Level -9 toy land


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Level -9 is the 10th negative level of the backrooms

Level -9 takes the appearance of fantasy land seemingly in what child would call it. The level is divided into 5 main sections which are all safe.
Zone 1 “chess board”
Zone 1 is located in the wear most part of level -9. This area resembles an endless chess board with black and white tiles. Each tile is about 6 ft wide. Commonly chess and checker pieces can be found all around the board. The pieces seem to be sentient for the reason that there able to talk and move like how they would move in a regular chess match. Checker pieces seem to act like pets more than humans as they cant talk and are normally accompanied by a chess piece. Although rarely the color of the tiles can change for up to 10 minutes to 300 days although after enough time the color of the tiles change back to black and white. Supplies and this zone are very common, supplies can be found normally in one tile, supplies include almond water, food, level key, cashew water, memory jars and memory juice.
Zone 2 “black brick maze”
Zone 2 is located in the lower most part of the level. The zones is similar to a maze made of play brick or “Lego”. The walls of the zone are a mixture of colors while the floor of the zone is a gray. The more closer some one is the the center of the zone the walls seem to change in hue until all the walls are the same gray as the floors. At the center of the level there’s the brick town, a town filled with a kind of Lego mini figure entity. The entity is friendly. The entity's are also very durable and strong as there able to move the walls in this zone although the entity’s have been shown to be pyrophobic. Supplies on this zone are still common it’s not as common as in the first zone. Supplies can be found lying on the ground. Supplies include almond water, lucky o milk, liquid pain, cashew water, squirt guns, and royal rations
Zone 3 “clockwork tower”
Zone 3 is located in the east most part of level -9. Zone 4 is a wooden tower that seems to stretch out for miles. The zone has the sound of machine rumbling in the background. The zones main way of transport is through lifts bringing wanderers to other play forms. These lifts can take some one to a lower or higher part of the level. The tower has pipes going through the bottom to the top. The zone has entity’s resembling wood carved toys that traverse this zone. The entity’s are smart and are “built” in a way to traverse this part of the level. The zone has lots of supplies laying around. Supplies can be found almost anywhere in the zone. At the top of the tower it is reveled that it’s a huge clock. The time of the clock is always the same as the front rooms.
**Zone 4 “

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