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Class 3

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Level 5.5 is the fifth sublevel between Level 5 and Level 6. This level resembles an abandoned version of Level 5.


Level 5.5, or the Abandoned Hotel, looks like a worn-down 1920s hotel with constantly falling
debris. In some sections of the level, the walls, floors, and ceilings may appear less damaged. You may also find some doors, those may lead back to Level 5, except if you open one of the fake doors ,which by chance you will find, those doors look similar to normal ones. These fake doors have slight differences, for example the door not having a knob or only being able to open to by kicking it open; So, it is advised that, wanderers that explore this level must pay attention before you open a door.

You may also find sort of up to date parts of Level 5.51, do not enter the rooms in those areas as they have a high chance of having decrepit rooms inside. If you enter these rooms, the walls and ceiling will start to collapse, and if you fall through the floor in one of those rooms you will be sent into a void for some seconds until dropping onto Level 163. Some objects can be found while wandering in Level 5.5, ranging from stones, bricks, and planks of wood to empty cans of almond water or lucky milk and, other liquids2.

The winery is a special room that can randomly appear The room's layout is quite simple, having some tables and a shelf, The shelf contains several barrels of almond water.3

The tables of the winery may clip into the floor and vibrate violently. Touching one of these tables is dangerous, as it may result in the evisceration of the wanderer. There have been reports of these tables leading you to Level 71, by no-clipping, but it has not been confirmed yet.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits


  • By no-clipping into a more abandoned part of Level 5
  • By entering a red, broken door on Level 0.2
  • You will get transported to the level, if you have one of your childhood memories is hotel related in Level 18


  • By entering a door in a room that looks under construction, leading to Level 0
  • By no-clipping in a remarkably pristine area, leading you to Level 5
  • By sleeping in a bed, leading you to Level 11
  • Entering one of the fake door will transport you to Level 12
  • If you fall through a broken floor in a room, you will be lead you to Level 163

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