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One of level +1 effects

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Level 1000000000000000000000 is what the world should've been theorized to be the first Positive level of the Backrooms. We have been given a gift. The layout of the level appears to have been copied by Level 0, although with distinct visual revelations. These prophetic visuals can range from vibrant pink and black checkerboard planes to areas of complete visual noise.

LEVEL +1 is a some sort of garage, being separated into infinite floors. Wanderers will almost always enter on the lower floor. Anyone unfortunate enough to enter on the upper floor must find a staircase leading down as soon as possible.level +1 can be described as a "Rest Level", functioning as a safe, habitable level where one can stock up on food or Water. Dangers and extra supplies may be found on the upper floor, but at the expense of the safety of the lower floor.

Throughout the infinite floors, water fountains may be found, which dispense fresh water. These fountains are completely safe to drink from, though it is possible that they may dispense Carpet Fluid, or other anomalous substances. It is advised to test the fountains before drinking or collecting. Both floors of level +1 are dotted with security cameras. These cameras are on, indicated by a dim red light, and are never seen moving. It is unknown where and how these cameras are accessed. its from level 11 camera sistem

Level +1 as a whole functions off of an internal day/night cycle. During the day, food is endlessly stocked within the cafeteria twice a day. During the night, all lights will shut off, leaving the building in pitch black darkness, only being illuminated by the dim red glow of the security cameras, other emergency lights, or any personal light sources brought from other levels. The day/night cycle matches that of baseline reality, each phase lasting 12 hours. One full day in The School lasts 24 hours.

The lower floor is a finite space, containing office rooms, a small cafeteria, an auditorium and various miscellaneous rooms. These include: janitor closets, meeting rooms and testing rooms. Wanderers will typically end up on this floor when entering the level, specifically next to a stationed security desk. Four distinct fire exit doors can be found near the corners of the building, though they are anomalously sealed shut, and impossible to open or destroy. The floor is tiled with speckled white tiles, and the walls are usually a pale beige color, occasionally being decorated with black and red wallpaper.

The lower floor is primarily comprised of four hallways, connecting to make a rectangular area. Inside the rectangular area is the cafeteria and the auditorium. The cafeteria contains a few rows of benches to sit on with accompanying tables. The food here is anomalously restocked twice a day. The food itself is quite sub-par, being what you'd typically find in a resturant and public school. It is known where the food comes from its from the lunch lady, as the kitchen does not actually produce any food itself, but the appliances are a reliable source of warmth. The auditorium contains a large stage and a few hundred seats, ascending in height as you get farther from the stage. For the most part, the auditorium is barren and empty.

On opposite sides of the floor are the office and the lounge. The office contains several office rooms and some tech in them. Though, majority of the tech found in these rooms are nonfunctional, especially the computers. The lounge contains sofas, various board games, and weight training machines.

The upper floor can be accessed by going up one of the four stairwells found on the lower floor. The upper floor is an infinite labyrinth of hallways and classrooms, styled similarly to the lower floor, with speckled white tiles and pale beige walls occasionally decorated by red and black wallpaper. These hallways are sometimes non-linear, and can take up the same space without intersecting, or loop into entirely new areas. It may also be possible that backtracking will lead to a new layout, though this is not likely. The upper floor's classrooms contain several supplies. The classrooms themselves contain what you'd normally expect: rows of desks, a board, shelves or cabinets, etc. Staircases can be found roughly every 300 meters that all lead back down to the lower floor. Inside some halls and classrooms, windows can be found. These windows are blinding, and showcase nothing of the outside, only a white blinding light. During the night, the windows are a pitch black, showing nothing but a black empty void.

The upper floor contains two major threats. The former and more drastic is the floor's metacognitive effects on a person's mind. Being on the upper floor for extended periods of time will cause mental deterioration, similar to those experienced on The Halls, but can sometimes be more severe. Most common effects include: extreme emotions, thoughts of violence or suicide, functional and cognitive decline, and effects to your vision and hearing. You cannot directly die from these effects, but they may impede your ability to stay agile or alert while on this floor. Mental deterioration has been observed to accelerate considerably during the night. The other threat on this floor are the entities. Frowners have been sighted on this floor, however only during the night, and have been found mainly near or inside deviate rooms, such as rooms missing ceiling tiles, or rooms with destroyed or damaged doors. A native entity called "Students" can be found roaming the halls during the day.

in level +0 noclip

to go to level +2 find a exit door

Alternatively, you may rarely phase through the windows found on the upper floor. Using this method during the day will take you to Boundless Retail. During the night, you will be taken to The Darkness instead.

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