Level 666


Class Welcome to hell

  • Unsafe
  • Multiple non entity hazards
  • Unknown information

level 666, otherwise known as "Gates of Hell" or "The Hallway To Hell" is a system of hallways constructed out of Japanese torii gates extending in an unspecified length. Its physical appearance is indistinguishable from that of the Fushimi Inari shrine, though accompanied by slight anomalies and bewildering geometry. Its properties such as its complex configuration, in addition to its hazardous nature, result in its intended purpose to be annulled. Nonetheless, there might be a chance Level 666 was deliberated as a tourist attraction, however; due to its aforementioned characteristics, it is too unjustifiably abnormal to be one.

Torii gates of Level 666 are seemingly replicated on each other for an indefinite length. It is constructed out of an undetermined material; this material possesses a texture and appearance similar to reinforced concrete, though it composes of minerals such as diamonds, nickel, and limestone. Due to this, any attempts to damage these torii gates remain ineffectual. These torii gates possess similar characteristics to the torii gates in the Frontrooms, as they bear similar red paint coating and black paint coating on each foot of a gate.

The Outdoors
The Outdoors is an infamous, yet mystifying area of Level 666. It is impossible to enter due to the prison-like architecture of the hallway, in addition to the impossibly hard rock. It has been described as "a forest, without a horizon", possibly referring to its seemingly infinite size. It surrounds a monumental mountain, with a scale enough to trigger paranoia and fear. It stays visible and appear to be in the same position anywhere in the hallway, no matter where one is located. Abandoned temples and shrines occasionally appear inside the forest, occasionally hanging from massive trees. They do not have an intended purpose, they are eerily pristine, but empty. Bones and organs had been reported to cover these structures' floor, walls, including the roof. I feel like something had gone wrong here, but I don't really know.

Level 666 follows a 24-hour day-and-night cycle, with a "sun" which rises and sets in a random direction instead of east to west. Level 666's day-and-night cycle does not affect the risk of entities, both are equally as dangerous. The day-and-night cycle of Level 666 possesses an abnormality in which it instantly changes into day/night, instead of slowly fleeting into day to night, or vice-versa. Compasses and other devices which bear a magnet will malfunction due to the theorized magnetic effect the forest may or may not possess.

Level 666 possesses multiple hazards to ensure no wanderers are able to survive for long. There exists three hazards, consisting of entity, environmental, and mental hazards. These hazards come at random for everybody, regardless, these hazards can both happen at the same time.

Entity Hazard
Entities in Level 666 are considerably quicker due to the effect nicknamed the "Gate Effect". In addition to the challenge, cracks, holes, and gaps occasionally appear, forcing wanderers to avoid and jump these hindrances. If one stumbles upon an impossible jump, it is better to be terminated by an entity, as these gaps lead to the Void. It is impossible to die in the Void, alternatively one is doomed to fall in its darkness forever.

Environmental Hazard
Level 666 frequently experiences earthquakes, which is presumably what causes cracks, holes, and gaps. Level 666's earthquakes range 7-12 magnitude earthquake. These earthquakes happen at random, although they usually occur thirty minutes after one enters the level. The aforementioned cracks and huge gaps formed by these powerful earthquakes reveal an empty black void that leads to the Void. These earthquakes makes running from entities much more difficult.

Mental Hazard
Level 666 takes advantage of one’s phobias and mental illnesses (mainly PTSD) by making one experiencing visual and auditory hallucinations of traumatic experiences, dead loved ones, greatest fears, and regrets. Almond Water and Super Almond Water is proven to be useless in Level 666 as the effects of it would not matter compared to the sudden sanity loss. Given enough time, wanderers will turn into an Insanity due to the significant drop of one’s sanity.

Walking for an extremely long time in Level 0 will lead you here.
Beating all challenges in level cloud lol will lead you here.
If you score 2 on the exam of level 69 .
Finding a house and breaking through the floor will lead to bruh
Jumping 100 times will lead to http://backrooms-sandbox-2.wikidot.com/Level-100
Running for 12 hours without rest will lead to the hub :flushed:
nocliping here will lead to level 667

entity nº Φ - hands holding eyes
Habitat:level 666,level Φ
hour 1 ithcinhess and vomiting
hour 2 skin starts melting
hour 3 loss of sanity
hour 4 aggression
hour 5 becomes a partygoer who supports the eye
hour 6 either death or become a insanity
hour 7 radiation begins to pour ou of the wanderer

the infection can be reversed with almond water

entity nº 67 - partygoers
Habitat:level 666,level fun,level 188 , level 283 &

The Partygoers are tall, bipedal creatures with smooth, leathery skin. They typically have a bright yellow coloration, but they can be bright red, green, blue, or white. They have no other functional features, with the exception of a cartoonish smile carved into their "face". They are highly intelligent, and can operate complex machinery and effortlessly traverse nearly any level of the Backrooms to search for prey.

