Level omega


Class omega

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level omega is the highest level in the backrooms it’s a small linear claustrophobic tunnel system seeming similar to level 2. The tunnel is only about 3 miles long. When a wanderer spawns on the level they will be at start of the tunnel system, as the wanderer goes deeper onto the level the Hallways becomes more claustrophobic. Once the wanderer has reached the end of the tunnel they will see a square regular sized room with three chairs, two tables and one laptop.
The laptop has been given an object number of 0. When the wanderer starts the laptop they will be greeted by a message saying “Hello **[REDACTED], then the wanderer is shown three applications to run and use. only one application can be used named “BACKROOMS.EXE”. Attempts to use the other apps will cause the computer to crash reset and shut down. BACKROOMS.EXE, is special because it can control everything in the backrooms. When the app is opened it will show a game. When brought to the “credits” tab it shows 12 people with scientist uniforms. When brought to the “special thanks” tab it shows every person that has fallen into the backrooms. When brought to the “play tab” it shows three save files, only one is seems to be played, the playtime on the files says 100 thousand years. Attempts to create or delete a save file will crash the game. Selecting the save file will bring you to a game that mirrors the backrooms for an odd reason the player character is yourself. Beating every level of cluster I will give you a physical platinum medal. Attempts of playing level 1000 and onward crash the game. Going into the data of the game shows fragments data. Going into the data shows folders for every level, entity and object. The wanderer can edit create and delete these folders but it is recommended not to do so as it might send any humans into the the void. The level has a similar properties to level 0 as it makes contact with animated life impossible.

There are no entities on this level accept for the backrooms it’s self

Basses and Exits
Because of the levels nature it is impossible to make an outpost

Entrances and Exits
•you can no clip on a laptop on level X
•you can open a navy blue door in level 0-8 “note these doors won’t appear unless you’ve exited the backrooms before”
•escape level -9223372036854775807
•find a door that seems to lead to nowhere in area 2 of level 9007199254740992
•finding a rift in level infinity
•finding an elevator on level [REDACTED]
•to exit you can go to any level between level -999 - level 999 by using the laptop
•you can no clip into level 9223372036854775807
•entering a door labeled levels 0-8 will lead to their respective levels
•finding a pit might lead to the void “note, now that the void has been replaced with the blue channel it will now send anyone there.”
•breaking the walls of the level will lead to the grey out
•finding a red door will lead to level !
•Reentering the elevator from level [RDACTED]

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