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Date of discovery: 10th August, 2021

Level 470


Class unknown

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Level 470 is the 471st Level of the Backrooms, taking a form of a dilapidated and abandoned town, somewhere from the industrial era , with apartments, bars, lounges, garages and even a dangerous subway system underground.


Information about Level 470 is very limited and was acquired only due to a journal discovered around June 2021, information about the journal is stated further below.

From all that was discovered, it transpires that Level 470 consists of wooden and concrete buildings, all of the buildings are simple three floored apartments, most of them completely molded, and plant infested, along with pathogens. Only a few such apartments are habitable.

Other buildings include useful supplies, such has almond water inside wine bottles (Found inside the bars and lounges), groundnuts, (Found inside the motels), wrenches and crowbars, (Found inside the garages), etc. But the best place to find such are the alleyways, small routes winding between houses filled with dumpsters (Which might contain supplies), and small doors, which lead to a basement. The basement contains a steam engine, several crates of almond water, sleeping bags, a radio, and firearms (but they are often very rare to find with ammo). A main road goes straight through the town and divides into smaller routes, eventually dividing into alleyways. Subway entrances are scattered around the town, the trains there are confirmed as working. But it is termed as the most dangerous place in the whole level.

Along the center of the level lies a park with decaying trees. Following a trail there leads to a Chlorine factory, attempting to venture in will immediately kill you from Chlorine poisoning.

The level was designated as "470" because in the discovered document, it was stated that most electric outlets in *Level 470" had an electric meter above them, the meter showed the electricity consumption as 220900 Watts, the root of that number sums to 470, thus the name.

Level 470 has a day and night cycle, but the night is longer than the day, and is speculated to be the most dangerous time to be outside. The night time is also named as the Purge. Information about the Purge is also given further below.


The discovery of Level 470 occurred in a very enigmatic way, where at first it was confirmed that this level did not exist or wasn't discovered yet.

On 8th of August, 2021. Several A4 papers, similar is size and date, were found inside a train in level 77 by a M.E.G operative. The molded papers were written on and had a similar handwriting on each of them, several such paper are yet to be found. These papers, once complied, gave information of an undocumented level, accessed through the level 41 entrance from level 11. Where one would usually find a stair to access level 41, the wanderer, along with his collegues suffered a sudden strike of severe abdominal pain right after opening the door to the "sewage" building in level 11, followed by all of them collapsing, the cause of this is confirmed to be Chlorine poisoning. Upon waking up, they found themselves huddled on an alleyway in Level 470, luckily, they did have some activated charcoal, which helped in medication. This information was almost proven fake as the entrance guide was tested, and didn't work. Until the M.E.G put their eyes on a disappearance not long before the pages were found. The story goes such that, Six M.E.G officers had given the task of inspecting level 41, and during the process, mysteriously disappeared and lost all types of connection available. Thus the existence of Level 470 was confirmed. Moreover, no images were found related to the level, no graphical representation of the level could be made.
Attempts of entering the level is currently on progress as of 07/10/2021.


an attached picture of the factory in level 470

A snippet of page 1 of the journal is attached below:

The missing people's names are as follows:

  • Mr. Edward
  • Mr. Eugene (The author of this novel)
  • Officer Harold
  • Officer Sam
  • Peddler Ducky
  • Mr. Mohsin
  • Mr. Peter

The Purge

The purge is the nickname given to the events during night time at Level 470, at this time, entities known as the "Goners" purge the town of any living being who resides here. They don't even leave the normal entitles, such as the skin-stealers, and the hounds. That is why many corpses of them are found here. This is the reason why the subway is flooded by hounds, as to seek shelter from the "Goners".
Additional information's about the "Goners" are given below.


Alongside skin-stealers and hounds, who are hardly spotted in the open, and live in the Subway, there are dangerous entities known as "Goners".

Physically, Goners are large, deformed bats. Except their 4 meter long wings, their limbs are twisted and multiplied, their head dangling and squashed into various sizes. They have an extremely strong smell of bleach, which can already make a person unconscious. The have claws and talons capable to tear apart a surveillance drone with one strike, and can smell creatures from a hundred meters away. Fighting them is inadvisable.

An account for the Goners is attached below:

The rest of the page was found torn apart.1

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Apart from the base set up by the 6 wanderers, no other human dwelling is known in Level 470


The documented entrance to Level 470 is that at from the "Sewage building" entrance at level 11. There is a chance of unknown probability that you might experience symptoms of chlorine poisoning, and eventually fall unconscious. Any other entrance is yet to be discovered.


Taking the train from the Subway might lead you to level 77, the same way the pages might have reached here. Why the 6 officials did not exit from there is a mystery.

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