Middle rooms


Class Unknown

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The middle rooms is the plane between reality and liminality. A place where where it’s better than any heaven you can think of. The level has been nearly explored as no one knows what happened to the people who have entered it. I don’t know where i am but it’s pleasant.

The middle rooms are similar in shape to level 0. The levels layout is similar to the layout on level 0 and has the walls and the floors are made of pure concrete. it’s not that bad being here you can see everything here the coasters on level 32, the temples of level 37, the light house of level 95, oh and my favorite the crushing waves of level 100. It seems the level is unstable because other levels between level -999 - level 999 seep into the broken level. The level is unsafe for this reason. The level has constant breaking terrain. Despite the other level pouring into this one, not one entity has ever been found. do I count as an entity? The level has 9 floors each with varying levels of unstably. Floor 1 is the most spacious floor at of all the 9. The floor contains little fractures to other levels. Floor 2 are an endless maze of claustrophobic tunnels containing more fractures than the last floor. Floor 3 is similar to floor 2 although it’s less claustrophobic and has lots of machines. Fractures are still rare. Floor 4 is a more stable floor than floor 3. The floor has lots of regular water. Floor 5 had lots of old furniture with most of it being torn fractures are uncommon. Floor 6 is pitch black floor. The floor has an uncommon amount of rifts. Floor 7 is a flooded floor. The floor contains a common amount of rifts. Floor 8 is a mineshaft. Rifts are common. Floor X is my home. Please don’t leave me alone you will like it here. It’s not great being in isolation all the time.

Bases, out post and communities
There are no bases outposts or communities on this level. Its so lonely here. Please visit

Entrances and Exits
•To enter confess all your sins on level 999, then by using your full willpower and don’t faint to enter level 1000 you’ll wake up here.
•There are no exits on this level. I know that might sound bad but just trust me you will have a good life here we can be friends. Please it’s so lonely here

Log-1 code name “dampcarpet”

Meg-base. Hello have you made it to level 1000?

Explorer. No I don’t know where I am. This isn’t it

Meg-base. Oh well can you describe your surroundings?

Explorer. Concrete a lot of concrete. Wait what’s that?

Meg-base. What’s what.

Explorer. Oh my it’s like I can see every level here I see level 999 but no level 1000.

Meg-base. So you can see every level below level 1000?

Explorer. Close I see level -999 through level -0. It seems like I can see negative levels to!

Meg-base. That’s great. Can you see any entity’s?

Explorer. No it’s just me.

Meg-base. Wait I need to write this.

Explorer. I see I bright white light in the distance I’m going to jump on it.

Meg-base. Wait are you sure that’s safe!?

Explorer. I’m going to do it!

Meg-base. Wait stop!

End Of Log


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