Level Theta
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Level θ or Theta is a secret level known as the "The Unpredictable Store" And its connected to the Frontrooms And Level 11


This level Is an infinite space and has a day and night cycle and the lights go on when it's day and off when it's night. You can tell whether it's day or night by telling the lights brightness. The items spawn randomly far from the center At day it is safe to explore the level and music can be heard from this level and also gather items like; Almond Water and Neon Water But you can't tell where is the items due to non-euclidean space.

When it's night or lights go out; The store is still safe but the store will fill with water until it reaches about half of the shelfs The other store items that remain dry are considered real-life items that are safe to touch and some of them are expired and some not. Staying at this level is safe. There are also rooms in the level that are euclidean and these rooms are very rare and not safe because the ground has cracks. There is water in this level at some cases and are safe to drink since this level is Similar to the Frontrooms

When your far from the center you might notice there is a black door instead of being transported into another level, it has a computer with a "∆,∂,ß,√,µ,∑,ƒ and Ω signs on the computer. These signs are random each 0.1 second.
This computer can open the door to the "Outside". There is are x and y keys on the computer and you need to press it whenever a sign "∑" pops up after that the doors are unlocked. If you press the wrong one nothing happens but instead one of your items will disappear.

Pigeons can be commonly found in this level and it is unknown why.

The outside is a parking lot with no entities and with lights but they don't obey physics and gravity and its has euclidean space also it has very new cars and old cars in the parking lot but when you enter the cars nothing happens, The lights are very dim and bright randomly. When you touch the lights it leads to a random level

Bases, Outposts, etc

  • No Bases due to only 1 person can enter this level
  • If more than one person enters the level the other person is sent to a random level

Entrances And Exits


There are only 2 known entrances in this level.
Entering a plane in Level ∞ will lead to this level.
Going to The End And Going to the Computer File and run Θ.exe can lead to this level.


There is only 4 known exits in this level.

Going outside and no-clipping into any city image will lead to Level 11
No-clipping in the edge of a random wall "1% chance" will lead to The End
Finding an Earth Image Outside Will lead to the Frontrooms
Going to the rooms and fall into the cracks lead to Level 9223372036854775807

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