Level 789


Class 5

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“The Cave Systems and the 6 rooms”

Level 789 is the Level 790 of Backrooms. Level 789 appears to be an endless cave system with caverns.


Level 789 It is made up of huge caverns and gigantic cave systems that twist and turn like normal underground systems. Level 789 is very wet, with an unknown substance flowing down the walls. It is not water, nor is it safe to consume. The height to the ceiling is 500 to 800 kilometers. You should walk with caution, because in some areas the ground is unstable. If the ground collapses there is an 83% chance of falling into the darkest and most dangerous areas of level 789. Doors can be found in some caves on level 789, entering these doors will randomly lead you to one of 6 rooms. The level does not have lighting, so you must walk with a flashlight in hand. The temperature of level 789 can become unbearable, reaching 136 to 147 °F (~58 to 64 °C). Craters filled with magma can be found. Each crater is between 80 square kilometers to 160 square kilometers in length. Due to an unknown property, all photographs in the level are highly distorted.


There are places called “smiling zones”, they received their name since these zones are infected with Smilers, it is estimated that in each smiling zone there are between 8,000 and 16,000. In addition, Hounds, Duller, Facelings hostiles, Camo Crawlers, Female Deathmoths, Skin-Stealers, reviooks, wretches, Plage goblins, Transporters, Death Rats, Wranglers and Paralies have also been reported. The Crawler has been found growing here, and the high humidity makes it easy for the Disease to spread here as well, so you are advised to maintain proper hygiene practices while making your way through the tunnels. A strange property causes Windows and Elevators to appear in the cave on Level 789. Nine special entities can appear at level 789 and in all 6 rooms, they are as follows:


They wear flame retardant suits of a grayish color. From 500,000 to 1,000,000 miners emerge from the magma found in the craters of level 789, this happens every 7 days. Miners have been seen running at 95 km/h and lifting more than 100 tons. They are just hostile to people. Once they get out of the magma, they start walking through level 789. When a person enters his field of vision he will begin to run towards the location of the vagabond, upon reaching the position he will proceed to kill him using shovels, pickaxes and hand drills. The miners have mostly unknown biology, as the suits they wear are seemingly unbreakable and they are presumably immortal. Through the glass at the top of the suit, you can see 2 glowing reddish-brown eyes.

Mineral eaters

The mineral eaters are entities that wander aimlessly. They normally only feed on human flesh, but on rare occasions they limit themselves to eating rocks or minerals. They are rock crushers with limbs, teeth, and eyes. The type of crusher varies, currently 3 different types have been registered: cone hammer, jaw and single cylinder crushers. Mineral eaters alone are not hostile towards other entities, except if provoked. When they finish feeding they hide their limbs and go into hibernation, normally their hibernations last from 3 to 5 days. It is estimated that mineral eaters must consume 50 tons before going into hibernation. The ore eaters have elongated limbs on the bottom and sides of the crusher. The teeth are located on the edges of the crusher's mouth. Its limbs are 30-60 meters long, its fingers are slightly deformed, each finger is 5-7 meters long. His eyes are located on his shoulders and knees.

Bone heads

The Bone heads are hostile entities that roam level 789. Its point of origin is believed to be the catacombs. They can be identified by the sounds similar to human speech that they make. They do not have a specific behavior, which makes them unpredictable entities. The feeding method is the only thing that does not change, they feed through the hole located in the chest. They are bipedal humanoid entities. They have charcoal gray skin, with bones attached to it. They measure from 40 to 80 meters high. Their limbs are very flexible, normally their limbs are 25 to 35 meters long, they can stretch their limbs up to 900 meters. The fingers of his hands are disproportionate and misshapen. Its name is due to the fact that its head is covered by a sphere made of bones, the sphere has 2 small drawn eyes. They have an opening in the chest 10 meters wide and 15 long that reveals a series of teeth and their throat. The bones of the boneheads are very flexible, which allows them to enter through doors.

Moss intelligent

The moss intelligent sprouts in the wetter areas of level 789. The moss intelligent is lively and extremely hostile. when it detects a person it will begin to move towards the human's position, for this it takes an amorphous semi-humanoid form with a toxic mass located below them. Once they reach the wanderer's position, they will pounce on the victim and consume them. the bones will stick to the smart moss and gradually disintegrate.

Man rocks

The man rock are lying on the ground at all times waiting for a person to pass near them. Their body is made up of multiple rocks and minerals, they have a humanoid figure and measure between 2 and 4 meters. Its purpose does not seem to be to attack but simply to scare. The reason for this is unknown.

