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Level !, known as "Run For Your Life!" consists of a long hallway, approximately ten kilometers in length, with its structure resembling that of a hospital. The hallway has several doors, each one approximately three meters from each other. There are also bright, flickering exit signs for the entirety of the level, each one about ten meters from each other.

Upon entry, one will immediately notice a loud alarm sound with no apparent source. The alarm sound varies from person to person to become the most alerting one for whoever is inside the level in that moment.

A few seconds after entering the level, one will then notice a horde of entities (Hounds, Skin-Stealers, Facelings, etc.) heading directly for them. The apparent "objective" is to escape the level as fast as one possibly can before it's too late.

One must run non-stop, avoiding various obstacles along the hallway, such as hospital beds, chairs, and sometimes even entities like Clumps blocking the way. Along the hallway there may be various items to keep one running, such as energy bars and bottles of Almond Water, one may also occasionally find items helpful to slow down or temporarly block off the entities.

The entities will adapt to one's capacity of running, to a point of giving difficulty even to the ones experienced at running. The further one goes, the less the entities will become, however the only few ones left will be even more aggressive than before. It has been reported that different people can be in Level ! at the same time, however one will never meet another. It's presumed the level will create a copy for each person that is in, so there's no way to be with someone else inside the level.

Upon reaching the ten kilometer mark, one will come upon an exit door at the end of the hallway. Entering it will lead to a random level, with the Backrooms never sending them back here again. If the horde of entities catches them, however, the victim will be killed in a very painful and gruesome way. The hallway possesses turns, one each few kilometers, leading to a wanderer thinking they've reached the exit early. If you see the exit door, but notice a turn in the hallway, do not go into the door as it's a fake exit and it will lead you into an empty room, resulting in you being caught by the entities.

The only way to know which one is the real exit is by going further until there's no more turns; if one comes across a dead end with the exit door, then they've reached the real exit.

Events and Reports
Despite how simple Level ! works, there may rarely be events out of the ordinary.

Entities breaking out of the doors. — 861 Confirmed Reports —
Wanderers reporting this state that sometimes one may find weakened/rusted doors at the side, with noise coming from them. If the wanderer passes in front of the door, about no more than a second after; the door will break down and a random entity will come out of it

Note: Whatever entity comes out, it will still be the same entity as one of the entities that can be seen in the horde according to every report so far.

The "Level ! EX" Event — 8 Confirmed Reports —
Based off a story, turns out to be real. This is probably the rarest event that can happen in Level ! and also the most dangerous one.

The few wanderers that survived this event claim that the event begins upon reaching the exit door. When the wanderer goes through the door, the level will heavily distort and they can see the level re-materializing in front of their own eyes. The level will become heavily distorted and you'll be back at the start.

This time the alarm sound will be distorted aswell, changing pitch, reversing, and other similar effects. The entities will be replaced with one huge entity made out of an unknown black substance and can't be damaged for the time being. Note that the entity is so large will still fill the corridor despite being theorized to be only one.

Upon reaching the exit once again, the level will restart and the wanderer will have to run all the 10 kilometers once again. It is worth noting that every item consumed throughout the run will also be regenerated, so one can still keep running afterwards. So far only 8 reports have been confirmed due to the rarity of the event and the danger within it. Out of all the reports, none claimed that they escaped the level within the first door. Whether or not it's possible to exit within the first door is still undergoing research.

All other events cease while this one is active.

Archived Log: Discovery Of Level !
Operative Noah was in Level 2 on his way back to a colony called "The Survivors", trying to deliver valuable information about The Followers Of Jerry, when he anomalously appeared in Level !.
Noah: I did what you ordered. I've got everything about Jerry's followers, along with their secrets. I actually almost got caught when doing so.

Base: Alright, good work. Get back to base as fast as possible. Entities are quite common near Jerry's Room.

Noah: Yeah, I think I can make it in about 4 or 5 hours. Wait- that wall definitely was not there. It… seems as if I've reached a dead-end.

Base: Remain calm, there must be a way around it.

<The audio is paused for a moment>

Base: Hello? Do you copy? Where the hell are you?

Noah: It… appears that I've noclipped into another level. This is very different from the other levels that I know, though.

Base: Please describe what you see.

Noah: It's a hallway, but it's… strangely distorted. There are lights flashing bright red, and some alarm noise won't stop blaring! I just tried opening some doors in the hallway, but they all seem to be locked.

Base: Noted. Please proceed down the hallway until you find an exit.

Noah: Holy- I hear footsteps behind me; there must be hundreds of them.

Base: Remain calm. We are sending in some of our people to investigate this. They are on their way to your location through Level 2.

<Heavy breathing is audible>

Noah: I really need some help! There are hundreds of entities behind me! I- I'm running through the corridor, but I don't know how long this goes!

Noah: Hello? Base! Shit, I lost the signal; I'm on my own now… OH NO, THE ENTITIES ARE CATCHING UP!

<There is a pause in the audio for around 6-10 minutes, and nothing but heavy breathing and footsteps are audible>

Noah: Oh God, how long have I been running? The entities are getting closer! Oh! I- I think I see an exit!

<More hyperventilating is heard>

Noah: I'm there! I'm there!

<Incomprehensible sounds>

Noah: Empty room!

<A few seconds elapse>

<Several entity screeches can be heard for the remainder of the recording, before the microphone cuts off>


Noah was never seen again afterwards.
Colonies and Outposts
Due to the nature of Level !, creating a colony or outpost is unfeasible.

Entrances and Exits
As Level ! can be unpredictable, one may end up in here in completely random ways. Below are some of the confirmed methods of entering or exiting the level.

One can enter this level through Any Levels Of the backrooms when least expected.
One may enter this level by noclipping under a table in Level 1 (specifically in the 521-A section) that has "!" written on it.
Wandering in Level 1000 provides a guaranteed gateway into this level when a certain thought arises.
After passing 100 kilometers in Level !-!-!, attempting to kill yourself during the nighttime brings you here.
Noclipping through Level 667 will transport one to this level without supplies.
If randomly at any time without warning and without any reason, manually, accidentally or intentionally the fire alarms on Level 1000(v2)'s Floor 2 are triggered, the corridor will transform into this level, eventually ending up here.
Run 10 kilometers to the end of the level, where you will be transported to a random level or with a rare chance, Level 114 or back into Level i.
Rarely, one may find two open doors, one on each side of the hallway; entering any of the two doors will lead one to Level -11.
Instead, if there's only one unlocked door on the side instead of two, entering it will lead to SpooksTheMorpher2
Opening a fake exit has a rare chance of opening up to a carpenter's room. Entering it will lead you to Kitty Rika.

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