Level 267 - The Bloodrooms

This page includes descriptions of a level that has instances of blood, gore, and body horrors.

Reader discretion is advised.

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A corrupted picture of Area 4's tunnel section taken by Operative Hilde in Level 267.

Level 267 is the 268th Level of the Backrooms. It resembles Level 0 at first. The further wanderers travel into Level 267, the more the rooms seem to vary, as if they are slowly being overtaken by an organic entity.


Level 267's first area (named Area 0 for convenience) is similar to Level 0, with a key difference being that instead of it being mono-yellow, wanderers instead find that everything is red, with wallpaper, carpet, ceiling, and even the fluorescent lighting being a blood-red color. Also unlike Level 0, there are documented entities on this level, as well as some undocumented ones. The floor is wet with blood, which contains high counts of The Disease, so wanderers must wear protective footwear in order to traverse the level more safely. It is heavily advised to steer away from this level, as the high entity counts and anomalous properties provide much difficulty in traveling within Level 267.

Like Level 0, no two rooms in Level 267 are the same. Marking your way is highly recommended, as getting lost is guaranteed to an unwary wanderer. Tearing the wallpaper is a common method wanderers have used to leave "breadcrumbs" for themselves in Level 267. However, doing this within the line of sight of a male Deathmoth could mean sudden danger for the wanderer, for they have a unique behavior on this level that makes them act hostile to the perpetrator. While they can't do damage to the wanderer, they will call out to female Deathmoths, which can inflict damage (Although in a way more unique to this level).

M.E.G. Audio Log #1 [10/15/2021] PM

An expedition team made up of M.E.G. operatives was sent to a level that was discovered by a volunteer on 9/28/2021. They were tasked with finding an ideal spot to set up an outpost to aid wanderers who'd accidentally end up in Level 267. It starts out with Operatives Gary Hilde, Diana Woods, and Nicholai Bale moving through Area 0.

<Begin Log>

Bale: Is this thing on?

Woods: It better be.

Bale: Well, it is, so there's no need to fret about it further.

Woods: Pfft. Whatever.

Hilde: We are currently in Level 267. I must admit, this place feels somewhat familiar.

Woods: (Sarcastically) Noooo. The new level that feels like it should be a sublevel of Level 0 feels familiar? Noooooo!

Hilde: Your sarcasm is noted, Diana.

Bale: Well, you both know about the level's properties from the brief?

Hilde and Woods: Of course.

Bale: The M.E.G. thinks there's more to this level than meets the eye from that footage Operative Garcia recorded a month ago. They suspect the flesh of the walls might be able to be noclipped into.

Hilde: Interesting.

Woods: Well, let's stop standing around and talking! My boots are getting stained just standing here.

(Sounds of squelching are heard as the team moves through the level)

Hilde: Look! Over there! I think someone ripped some of the wallpaper here.

(More sounds of squelching)

Woods: Christ, it's freaky in person.

Hilde: You're not usually uncomfortable with this kind of thing. What are you feeling?

Woods: Dread. Fear. The like. scoff I don't know what's up, but we're here to learn more, aren't we?
Bale: That indeed we are, Diana. Alright, I'm going to noclip through first.

<End Log>

Unlike Level 0, you cannot take pictures in Level 267 without them becoming corrupted with blocks of red that cover most of the image. Trying to bypass this effect with an older camera produces a different effect, making the image a solid crimson red instead of simply having blocks of red.

Area 0

Area 0 is extremely similar in form to Level 0, but with the aforementioned differences. Male and female Deathmoths, Smilers, Clumps, and Skin-Stealers roam Area 0, with Smilers and Clumps being regulated to The Panicrooms of the Bloodrooms (file shown below) in this Area. Skin-Stealers are seldom docile in Area 0, making them the second biggest living obstacle in said Area.

Although travel within Area 0 is difficult, this is the easiest Area to traverse, as it has the least anomalous properties.

Noclipping into a wall where the wallpaper has been ripped off will lead to Area 1.

Area 1

Area 1 is where things start to devolve rather quickly. The wallpaper, carpet, and ceiling become more decrepit, being partially taken over by the flesh underneath. Blood starts to float six inches off the ground, making it an obstacle to wanderers not wearing protective pants. Instances of the Panicrooms can occur here and are more dangerous in Area 1 than they are in Area 0. Dullers and hostile Facelings appear in this Area onward. Facelings will try to shove wanderers' faces into the floor to infect them with The Disease, so avoidance of Facelings is crucial if you don't want to meet your demise due to the enhanced Disease strands in Level 267.

Area 1 is also where wanderers will start hearing from The Voices of the Maw, which will beckon wanderers to entrances to Level 267.1. Listen to Ignore these voices, as they do not want to bring you to a safe level.

Going to where the flesh has a more pronounced presence will lead to Area 2.
Noclipping into an area of wallpaper on the wall will allow re-entry to Area 0.