Cave ghosts

Cave ghosts tend to only roam level 789 caves and don't seem to have any hostile intentions towards humans. Physical appearance varies, the only shared characteristics being a gaunt face, snow-white skin, and the absence of legs. They have been seen wandering around the level in groups of 300 to 500.

Cave worms

Cave worms are a species of giant arthropods, between 60 and 120 meters long. They have a charcoal gray skin, their legs measure between 40 and 55 centimeters. They have a mouth with sharp teeth like needles with a length of 20 centimeters, the same mouth measures between 1 to 2 meters in width and height. Cave worms hide in the darkest and most remote areas of level 789, waiting for a person to pass near their hiding place to devour them.


The chests is a species of arthropod that resembles various types of chests, usually made of oak wood. Mature instances of chests weigh approximately 700 kg, although this number can vary widely. Juveniles usually weigh less than 200 kg. They stand at a fixed point hoping that a wanderer is there and there will be, during this time the chests are identical to a normal chest.


The dragged are a kind of grayish humanoid entity, they have 4 holes instead of eyes, they have no legs, the mature ones measure between 4 to 8 meters and weigh 80 kg, while the juveniles measure between 30 and 50 centimeters. Dragged have strong suction cups on the palms of their hands that allow them to scale walls. They will only attack if they feel in danger.

A room known as "the library" was discovered. In it there are books about the special entities of level 789, there are a total of 50 books. Which contains information and illustrations about the special entities of level 789, which have not been registered or sighted.

NOTE: 1 season = 100 episodes.
1 chapter = 500 special entities.
50 seasons = 5000 episodes.
5,000 chapters = 2,500,000 special entities.

The 6 rooms


The computer room is an infinite office building, multiple office booths can be found throughout the room. Photoshops are found inside the booths. Some of the cabin computers were reported to contain The HappyFiles virus. But there is no evidence of this. The more you walk around the computer room, the more chances you have to find Skin-Stealers and Wretches.


The dark corridor is a completely empty dark corridor. Getting to the end of the corridor is nearly impossible, due to the fact that the dark corridor is filled with smilers. Upon reaching the end of the corridor you will be rewarded with a door, entering this door will lead you into a seemingly endless field of dry grass, the place is infested with Hounds, Skin-Stealers and Snatcher Weeds.


It is a forest of approximately 8,000 square kilometers. All the trees are barked and have no leaves. There are several abandoned wooden sheds scattered throughout the forest. Woodlins and boneheads are the only entities that inhabit the forest


The skull base resembles the catacombs of Paris. The darkness of the skull base is similar to Level 6. As you walk through the level you can hear moans and cries, coming from seemingly invincible entities. Coffins can be found chained to the walls, inside the coffins are the eggs of the bone heads. smilers, wretches and bone heads are the entities seen at the base of the skull. Its name comes from the fact that the skull base of the skull is believed to be the point of origin of skull crawlers.


In the corridors of the hospital you can find gurneys with the corpses of Adult facelings chained together. In the maternity ward, the Bone Thieves are inside the incubators. The ceiling and walls of the operating rooms are made of flesh, bones and eyes. When a wanderer enters the room, the door will close, any attempt to break or open the door has failed. After 6 days the door can be opened, in 100% of cases no trace of the person has been found. It is unknown what happens to the person. Other entities that have been sighted were Dentists and Skin-Givers.

The morgue is darker than level 6. There are many nooks and crannies where Shades can hide. Smilers, Wretches, Dentists, Skin-Givers, Skin-Stealers, moss intelligent, miners y draggeds are other entities sighted in the morgue. Inside the refrigerators the Bone Thieves are found, it is recommended not to open them.


The walls of the flooded caves are covered in intelligent moss, skeletal limbs have been seen emerging from the small holes found underwater, it is recommended to stay away from the limbs when they come out. Thousands of colonies of Oxids have been observed wandering the flooded caves. Sightings of chests have been reported below and above the water.


Level 789 was discovered on May 12, 2022 when an anonymous wanderer uploaded a distorted image of the level to reddit. The photographer's parallel is unknown. Hours later, the meg discovered level 789.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts, and communities at this level.

Entrances and exists:


  • Walking for a long time in a random cave at level 8 will get you to level 789.
  • Stumbling over a branch at level 37 will grant you access to level 789.
  • Entering a vent at level 2 is another entry method.


  • Walking in a straight line will get you to level 241.
  • Not cutting down one of the trees in the forest will take you to level 0.
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