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A picture of Łódź, with the caption „Moje miasto, Łódź” meaning "My city, Lodz"

Łódź is a Level in the Backrooms. It appears exactly like the Frontooms city, Lodz, and shows both inanimate and animate objects and humans that are there in the current time.

Anomalous Effects

When inside this level, any Wanderer will be forced to speak, think, and write in Polish. There is also a possibility that one could go insane inside the level because of being surrounded by people who can't and won't respond to you. It can also be referred to only as Łódź, with the accents, so to avoid further confusion the Frontooms city will be mentioned without the accents.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

A group called "The Pretenders" is the sole outpost on this level.


A picture of the EC2 complex

The Pretenders

  • They prefer to be called "The Unobserved", but since no one knows them by that name they will be referred to from now on as "The Pretenders" or "they".
  • They base themselves in the EC2 facility complex, so as to not be "observed" by the others.
  • This group of 20 believes that once they are observed by a citizen in Łódź, that citizen becomes insane or "unobservant" as they are called, which is why they prefer to be "unobserved" by the residents of Łódź.


Some unknown entites inhabit this level. The main description of them is that they are the same in appearance to others living in Lodz and Łódź, but always wear red in some capacity i.e socks, raincoats, etc. They are known to be aggressive only when looked at directly, and as soon as someone looks away, the entity will rebuke all aggression.

Entrances And Exits


This level can be entered from Level 12 by no-clipping while holding a medium sized, green and blue crate.


There is currently no way to leave. Any attempts have failed.

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