By unknown mechanisms, these entities have the ability to turn anyone they physically latch onto into one of them, resulting in slow physical changes but near instant mental changes. The ends of their arms have openings with several teeth inside, similar to the appearance of a bloodworm or lamprey eel's mouth. They use these to latch onto a person, morphing them into a partygoer.

While they all act outlandishly hostile and aggressive, they are extremely intelligent. They have somehow managed to learn to create Entity and Level entries to lure people into thinking they are safe. An entry called "Level Fun" was recently created to lure prey. It is not advised to trust any information followed by a "=)".

Level Fun
It is believed that the partygoers have access to the Backrooms database, and look for any mention of Level Fun to change it to seem less dangerous. Level Fun is an enigmatic level that consists of balloons, tables, chairs, and other party favors. It is used as a base for the partygoers, as well as where they host their "parties". These parties typically involve collecting the corpses of people they have managed to kill, and turning them into cakes and cupcakes. This level is theorized to be behind a door in Level 1000(v2), but it can also be accessed by noclipping into the ceiling on Level 666.



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Class deadzone

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Level 666 is the 667th Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on 6/16/2016 when a single Wanderer took a picture of a strange sign in the Backrooms and shortly went missing, presumably dead.

Level 666 can be aptly described at what its entry sign universally calls it, hell. No matter who enters, the experience is described as distressing, and many have gone missing in its confines. Any specific version of the Level is called a Manifestation. Although Level 666 is described as survival difficulty "?", this is only due to the sheer variation the Level provides for whoever enters it. In actuality, this Level is usually survival difficulty 4 or 5 for those who set foot in it.1

Level 666 cannot be truly described in the traditional sense, as every Wanderer who walks into its confines has a different experience. Because of this, two people cannot exist in the same Manifestation and cannot cross into another individual's Manifestation. One universal constant exists between all Manifestations, and that is the presence of signage that states "Welcome to Hell" in the language the Wanderer is most fluent in. This most commonly takes the form of neon signs, graffiti, or welcome mats; stylistically fitting with its surroundings. No matter the light level nor sensory abilities of the Wanderer, this signage is visible to them. If the Wanderer is illiterate, the signage will always be spoken in their most fluent language instead. Wanderers who do not know any language, written or spoken, instead get a visual sign communicating that they have entered the Level.

All Manifestations of Level 666 consistently play up and exploit a Wanderer's fears, vulnerabilities, and insecurities. Whether the individual is conscious of these fears or not has no element in how the Manifestation is created. The combinations of human fears possible are theoretically infinite. If a Wanderer has no concept of fear, conscious or subconscious, for any reason, they cannot enter the Level. Even if the combination of fears is the same for multiple different Wanderers, Manifestations will still generate differently between all of them. There are no limits to the number of Manifestations that can appear simultaneously, and the number of Manifestations does not affect how one is generated.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:
It is impossible to establish Communities or Outposts in this Level, as only one person can ever be in a single manifestation of the Level.

Manifestation Classification
Because Manifestations of Level 666 are so varied, a shorthand guide to classify what your personal hell's dangers are is in use. Classifications are divided into multiple categories and noted using a letter and a number (such as L1). The categories are Destruction, Entities, Audio, Lighting, and Sanity; shortened to an acronym of DEALS.

D (Destruction)
-Destruction describes the physical and environmental dangers a Manifestation has.
E (Entities)
-Entities describes the frequency of Entities in a Manifestation.
A (Audio)
-Audio describes the level of ambient noise in a Manifestation.
L (Lighting)
-Lighting describes the amount of natural light in a Manifestation.
S (Sanity)
-Sanity describes the mental danger a Manifestation has.
Recorded Manifestations:
This section contains three well-documented Manifestations.
Entrances and Exits:
An exhaustive list of Entrances is not possible to create as of yet, as the theoretical amount of Entrances are infinite and are different for every person. However, some Entrances are more common than others. It is impossible to enter this Level for a week after visiting Level 60, and this effect weakens the longer you go without revisiting it, resetting back to the normal rate after 6 months. There are two universal entry points known thus far.

