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Short introduction i.e
Level 718 is the 719th Level of the Backrooms.

718 is pretty okay id say. besides the occasional traveler. id like you to stay! - Brigade


The level is an old mansion built somewhere between the 18th and 19th century. the mansion is decorated accordingly and has food scattered around from that century. the mansion is owned by someone that calls himself "Brigade" and they also wonder the mansion. the mansion is also decorated in glorious jewels with knight statues with gold plated armor. their has been counts of hundreds if not thousands of wanderers here as the level can hold a unknown about of people. brigade also has people that can willingly join his "family" despite this he calls everyone his family. the food alongside the drinks serves are similar to real life and are safe to eat. the food seemingly restocks right after its eaten leaving wanderers able to stay here as long as they dont anger brigade

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Base/Outpost/Community A

Base Gamma-8

  • A MEG base attempting to talk to Brigade
  • The base is held inside the 27th Room of the mansion
    • the MEG Agents are forced to only have researchers as brigade hates weapons

Base/Outpost/Community B


  • This base holds around 38 People
  • They are seemingly great friends of brigade
  • Brigade considers them his "Knights"

Entrances And Exits


  • The Level can be entered through the hub
  • The Level can be entered through entering a door with the sign "BRIGADE!" above it in any level


Hey! brigade here. i don't want you to leave but i cant stop you. the exit is through the front door. sad to see you go!

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