creature.

I don't care if you're angry. You can wipe that ugly look off your face. This is all upon you. You and your unending curiosity have landed yourself in oblivion. I may have had some responsibility in getting you to the decrepit clones of old settlements, though that is small compared to curiosity.

I've seen it constantly from the M.E.G. in particular. They have good intentions, though their willingness to sacrifice themselves and their own will eventually be their downfall.

Do I hate them? No. I pity them.

They throw themselves at danger in hopes of getting information that sits right in front of them, waiting to be opened up and digested.

Out of pity, I shall share something with you that might be undesirable.

There is no escape from Hell. Even if there was an exit, would you really want to risk the demons of Hell rushing forth to greet a world untainted by their presence for generations untold?

Do you know the sheer size of my body? The knowledge untold in the mind you sit inside?

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I shall devour you and your mind.

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