Level 80
Level 80 contains one of the two discovered universal entry points to Level 666. If you drive off Route 66 into the desert at a consistent speed of at least 1.5x the speed limit, you will eventually reach a worn-down shack that reads "Welcome To Hell" on the rooftop.3 It is considered to be a part of Level 666, as the colors of the Level completely change close to the shack. Entering the shack takes you to the level via falling through the floor, and overrides the usual entrance sign.
Level 105
Level 105 is home to the other known universal entry point. To access this entry point, you must arrive at an altar or any other religiously significant area, and recite Revelation 13:16-18 of the KJV Bible4 in English5 5 times. A voice of an unknown source will recite the aforementioned verses 1 more time and drag you down to Level 666. Signage is unaffected by this ritual.
Level 60
The most reliable way to exit is to perform The Mountain King Ritual and survive it. You will have arrived at Level 60 once completing the ritual.
Other universal exits have been theorized to exist, but they have not been found or confirmed.

Wellcome to hell

Entity HELL

Habitat(s): Level 666´


Wretches are a humanlike entity, often described as acting undead or zombielike. Once human, these entities were transformed via a poorly understood process, thought to stem from by being in level 666 for to long. Hellish beings are only found on this level , residing in the shadows wherever humans gather due to their nature.

The process of transformation into a Wretch appears to be related to hunger, thirst, and lack of sleep. Isolation is thought to accelerate the process, judging by the high concentration of Wretches in unexplored or dangerous areas. The process of transformation into a Wretch is commonly referred to as the "HELISH Cycle" among wanderers, and cannot be reversed by normal means. However, a transformation in process can be stalled by proper sustenance and rest, including Almond Water and Royal Rations.

Complete prevention of the process is possible, but rare and often risky. Wall Masks are thought to reverse the transformation, at a cost; Reality Fresheners are hypothesized to aid in prevention as well.

The "HELLISH Cycle" lasts between several weeks to months, and has three phases, as follows:

Stage 1: Initially, the symptoms manifest as itchiness and irritation, comparable to a poison ivy rash; over time, subtle psychological symptoms will set in, eventually resulting in erratic and aggressive behavior and a complete change in personality traits. These effects can be halted with normal bodily sustenance and all possible cures shown previously.
Stage 2: During Stage 2 of the Wretched Cycle, skin and muscle tissue will begin to dissolve in an unnatural fashion, often developing orifices and pustules. The outer skin will start to redden and flake off, eyes become bloodshot and irritated, and hair loss sets in. Survivors of this stage often proclaim the itchiness of this stage to be "unbearable", even describing scratching layers of their skin off in an attempt to stop it. Speech is still intelligible, but consists only of pleas for water, food, and help. Almond Water and Reality Fresheners seem to be the only possible cure at this stage of the HELISH Cycle.
Stage 3: At this stage all hope to return to normalcy has been lost. Nails and teeth fall out of their natural positions, often regrowing elsewhere in unnatural quantities and sizes. Eyelids, lips, and cartilage dissolve, forcing the eyes to remain open constantly and roll wildly in their sockets. It is unknown if the consciousness of the original victim remains at this stage. HELLISH BEINGS at Stage 3 constantly ooze a brown sludge-like substance from mouths and other orifices. This fluid is currently unnamed and is found to be harmless See M.E.G. Entity HELL Incident Report for more information.
The behavior of an average HELSHI BEINGS is comparable to Entity 10, possessing little intelligence but astounding strength. Rarely, however, Wretches have displayed intelligent or even humanlike behavior, able to craft or wield weapons. In packs, Wretches often act in unison, behaving as a hivemind. Weaker Wretches exist, but the majority possess superhuman strength, often able to break through walls, despite their fragile, skeletal appearance. The speed of Wretches varies as well, ranging from a slow shamble to sprints surpassing human capabilities.

Vocalizations are the fastest and most reliable way to determine the threat level of a Wretch. Many HELISH BEINGS produce gurgling and snarling sounds often and with little apparent purpose; low-pitched and slow sounds often indicate an unintelligent variant, while high-pitched vocalizations are often intelligent or unusually quick. This method is not always accurate, but it is the only reliable means of gauging danger at this time.



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