Liminal Archives - The Military Hospital
difficulty 3/5 Unsafe
entity count 1/5 not a lot
Chaos Gradient 5/5 Very easy to get lost
Basset-Frazier Index 4.500 not that hard to get


Class 3

  • Unsafe
  • Unstable
  • Moderate Entity Count

Level 14 is an old abandoned military hospital dating back to the 1800s that is currently in a deteriorated state as a result of aging. Contaminated water containing bodily fluids leaks from the pipes and pools on the floor. The ceiling has degraded, and the walls can no longer support it. Chunks of rotten wood fall from the ceiling, scattered throughout the hospital halls. Be cautious when navigating, as a chunk from the halls can collapse and crush wanderers in debris. Most walls appear broken or vandalized with indecipherable graffiti. Walls with holes can effectively function as a small crawling space if necessary. Windows in this level will almost always show a foggy void, and may rarely show the real world from a random window of a random abandoned hospital there. They may also show other levels of the Backrooms and even weird landscapes. One Wanderer reported seeing Level 44 from one of the windows. It is recommended to avoid the windows at all costs due to them being Entity 2. Bones and decomposed human organs are frequently seen on the floor, but researchers cannot determine who they belonged to .

Ghosts resembling doctors, patients, and nurses appear frequently in this level, but they will pay no attention to wanderers. The transparency of their bodies makes them extremely difficult to see and gives them the ability to phase through wanderers. Doctors and nurses act like their Frontrooms counterparts; however, they do not appear to be excellent at their jobs, utilizing outdated 1800s technology and medicine to help patients. Be aware of the fact that despite being apparitions, they can operate tangible objects which can collide with wanderers, injuring them. Consider staying away if you see objects moving by themselves, as there are likely ghosts nearby.

This level has too many ghosts and you can fly here.

The ghosts' ability to effectively operate in this hospital means that they may randomly switch on or off lights, trigger fire alarms, and speak in old English — if you hear voices, they are more likely to be from a ghost and not a fellow wanderer.

Dr. Pollack
Unlike the other doctors, Dr. Pollack does not appear to be a ghost, but rather a deformed grey humanoid. He wears proper doctor attire and a stethoscope, with a name tag labelling him as Dr. Pollack. However, his right hand is replaced with a massive syringe filled with tranquilizer fluid while his left hand resembles a scalpel. This means that he is able to pose an actual threat to wanderers — upon seeing someone who doesn't look like a doctor, he will start giving chase, ordering the trespasser to stop disrupting the operation of this hospital. If he catches up to you, he will inject the tranquilizer into you, making you unconscious; and subsequently drag your body to the operating table, where he will harvest your organs for purposes still not known.

Colonies and Outposts
The Hospital Society
12 doctors trapped in the Backrooms from 1940 to 2006, guiding wanderers to the exits
They will give out free lab coats to wanderers who encounter them to avoid suspicion by Dr. Pollack
They always have a first-aid kit on hand in case someone is harmed
Entrances and Exits
It can be accessed from Level -2 through a staircase.
No-clipping through the windows on the walls of Level 39's superstructure will lead one to Level 14.
No-clipping through a hospital bed in Level 442 will lead here.
Sitting on a wheelchair in level 331 will lead here.
Knock down a section of rotting drywall in Level 0.2
Opening a document titled "Mike Hotel" in Level 847 will transport you here.
Playing the elevator game in an abandoned hospital in The Frontrooms leads you here.
To leave Level 14, you must follow some arrows on the floor pointing to the main hospital exit. Exiting this way leads you back to level -2.
Traveling too far into the hospital will lead you to Level 16.
No-clipping into a door marked "Ward 409" will take you to Level 409.
No-clipping into rotten wood before it falls on you will take you to level 359.
If you find the employees' rooms and enter the door by the number 312, you will get to level 312.

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