Area 2

Area 2 is where resemblance to Level 0 is only vague, as the level is mostly covered in flesh from this point onward. The floor and ceiling are now simply flesh, and the blood that's floating now moves through the air slowly as with a low pulse. How exactly it does this is unclear, but it is theorized by the M.E.G. that there is an anomalous magnetic force pulling at the blood, making it move like it does. Upon entrance to Area 2, looking back towards where you came from will reveal that it is taken over by flesh, and re-entry to Area 1 from Area 2 is impossible.

Light is harder to come by in this Area, as the flesh has attacked most of the fluorescent lighting, plunging a good portion of the Area into darkness.

The walls are more broken from here, with the flesh actively breaking it down, and a unique entity of the level, Whiteblood, (which looks like a giant version of a white blood cell) actively attacks the wallpaper, as if it's foreign to the level. The Voices of the Maw sound more forlorn in Area 2 and will get quieter and quieter the further the wanderer progresses into Area 2.

Facelings are seen more often here, and Whitebloods that are not actively attacking the wallpaper will attack any entity or wanderer it comes across. To avoid being attacked by Whitebloods, wanderers must get close to the wall and stay perfectly still. If successful, the Whitebloods will move past harmlessly.

Going to where the blood flows through the air more quickly will lead to Area 3.

Area 3

Area 3 is where any resemblances to Level 0 disappear completely. The flesh has taken over completely and all that remains are tunnels that go on endlessly, colliding with other tunnels and sending blood careening down these tunnels. This area is almost devoid of light, with the only light coming from the flesh itself, which gives off a soft, red glow. Smilers and Dullers are the only two entities that do not occur in this area. It is vitally important to note that the moving flesh will prove an obstacle, as it will sometimes convulse intensely, making it so wanderers are thrown about in the fairly large tunnels.

There are two types of tunnels in this Area that wanderers may have to traverse, cold tunnels and hot tunnels:

Cold Tunnels

Cold tunnels are named as such because of how cold they feel. The bloodstream is slower within these tunnels, and movement from any living being is slowed significantly. However, even though it feels cold, it is actually very warm and humid within these tunnels, (reaching around 35° Celsius [95° Fahrenheit]) and can cause heatstroke and/or dehydration if wanderers aren't careful.

To tell if a connected tunnel is a cold tunnel, reach a hand into said tunnel to feel the temperature. If it is perceived as cold, it is a cold tunnel.

Hot Tunnels

Hot tunnels are named as such because of their intense heat. The bloodstream is very fast, sending blood down the tunnels so fast that it pelts wanderers, causing physical pain. Temperatures reach around 50° Celsius (122° Fahrenheit), creating a very dangerous environment. However, movement speed within these tunnels is increased significantly, making it so wanderers can move quickly through these tunnels. This also applies to entities, though, so wanderers must not become oblivious to danger in this enhanced state.

If the wanderer puts their hand into a tunnel and perceives it as hot, it is a hot tunnel.

If a tunnel feels like it's getting lukewarm, the wanderer is getting close to Area 4.

Area 4

Area 4 is the most dangerous Area in the level, as all entity-types present from other Areas are present in this one, and traversing this part of the level is perilous.

Tunnels in Area 4 have a lukewarm feel to them, though, in actuality, they can get perilously hot. The highest logged temperature in Area 4 is a treacherous 64° Celsius (147° Fahrenheit), with the lowest being 36° Celsius (90° Fahrenheit). Make sure to move through the tunnels as quickly as possible and check for any symptoms in the body that could entail dehydration and/or heatstroke (Such as heavy sweating, cold, clammy skin, stomach cramps, etc.).

It is important to note that temperatures rarely reach 64° Celsius in Area 4. A few signs to pick up on to see if it reaches such perilous temperatures are:

  • A deep, rolling roar that reverberates through the fleshy tunnels is heard.
  • The bloodstream speeds through the air at an intensity that is slightly worse than the Hot Tunnels from Area 3, making even simple movement in the tunnels of Area 4 awkward and dangerous due to the difficulty of navigating around the hard-hitting blood.
  • You or other wanderers are feeling an intense urge to simply give up and "accept your fate".
  • Symptoms for heatstroke and/or dehydration are present.
  • An intense sense of doom is felt.

Tunnels will rise and fall to extremely steep angles, making it so wanderers must pick their paths carefully. Trying to use a knife to slow your descent is difficult, as the flesh of the tunnels heal quickly and will push out the knife over time. Using two knives and stabbing into the flesh in quick succession on the descent may grant wanderers the ability to get to the bottom of a steep decline safely. This method is not as viable when going upward, though.

Some tunnels can also get to sizes barely large enough to fit a crawling wanderer inside. However, entities that are small enough to fit in the claustrophobic tunnels will crawl inside, and "air pockets" are formed from the lack of room for the air to move through. This creates an extremely dangerous environment where the "air pockets" are stuck, moving only at slow speeds. These "air pockets" will cause extreme damage to wanderers' ears first, and then to the rest of the body. Breathing is extremely difficult, and simply moving around is painful. Entities are not effected by this, however, save for Facelings, who, strangely enough, undergo the same painful process that humans go through when going through the tight spaces. When these tunnels convulse, they send the "air pockets" in one way or the other, and squeeze wanderers painfully.

