Mergani 173
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Class 2

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Photo of the level taken by an unknown Wanderer

Level 288 is the 289 Level of the Backrooms.


The level 288 is made up of concrete walls, a wooden floor and occasional windows that are blacked out and there is currently no way to see through them.

On the level are the bathrooms which are built with white tiles and a white concrete floor, the bathrooms seem to be self-cleaning which makes them very sterile and safe.
Occasionally there are vending machines on the level that contain Almond Water which is safe to consume.

Level 288 has many wooden doors that are locked, but eyewitnesses noted that one door was open and led to a computer server room with about 25 working computers that have a strong connection to Wi-Fi.
On computer desktops, for unknown reasons, there are pictures of some levels such as: 0,1,3,5,8 and levels that have not been discovered and the place where the photos were taken is unknown

The level has several staircases that probably lead to other levels. Finding the staircase is easy because you just need to explore the corridors until you find a glass door behind which there are stairs and the aforementioned staircase.
. Level entities are found in deeper explorations, the most common being: Smilers, Hounds, Facelings and in extreme cases Death Rats.

In the level, from time to time, music is played from the speakers that cause a decrease in mental health, and the only option to avoid this is to find a server room with headphones after which the music stops affecting the wanderer. The second way is drinking Almond Water, which also causes the disappearance of the influence of music on the wanderer.

The level has no light source other than green smoke detector lights and some windows that give off a glow that causes the wanderer's eyes to see what is in front of them. The light switches that are on the level do not work except those that are in the bathrooms and work properly, which causes the bathrooms to have light.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no bases or communities on the level

Entrances And Exits


Entering the school building on level 11 will take you to level 288


The exit is possible by going up the stairs which takes you to level 20

Going down the staircase leads to level 3

Running through a pool of blood takes you to level 4.4

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