Level 202
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Class 5

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The dark hallway of Level 202

Level 202 is the 203rd level in the Backrooms


Level 202 takes the appearance of a abandoned hallway that seems to stretch infinitely in both ways. Level 202 is like a maze: every 10 meters there are paths on both sides and they lead to yet another hallway. This process goes on seemingly forever. The level has barely any light and is almost pitch black. Due to this Level 202 is infested with Entities such as:Clumps,Nguithr'xurh, Smiler and many more can all be found within this level.
The walls in this level are very dirty and are being overgrown by plants. It is not recommended you enter this level due to the high amount of entities.

Deep in the level lies a room full of valuable objects such as: phones, guns, Almond Water, hats and lighters. Few made it in there. The ones that managed to get in the room said that the room has a strange property: anyone that enters the room will get a nostalgic feel. A wanderer described it as if he was in the room before. The effect won't go away until you leave the level. Due to this it isn't recommended you go in there unless you really have to. Wanderers that have been in the room decided to name it ˝Purple Madness˝

Bases,Communities and Outposts

There are no known Bases, Communities or Outposts on this level.

Additional information

Secret room (Purple Madness)

Purple Madness is a room that can be found deep within Level 202. As mentioned before the strange property can damage a wanderers Psychological state and it can cause hallucinations that can cause death. In the room you can find weapons, phones and Almond Water. The room is relatively small and isn't that high. If you see a purple color glowing in the distance that means you have arrived to the room. Before you enter you will see a purple door that glows in the dark. The room has no confirmed entities as of today. Due to the strange effect the level has no wanderer was ever able to take any of the items. When a wanderer enters and gets hit with the strange effect he will leave the room and most likely get killed by an entity because he will be weirded out.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 202 can be accessed by finding a dark wall in Level 0, or you can enter a wooden door in Level 88.


To exit a wanderer has to find a office style door that leads to Level 4 or you can trip on accident and no-clip to the ground to get to Level 2.

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