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Welcome, wanderer. Looking for specific information on The Archives?
You will find everything you need here, provided you have the required clearance level

- A message carved into a wall in the searchrooms


The dark hallways of The Archives.

Level 210 is the 211th level of the Backrooms. This level consists of hallways and searchrooms containing various documents about other Backrooms levels.


Level 210 is a seemingly neverending series hallways and rooms. The Archives are divided into common hallways, dark hallways (referred to as “The Dark“), and searchrooms. Upon entry, many wanderers claim feel to uneasy as if someone is watching them constantly.

A notable feature about Level 210 is that a detailed description of many Backrooms levels can be found in the folders on the shelves inside the level. While most of these folders contain blank pages, some others provide the a summary of various Backrooms levels in English; furthermore, these documents contain additional information about entry and exit methods as well as resident entities, although details about the entities themselves are not described. It is to be noted that this information cannot be accessed freely but only through meeting certain requirements, referred to as clearance levels by a message that has been found on this level.


The hallways are the most common part of Level 210 and consist of a series of hallways containing rows of shelves which most commonly contain blank folders or rarely files containing information about the Backrooms.

Folders can be identified by a character on its cover, that ranges from 1 to Ω (Omega). 1 is the lowest clearance level, followed by two and three, while Ω is the highest one. Some hallways on Level 210 contain no files and are devoid of entities. It is not possible to access a Backrooms file that is above the wanderer's clearance level. Upon being opened, the folder will show blank pages instead of the supposed content.

The Dark

The Dark is the most dangerous part of Level 210, containing many hostile entities. Though it is dangerous, The Dark holds most of the files on the level.

The Dark can be accessed by going through a narrow hallway that can be found between the shelves on this level.

The entities that have been sighted in this area include Smilers, Wretches and Clumps.



Image of the searchrooms.

The searchrooms are rarely encountered rooms, accessible only through steel doors found in the empty hallways. This is the only way to access the searchrooms.

They are 30 ft2 large rooms with shelves, tables, chairs and a laptop that cannot be turned on. The shelves contain nothing noteworthy except for a few scribbles from previous wanderers. Since this part is devoid of entities the searchrooms are categorized as safe.

Clearance levels and information access

According to the message that has been carved into a wall in the searchrooms, this level divides wanderers into 4 different categories which grant them the rights to access certain Backrooms files. The character on a folder's cover indicates its clearance level- those range from 1 through 3, followed by Ω.

Clearance level 1

  • This is the lowest clearance level that be obtained by having successfully no-clipped into at least 10 different levels. It grants wanderers the access to articles with survival difficulty class 0-2.

Clearance level 2

  • This is the second clearance level that can be acquired by having visited at least 30 different backrooms levels. It gives wanderers access to research material about levels with the survival difficulties 3 and 4.

Clearance level 3

  • This is the 3rd possible clearance level. Five M.E.G. researchers on this level have reached it successfully. It can be unlocked by no-clipping into at least 60 different levels and allows wanderers to read about levels with the survival difficulties 5, unknown, habitable and pending.

Clearance level Ω

  • This is the last clearance level has been reached by only one wanderer named Alex so far. It can be obtained by successfully no-clipping into 100 different levels and allows wanderers to research every piece of research material including enigmatic levels.

M.E.G.'s research results:

According to thorough research, the number of discovered Backrooms levels is displayed as black numerals on the back of the individual's hand. These numerals are only visible on this level, and can be acquired by entering the searchrooms for the first time. If a clearance level 1 wanderer attempts to look at a folder that clearance level 2 neighbor is looking at, the first will only see empty pages. The files cannot be taken out of the level. Attempting to no-clip out of Level 210 while in possession of a file will cause the file to become blank upon exiting. Attempting to copy a folders content by writing it down and showing it to a wanderer whose clearance level is below the original file will result in the latter seeing empty pages. Attempting to tell a low clearance level wanderer about high clearance level content will result in the other party hearing nothing of the files' content. It is possible to write down the contents of a high clearance level folder and show them to low clearance level wanderers while both parties are present on other levels. This effect of not being able to pass on level-restricted information seems to only apply to this level and will be referred to as the Level 210 effect.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G. archives outpost

  • Consists of 75 M.E.G. researchers.
  • Mainly focuses on obtaining Backrooms level information.
  • Highest clearance level reached by a team-member is Level 3.
  • Highest number of levels a member has no-clipped into is 86.
  • 10 members were assigned to work on reaching the final clearance level by no-clipping into as many levels as possible but only have returned successfully.

Notable individual(s) on this level:

  • Wanderer Alex who possesses the highest clearance level and has significantly contributed to M.E.G.'s research via their memos.

Entrances And Exits


  • No-clip through a sofa on Level 5.
  • Can be entered in very rare instances by no-clipping through a wall inside of the Pharmacy on Level 109.
  • Pressing the “channel search“ button on the VHS player on Level 410.


  • By going through a door that is supposed to lead to the searchrooms, there is a small chance of getting transported to Level 176.
  • No-clipping into a shelf in The Dark“ can lead to Level 13.
  • Taking out a folder labeled "photos" will teleport wanderers to Level 57.

Miscellaneous data

The original folder is labelled with the clearance level 2. In order to bypass the Level 210 effect, this document has been created and placed on Level 1.
The following is an exact replica of the folders contents

Clearance 02: Level 13

Style: Apartment

Rooms: Hallways, Lobby and Apartmentrooms

Lifeforms: Facelings, Clumps, Windows, Elevators, Smilers, Deathmoths, Wanderers

Entrance: Entering an apartment building on Level 11, no-clipping through the wall on Level 12, and no-clipping into a yellow wall on Level -2

Exits: No-clipping through a red wall leads to Level -1,
no-clipping through the floor will lead to Level 14 via falling,
touching a rusty pipe leads to Level 3, and exiting through the lobby front door will lead into Level -5

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