Class 4

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Taxi Car driving to a unknown place.

Level 83 is the 83'rd Level of the Backrooms. This level is one of the few that has an open space.


At level 83 you start in The Taxi which you won't leave initially for some unknown reason. The taxi stands in an infinite parking lot with no other cars seen. It is worth adding that you are always standing in parking place no. 326.

The only thing that is in the parking lot, more precisely in the taxi, is the Taxi Man. He will always ask you in English where you want to go. At that point, you can think of where you can go. In the Level 83 you can see great around of bases, and communities.

The important thing is that you can't go everywhere, and it's not safe anywhere. Below you can find a list of places where Taxi will not let you go:

Entities can be found in Level 83, is Smilers, Skin-Stealers, Facelings, Male, and Female Deathmoths, The Windows (rarely), Hounds, Clumps, Dullers, Howlers, and Nguithr'xurh.

It is also important that the taxi ride is not free. For one ride you pay 4 bottles of almond water, 1 gun, or 1 smiler extreminator. If you don't have anything to pay with, you can't ride with Taxi. You can drive with 2 other people, but you need to pay more, when you are with other people.

Neither of the places has any source of items whatsoever, as that would make it possible to always take a taxi. It is also impossible to be in places chosen forever, because the longer you stay in a place, the more entities will appear. The maximum of the entities will by bigger if you stay in your place for 1 hour

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M. E. G (A.k.a The "Major Explorer Group") Base Delta:

  • This is Third main Base of the M.E.G
  • To see this base, just say "Delta" to the taxi man. He will understand

O.T.C (A.k.a "Omega Trade Center)

  • This group is probably the largest place to trade
  • To get there, you have to say "OTC" to the taxi man
  • O. T. C has about 150 members
  • The people in this Base are nice, so you don't have to be afraid of any misunderstandings

Imperiomo Asylum

  • Catholic Community
  • Members of this group changes areas, so be careful.
  • They are not accepting trade offers
  • Imperiomo Asylum have 10 members
  • They are hostile, so not talk with them, and don't be close to they.

Entrances And Exits:


The only way to get to the Level 83, you need to walk 2/4 of the Level 80


Getting out is very easy, just say "Level 84" to the taxi man and he will take you there without any problems. This is the only exception to the question of going to a different level.

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