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The only known picture of Level 328.

Level 328 is the 329'th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 328 of the Backrooms looks visually like a normal Hotel with white and yellow walls and blue carpet. It has a complicated non-linear layout which can be confusing. Some of the halls lead into each other and dead ends are quite common.
Most doors lead to small apartment rooms with Puppets acting like hotel guests in them. If knocked on, the doors of the hotel rooms are able to be entered.
There are paintings in this level that resemble the room the person observing the painting is present in. However, it is heavily advised to not interact with the paintings in any way, as they can kill you. No other information is known about these paintings.
Small restaurants can also be found quite commonly, consisting of a hall with tables and chairs and a bar, though almond water is the only thing on the bar shelves. Behind every Bar counter is a Puppet present, serving food and almond water.
Long hallways can also be found quite often, with a window at the end of it. However do not approach these windows as it could be a Window entity.

No language is allowed to be spoken in the level. Neither can it be written down. Everything that is written down will fade away slowly. Text on any items, clothes, etc. taken to the Level will also disappear.
If you notice that you can't remember some words, leave the level as soon as possible. If present in the level for too long the victim will slowly forget how to communicate.
Hounds are present in this level, but are really rare due to the fact that the Puppets hunt them. There is no known reason why Hounds are hunted by them.
No electronic device works on this level.



Puppets are the main entity found in Level 328. Puppets look like white-yellow crash test dummies without facial features. Do not try to communicate with them, as they turn aggressive if communicated with. Puppets act like guests in the smaller commonly found apartment rooms and are neutral if knocked on the door, before entering the room.
At least one puppet will always be in a restaurant room and act like a waiter in it. It will always serve one bottle of almond water and one loaf of bread if sat down on one of the tables in the restaurant. This can be repeated indefinitely.

If attacked by a Puppet, try to use a melee weapon to cut its head off as fast as possible. Sharp melee weapons are advised, as cutting Puppets is the most effective method to kill them. Puppets are hollow inside and will still be able to attack if shot or if a body part is missing, excluding the head. Puppets are not that big of a threat if alone, but refrain from making them aggressive in places where more than 5 are present, as they will attack in groups.

Other Entities present on this level: Hounds, Windows

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known Bases, Outposts or Communities in this Level.

Entrances And Exits


Level 328 can be entered by going through a blue door in Level 837.


Level 328 can be exited rarely by taking a painting off a wall. This will take you to Level 329 or rarely to Level 4.

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