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Level 217 is the 218th Level of the Backrooms. Supposedly found by a wander on 7/26/2009, most have deemed that it is seemingly created out of a desire for something and/or sudden paranoia.1


Level 217 appears as an infinite garden, with its flowers and plants being organized just by color. Sometimes, if one were to walk into the garden for around 1.8 miles (2.78 kms), the colors of the plants and flowers could be seen changing into a lighter tint or a darker shade.2 Research has proved that it varies from wanderer to wanderer.3 A white shed can also be found here, filled with resources and other undocumented things.

Despite not all colors being documented, they can be stated as so:

  • Red: Flowers and plants in this color normally have much more positive effects. Flowers like these can be worn in the hair or on the clothes, and when smelled, slightly reduces a wanderer's anxiety. Can also be crushed into a gel, and used like lotion. When applied to the skin, reduces the achiness in a wanderer's muscles.
  • Orange: Flowers and plants colored orange tend to make a wanderer more tired. It is not recommended to wear these flowers in the hair or on the clothes, as the thorns covering the stem are unnaturally sharp. When these floras are smelled, the wanderer will have an easier time sleeping next time they plan on doing so. Can not be crushed into a gel.
  • Yellow: This color only has flowers in its section. These flowers, however, are great ways to battle hunger. About 7 of one of these flowers' petals are enough to fill up a wanderer as if they ate a full meal. When these flowers are smelled, they tend to smell like lemons and leave a lemony aftertaste in one's mouth for around 15 minutes after smelling. Can not be crushed into a gel.
  • Green: No recorded data.
  • Blue: This section only has flowers in it. Normally has negative effects, such as clumsiness, forgetfulness, and major mood swings when smelled. However, when crushed into a gel and applied to the skin, makes them think faster and have better luck. However, the effects seem to last only around 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Purple: No recorded data.

The Shed

Found around 3 kilometers to the south, sits what most have deemed The Shed. It is a gardening shed painted white on the outside, with vines painted up to the pastel green roof. Inside, resources can be found, usually things like Almond Water and Squirt Guns, yet sometimes things like Level Keys or Firesalt can appear on rare occasions.4 As well as resources, random things can spawn inside The Shed, such as books with paint all over them, almost finished or finished paintings,5 and other things. The Shed also restocks when left with the door closed, so it could be used as an infinite source.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this level, but, due to its nature, a safe outpost could be constructed.

Recovered Log #4298

Date: 07/30/2009
Interviewer: Paiostar Draven
Interviewee: Moss Aspen
Start Time: 15:37

<Begin Interview>

Draven: So, Mr. Aspen, we heard about your discovery of what we're calling Level 217 at the moment?

Aspen: Yes, I was working in my garden in Level 11, and then there was a puddle! So then I stepped into the puddle accidentally, and ended up there!

Draven: …Oooookaayy..?

Aspen: I got there and was like: "Woah! These are some nice flowers!" And then I just sat there, and I got bored.

Draven: Is… Is this really important?

Aspen: Uh, I guess not.

Draven: No worries, sir. Can you describe to me what's inside the level?

Aspen: Oh yeah, those flowers I mentioned! So, when I got bored, I decided to crush up those flowers into tea, because I was probably gonna stay there a while.

Aspen: As soon as I crushed up and smelt the red flowers, I felt amazing! As if I was someone powerful! Maybe I was, at that moment!

Draven: So you would say the effects are positive?

Aspen: Yep!

Draven: Huh… Continue.

Aspen: After those were the orange flowers! And, let me tell you, all the excitement from the red flowers?

Draven: Mhm?

Aspen: It was gone! I was tired as soon as I smelt those things! I also felt extremely calm!

Draven: Interesting… Interesting indeed…

Aspen: The yellow flowers aren't that bad!

Draven: Sir, none of the stuff you've told us about so far isn't "that bad".

Aspen: Indeed, that is true…

Draven: However, you may continue.

Aspen: Ah, so the yellow patch only has flowers there! The other two were mixes of flowers and plants!

Draven: Noted.

Aspen: I turned them to tea and was stuffed! Right then and there!

Draven: …These flowers are fantastic, from how you're wording them.

Aspen: I'm surprised no one's been there!

Draven: You never know.

Aspen: Oh, and I should mention that… I did not go near the green or purple flowers, they did not give off good vibes.

Draven: Understandable. What about the blue flowers?

Aspen: Ah, those ones didn't smell too great. When I went to crush them up and junk, they kept on slipping around, or I hurt myself somehow. I… Also forgot where I put a lot of my stuff until I realized it was behind me.

Aspen: But when I drank the tea, finally, I felt luckier than a four-leafed clover! It was amazing!

Draven: Hm… Is that all?

Aspen: From what I remember, yeah!

Draven: May I ask one more question before you depart?

Aspen: All you!

Draven: Had it seemed like anyone else had been there? I'm curious more for the fact that these flowers don't need anyone taking care of them.

Aspen: Well besides a few footsteps on the trail and leftover watering cans, that place came off as barren as a desert!

Draven: Good to know… Well, thank you for your time, Mr. Aspen.

Aspen: Of course. Have a good rest of your day!

Draven: Same to you.

<End Interview>

End Time: 15:58

Entrances And Exits


Sometimes, on Level 1, a white door could appear. When said door is opened, a slight breeze comes, along with the smell of roses. There also may be random puddles close to wanderers, typically on heavily populated levels, such as Level 11. Stepping into these puddles brings you here.


The only documented exit is by shouting out the name of the level you want to go to, and then performing a no-clip. This action, however, specifically only works on the trail part of the garden.

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