Level 997

Level n is the (n+1)'nd Level of the Backrooms.


It took place in Hong Kong. On the ferry, you can get some common items like Almond Water and Radio. This level is Infinitely long, and every 25 kilometers will have a harbor, exiting one will lead you to random levels in the Backrooms except Level ! Also, there will be buildings surrounding the sea. And there are friendly entities like passengers and the cruise captain. You’ll probably see the same buildings staying in this level for a year, but you most likely forgot those.

These entities are most likely friendly, or just not talkative. So treat them friendly. Also, they’re usually rather speaking Cantonese or Chinese. But the youngsters and some other people can speak English too.

They are very friendly and they will proactively talk with you and give you items.

+Cruise Captain
He is friendly like the passengers do, but won’t give you items. He will also tell dad jokes! Remember, Don’t talk to him while it is 100 meters away from the harbor, or else, the whole cruise will sink!

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Base 1

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


Find a harbor in Level 7 or Level α. Wait for a cruise to take you to Level 997.


Exiting this level is unrecommended. You’ll have a 7% chance to sink in the sea. Then you’ll fall to Level 7. Exiting to a harbor will lead you to random levels in the Backrooms except for Level !. It is extremely risky to leave this level this way. Getting into any building will lead you to Level 11.

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