level !64!

Difficulty class: Level 5



》Average number of entities


Level !64! It has 3 "layers". The first has only a room with a computer from the 90s, when you turn on the computer you will be taken to the second layer, this layer will have the appearance of your house and in it there are entities called "households", they have the appearance of people close to you, at first they treated you kindly, then they started to treat you badly like hitting you.
The third layer is a big labyrinth, entities called "globeyes" torment you until you lose your sanity, there is an entity that will ask you for food/water, if you give it to supplies they tell you where they have more supplies, if you don't give it they attacked you with knives.


Event 1: An angel-like entity will help you find your way out of the maze

Event 2: You can find trinkets for sale by the third tier, she will sell random stuff but for sure have bottled liquid pain and water.

How to change layers: There are two ways to go from layer 2 to layer 3, the first is to kill all the Households while they still treat you kindly, and the second is to stop loving the people closest to you.

Inputs: There are 2 inputs, the first is finding a purple door at level 0, and the second is turning on a computer at level ! that sent him straight to the second layer

Exits: There are two ways to get out of level !64!, the first is by reaching the end of the layer 3 maze, and the second is by drinking poisoned water that appears in the vending machine.

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