Level 947

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This Document is PRIVATE, and only authorized persons can read this, Proceed with Caution.


  • This Level contain Highlights in some areas, Making some peoples blind.
  • This Level contain Noises in some areas, Making some peoples deaf.
Unauthorized Access
Unauthorized access will result in dispositive destruction
Note: [Currently Not Working]1
Falling on this level
If anyone falls on this level, The people is probably dead or in another dimension.

Note: High chances of dying.

Survival Difficulty is currently under revision.

The Level

  • Scenario.

- Cameras are auto removed in this level. [for some reason.]
- If you put a item in floor, It will slowly sink to the ground and fall from the celling…..???
- The floor is a combination of bricks and concrete, So this is super solid.



  • Wood Person
- This…. thing can control the gravity, It's suggested to NOT MOVE HIM, Either flip him.
- We saw many warnings saying this, Someone was probably hidden somewhere.
- He's on a table made of table. [Not the one in the image]
  • Red Bowl
- If you break this red bowls, a strange creature will apper and instantly kill you.
- Only 1 M.E.G has survived the creature to explain how he looks like.
- The creature eat the human flesh and after that, Go back to his "house"


Death Horse
The Red Bowl Monster.

3 M.E.G Agents was sent to this level, 1 Died from a smiler. 1 Agent throw the red bowl in floor, But the red bowl didn't sink. The creature killed the agent while the other one was watching, After that, The survivor agent back to his station.



More Informations later.

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