Level Minus 3


Class 5

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Level -3 is apparently a recently discovered level within the backrooms. Barely anything is known about this level for now, as only three groups of wanderers have ever encountered this level. Due to this, this page on the level will be mainly from one of the groups of wanderers description. "Level -3 is apparently a random wall to walk across along a beach setting. Getting off the wall results in the nearby houses falling to pieces, revealing hounds, skin stealers and many other hostile entities. There is currently only 1 known exit and 2 known entrances to this level.


One of the two ways to enter this level is by noclipping through the hall of dull flames in level -2, and the other is by finding a cave opening in Level 8.
However, the only exit is perfect for people who are attempting to escape the backrooms, as after walking around 10 miles, a screen will pop up infront of you, with the numbers 0-9 displayed, aswell as a "send" button. Whatever number you type in, it apparently sends you to that level. This can be used for teleporting to levels such as 3999, which hold exits back to the frontrooms. This will be a great level if other easier entances are found, as it can be used for desperate wanderers who want to see their family again, and for M.E.G in order to explore unkown levels within the backrooms."
Everything else about this level, including other exits and entrances, are unkown and obsolete.
Do not attempt to find another entrance to this level, as M.E.G members are attempting to enter this level via different ways, and have went from level -1 to level 15 for now, and have still found no other entrances. As of now,Level -3 Is set to be attempted to be entered by M.E.G soon, and if the wanderers reports were correct, this page will notify you

Bases, Colonies and Outpost

Due to this level being newly discovered, no settlements have been made yet.


-Noclipping through the hall of dull flames in level -2 leads here.
-Find a cave opening in Level 8 to enter here.


-As before mentioned, After walking 10 miles a screen will pop up with every number 0-9, and after typing a certain number, you will be sent to that level.

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