Level 819

Its 820 level of Backrooms, probably your last …

Image Of Entities In Level 819


Level 819 Is Black, Flesh Cave, which goes on for billions of Miles. There is a Red Fog in the air. There are Crimson Flesh Trees. The Crimson Blood River flows in the center of the Cave. You will find Meat Houses very rarely. There are Entities waiting inside of Houses

At Level 819 Is very high temperature around 51 °C ( 123 °F).

Entities On level Is Most Dangerus In Backrooms. Smilers are hiding among the trees. In Houses Lives Wretches. At Center Of Cave is Crishers.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

There is No Working Bases, Outposts. At "Flesh Village" 12 Mebers Of B.N.T.G. Made Outpost But They has been destroyed By Crishers

Entrances And Exits:


At Level 2 if You destroy Red Pipe and you breathe the red gas out of it, you fall asleep And Be at Level 819. Another way to get to Level 819 is to jump to the Red Hole at Level 8


The only way out of Level 819 is to find the exit in the area where you will go to Level 14

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