It is recommended that if you plan on going on the difficult trek to the Heart of the Bloodrooms, you need to try and avoid the claustrophobic tunnels, as they are extremely dangerous, and most wanderers who enter are not to be seen again. Larger tunnels are recommended for this reason.

All of the tunnels, however, are finite, as they will reach a set of fleshy "rooms" where small pools of blood, hydrochloric acid, and Cashew Water litter the floor, and entity presence is at its highest. These "rooms" can range in size, and no two "rooms" are the same. This is where the temperature is consistently at a hot, humid 38° Celsius (100° Fahrenheit).

Wanderers can also find a large, fleshy "room" that is filled to the brim with blood. It is heavily advised not to enter it, as even simply entering it will infect the wanderer with a nasty case of The Disease. The only way to survive is to immediately drink Almond Water and rest, though this is difficult due to the dangerous nature of Level 267.

Anomalous Properties

The Flesh of Level 267

When a wanderer rips wallpaper from the wall in Area 0 and Area 1, it reveals a flesh-like substance acting as the wall. When any amount is cut out, it disintegrates in the wanderer's hands and falls to the floor. It is advised not to touch it when it's left a wanderer's grasp, as it will cause strong hallucinatory effects on any wanderer who touches it in this state. These effects often show gruesome scenes, both derived from real experiences and false. One common sight is seeing loved ones in life-or-death situations within Level 267.

One M.E.G. member recalls reliving the event where their fellow operative was mauled to death by Hounds on Level 9, though shown in the setting of Level 267's Area 1 instead, due to the properties of this level.

The matter is not considered an entity in of itself, despite being made of flesh-like substance. However, it is wise to not cut it out of the wall due to its inability to disappear. This will only make it harder for other wanderers to traverse the level.

This anomalous property is unique to Area 0, Area 1, and Area 2. Area 2's effect is not always as consistent as the effect in Area 0 and Area 1. Cutting flesh out of the wall in any other Area does not have the same effect, though the flesh will grow back quickly.

Voices of the Maw

On occasion, wanderers can hear voices beckoning to entrances to Level 267.1, which is a highly dangerous sublevel, with only one way of escape.

The voices reveal the truth try to put false memories of notable human settlements from Level 1 in the setting of Level 0.

Some wanderers have reported seeing copies of said settlements that had notable differences, such as dilapidation and subtle changes to design. They are the truth entrances to Level 267.1, and are not to be trusted.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G. Outpost "Vessel"

Despite the very real dangers of the "Dread Crescendo" effect in The Heart of the Bloodrooms, the M.E.G. has set up an outpost there.

  • Kind and hospitable unless a wanderer is reaching the "Dread Crescendo".
  • Has six volunteers, with three volunteers being in the outpost at a time due to the dread effects in The Heart.
  • A two-way entrance to Level 1 that is guarded by one volunteer at a time is located here. If you ask for entrance to Level 1, they will allow you to do as such.
  • Has supplies of Almond Water and food items provided by the B.N.T.G. from Level 379.

Entrances And Exits


On Level 88, there's an extremely rare chance that above an exit door, the EXIT sign will display soft purplish-blue lettering instead of bright neon red or neon green. Going through this door leads to Level 267.

Eating anything that has a wanderer's own blood on it will guarantee entrance to Level 267.

Remembering the previous form of Level 0 something that doesn't exist has a chance of sending believers of the truth wanderers into Level 267.

Cutting yourself and making a trail of blood along an indoor location anywhere within the Backrooms will force you to noclip into Level 267. This is an extremely risky way to enter the level, however, as the cut may touch the floor and risk swift exposure to The Disease.

There is an entrance to Level 267 in Level 1, though it is guarded by the B.N.T.G. despite said entrance being connected to the entity-devoid Heart of the Bloodrooms. Wanderers will be declined entry unless they offer to take in Almond Water and food to M.E.G. Outpost Vessel, to which B.N.T.G. members will let you through with said supplies.


As mentioned in the section on Outpost Vessel, there is a two-way exit to Level 1 within the Heart of the Bloodrooms. Wanderers are permitted entrance to Level 1 on the condition that they will not "cause trouble". This is the safest exit from the level.

Trying to noclip out of the level in any Area other than Area 0 will send wanderers to a random negative level. A few wanderers claim to have been sent to TH3 SH4DY GR3Y, but this is unproven, and highly doubtful, seeing how entrance to the enigmatic level is extremely rare and difficult.

Following the Voices of the Maw is extremely dangerous and will more often than not send wanderers to Level 267.1, which is an enlightening experience a highly dangerous sublevel.

Noclipping into the carpet in Area 0 will send wanderers to Level 0.

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